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Aug 29, 2016

UBER for COURIERS * Australia: New logistics software

* New South Wales - A new logistics company plans to shake up the delivery business

--- Brad Lorge a software engineer is the co-founder of Premonition, a logistics optimisation firm helping online retailers and shipping companies meet heightened consumer expectations and develop more sustainable supply chains... Lorge says Premonition’s platform is unique globally, and is already helping to manage the deployment of thousands of vehicles on Australian roads, saving tens of thousands of kilometres each day... Premonition’s technology can optimise large job sets, rerouting multiple vehicles in real-time based on a plethora of factors: changed traffic conditions, weather, delivery windows, incoming orders and returns, truck capacity, a driver’s final destination and consumer requests such as redirected parcels... Machine learning means it can also predict changes that might disrupt the normal sequence of a logistics chain, helping solve problems for couriers before they arise...
(Photograph: Dan Himbrechts/AAP - Delivery vehicles are major greenhouse gas emitters but new software reroutes trucks with real-time data and machine learning)   --  Sidney, NSW, Australia - The Guardian (UK), by Myles Gough - 23 August 2016



* ATA backs higher productivity vehicle usage. Chart shows bigger trucks promote safety and efficiency

--- The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) is making a case for the benefits of higher productivity heavy vehicle usage with the release of its latest Truck Impact Chart (TIC)... The national body says use of higher productivity trucks can improve safety and reduce the number of trips required to move goods... However, knowing what truck combination is most suitable for a particular type of job is key, ATA senior engineering adviser Chris Loose says... The new chart attempts to simplify the process of access determination by comparing the impact of different vehicle combinations on a range of parameters to help operators decide what truck combination to use for a particular job... Developed by the ATA’s Industry Technical Council, the chart is part of the national body’s technical advisory procedure for heavy vehicle operators... However, the points highlighted in the chart will not be applicable across all national jurisdictions considering Western Australia and the Northern Territory have, so far, not adopted the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR’s) national framework – the Heavy Vehicle National Law (NHVL)... 
(Photo: The latest chart suggests that longer trucks can achieve more with less, reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions, and improve safety)  --  Canberra, ACT, Australia -ATN - 26 Aug 2016


Mercedes-Benz news * Germany: Daimler inks deal to open a plant in Moscow

* Stuttgart - Mercedes-Benz looks to KAMAZ to build car plant in Russia

--- Russian truck manufacturer KAMAZ is to partner Daimler AG in the construction of a plant to assemble Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles in Russia... Daimler and the Russian truck maker already have a joint venture Daimler KAMAZ Rus that has a state subsidy on the import of auto components in return for increased capacity and localized production in Russia... At present, the joint venture produces Mercedes-Benz and Fuso trucks, and is also constructing a factory to make bodies for trucks. Daimler has a 15 percent stake in KAMAZ... According to Vedomosti, it will be a full-cycle plant with a capacity of up to 25,000 vehicles a year. It’s not yet clear which Mercedes cars it will make, but Madeja said it will represent the most popular models on the Russian market... 
 (Photo by Michaela Rehle - An employee works on the new Mercedes-Benz S-class car at the plant in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart)  --   Stuttgart, Germany -, by Thomas Kienzle / AFP - 26 Aug, 2016


TESLA news * USA: Electric-Car Battery With a 315-Mile Range

* California - Tesla unveils its new ‘Ludicrous’ P100D will be the ‘fastest car in the world’

(Video by hybridcarsmedia - 21 nov. 2010: During the 2010 LA Auto Sow, Phil Gow, Coda's VP of Battery Systems, introduced Brad Berman, editor and founder of and, to the internal battery systems of the new all electric sedan) 

--- Tesla Motors Inc. said it is offering its electric vehicles with a battery capable of going up to 315 miles on a charge, the first time a major auto maker has provided that much electric range in a vehicle... The company unveiled new versions of its Model S sedan and Model X sport-utility vehicle with 100 kilowatt-hour batteries; previously the largest battery size was 90 kwh. The upgrade—which Tesla executives said was made possible by increasing the energy density of its battery packs—will allow the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company to sell a P100 version of those two vehicles with Tesla’s well-known “Ludicrous Mode” ... The 315-mile range sets a new benchmark for automotive engineers looking to lessen fears about so-called range anxiety, which drivers encounter when traveling longer distances in an electric car. Because electric cars must be plugged into charging ports that aren’t as readily available as gas stations, nor as fast, many car buyers have refused to even consider one... Tesla’s Model S sedan will get the 315-mile range. The heavier SUV won’t be able to travel as far on a charge... The P100D sedan will cost $134,500 and the SUV will cost $135,500. The current Tesla line starts at about $66,000 and can go roughly 200 miles on a single charge...
Palo Alto, CAL, USA - The WSJ, by JOHN D. STOLL - Aug. 23, 2016


NEW Scania TRUCKS * Sweden

* Sweden - Scania introduces new model 10 years in the making

--- Swedish truck maker Scania is introducing a new range of trucks that it is calling the result of the largest investment in the company’s history... The new vehicles are designed with efficiency in mind, with new engine designs and aerodynamic solutions leading to an average of 5% decrease in diesel fuel consumption. Scania’s truck line will be launched in phases with a focus on various customer segments... Production of the new trucks starts immediately at Scania’s final assembly plant in Södertälje. Initially the focus will be on vehicles and services for long-haul transportation... 
(Photo by Gustav Lindh - Courtesy Scania)  --   Sodertalje, Sweden - TruckingInfo (USA) - August 24, 2016


NAVISTAR's news * USA: New "International HX620" - ** "ProStar" TRUCKS RECALL

* Illinois - New Vocational series: International HX620, a Premium ride

--- When Navistar was assembling the Cat Truck for Caterpillar, there was a substantial difference between it and Navistar’s own International PayStar on which the Cat Truck was based. The CT series had a more substantial look and feel, and was decidedly upscale, just as Caterpillar wanted. When Navistar introduced its new HX series early this year, it was as though it was planned to succeed the Cat Truck, even though Navistar people say they didn’t know that Cat was about to cancel their program... So, to the guys who bought Cat Trucks for what they were and for the bragging rights that came with them: Check out the HX, because it’s almost the same vehicle. If “International” isn’t something to brag about, be aware that it’s one of the oldest and proudest names in the automotive industry. And get smug because an HX will cost maybe $10,000 less than a CT would have... 
(Photo: Navistar’s new vocational series is much like the now-departed Cat Truck, but costs less)   --   Leslie, ILL, USA - Construction Equipment, by Tom Berg - August 24, 2016

** Illinois -  Navistar recalls 3,952 ProStar trucks

--- Navistar International Corp. is recalling 3,952 ProStar trucks from model years 2014 to 2017 for a defect affecting power to the cab. The medium- and heavy-duty trucks were manufactured between June 11, 2013, and May 19, 2016... “The battery-mounted cube fuse terminal connection on certain ProStar model trucks built with the battery box mounted between the frame rails may possibly break resulting in loss of power to the cab,” according to the recall notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration... The Lisle, Illinois, truck maker adds that when the cube fuse terminal begins to fail, the lights in the cab could flicker and the gauges could become erratic...
  (Photo: An International ProStar truck) -- Lisle, Ill, USA - Transport Topics - 24 Aug 2016

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ALUMINIUM and / or STEEL for Class 8 trucks ? * USA

* DC - With new emissions regs, can heavy truck makers go all-in on aluminum with Ford-like success?

--- Ford shaved 750 pounds from its flagship F-150 pickup for model year 2015 by converting much of the steel body to aluminum. For 2017, Ford will apply a similar strategy to its beefier Super Duty line... Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) threw down the gauntlet for slashing heavy-truck emissions and boosting efficiency and cited aluminum components including wheels, extrusions and sheet as part of the light-weighting solution... Research conducted by Ricardo Consulting Engineers suggests an “aluminum-intensive” Class 8 commercial tractor-trailer could reduce vehicle weight by 3,300 pounds. For every 10 percent of weight reduction, the group says up to a 5.5-percent improvement in fuel economy is possible... The study also found that outfitting the nation’s fleet of Class 8 tractor-trailers with aluminum-intensive models would save 9.3 million tons of CO2 annually, almost 1 percent of Phase 2’s approximately 1.1 billion ton target... But Volvo Trucks is one of the manufacturers that have refused to use an aluminum cab, citing driver safety as its reason for sticking with steel construction... 
(Photo: Rough steeled Volvo truck standard)   -- Washington, DC, USA -  Equipment World, ny Jason Cannon . August 24, 2016


Aug 24, 2016

VOLVO's news * USA: New factory-fill oil

* North Carolina -  Volvo Trucks North America to make new factory-fill oil available in October

--- Volvo Trucks North America said beginning in October it will offer a new factory fill engine oil, VDS-4.5, for its D11, D13 and D16 engines that exceeds the new API specification CK-4... The oil meets new Volvo VDS-4.5 engine specifications, and is the same viscosity - 10W30 - as the current factory fill, but has better control over oil oxidation and oil aeration, it said... Also, VTNA said the oil extends oil-drain intervals to 55,000 miles for long-haul, 40,000 miles for regional haul and 30,000 miles for heavy haul... 
NC, USA - Transport Topics, by Justin Ide - 19 Aug 2016

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Aug 23, 2016

TRUCKER, MOST DANGEROUS OCCUPATIONS * USA: Study by Bureau of Labor Statistics

* DC - The Bureau of Labor Statistics said, trucking among most dangerous occupations

--- Trucking is a dangerous job. Truckers account for 1 in 6 workers killed on the job, according to a blog written by two economists at the Bureau of Labor Statistics... According to economists Sean Smith and Patrick Harris, truckers are also three times more likely to experience nonfatal injuries and illnesses. In fact, truckers rank No. 6 among top occupations in terms of the rate of nonfatal injuries and illnesses that require days off work, accounting for nearly 1 in 20 cases. Police officers and sheriffs, firefighters, highway maintenance workers, correctional officers and nursing assistants were the occupations ranked ahead of truckers... In their study, truckers rank No.1 when accounting just for the number of incidents, with 55,710 reported in 2014. Slips, trips, falls and overexertion were the top causes of injuries... Among musculoskeletal disorders, truckers ranked No. 3. Overexertion from repeatedly loading/unloading, repeatedly entering/exiting a truck and prolonged sitting were among the factors... To add insult to (literal) injury, half of truckers required at least 20 days off work to recover from an incident. Across other occupations, half of workers needed only nine days to recover. More than 40 percent of injured truckers had to take off 31 or more days of work...
(Photo) -- Washington, DC, USA - Land Line Mag, by Tyson Fisher - 19 Aug 2016

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* North Carolina - US regulators propose pilot for under-21 truck drivers

--- A limited number of 18- to 21-year-olds with military experience would be allowed to drive interstate tractor-trailers under a pilot program proposed Friday by U.S. regulators... The three-year pilot program would create a test group of young truck drivers and is sure to run into opposition from those who fear licensing younger drivers would lead to more accidents... The American Trucking Associations favors a graduated licensing system that would help interstate trucking operators recruit 18- to 21-year-olds as apprentices who would gradually gain experience behind the wheel. A change in licensing standards not only could help trucking operators recruit younger drivers but allow them to create a career path for them... Today, it’s hard for trucking companies to map out such a path for younger students... 
(Photo: Soldiers at the Fort Bragg Fairgrounds got into big rigs, training to be professional civilian truck drivers) -- Fort Bragg, NC, USA - JOC, by William B. Cassidy - Aug 19, 2016


Aug 22, 2016


* Washington - After a decade, Kenworth Trucks is saying farewell to the T660

--- Kenworth Trucks says it is retiring its successful, fuel-efficient Kenworth T660 by the end of this year after a 10-years production run, offering its customers a “last call” opportunity to order from the final production allotment of 500 T660s... When it entered the Class 8 market, the T660 became the latest evolution of Kenworth’s aerodynamic product line and reinforced Kenworth’s leadership in both quality and fuel-economy performance, taking the reins from the Kenworth T600 — the truckmaker’s first truly aerodynamic truck that debuted in 1985... The Kenworth T660 also featured modern styling, superior forward-lighting technology, advanced technology, and increased driver comfort... Fleets and truck operators interested in ordering the Kenworth T660 may contact their Kenworth dealer for more information. The T660 is standard with the Paccar MX-13 engine rated at 455 horsepower and 1,650 pounds-feet of torque. The T660 is available as a daycab or in 38-inch, 62-inch, 72-inch and 86-inch AeroCab sleeper configurations... 
Bellevue, WASH, USA - Trucking News - August 22, 2016


Aug 20, 2016

VOLVO's news * USA: Develop the next generation of commercial trucks

* DC - Volvo chosen to continue research on new fuel-efficient trucks

--- Volvo Technology of America has been selected as one of four participants to continue working on the second phase of a federal research partnership to develop the next generation of fuel-efficient commercial trucks, U.S. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski announced Tuesday... The second phase of the SuperTruck program included $20 million in four multiyear grants during fiscal 2016, which ends Sept. 30. Another $20 million is being made available in fiscal 2017, the release said... In June 2011, under the first phase of the program, the energy department awarded Volvo a $19 million, five-year SuperTruck contract... The Volvo Group Trucks facility in Hagerstown has received $8.2 million for engine and transmission research and development, officials have said... Volvo has matched that money 100 percent, supporting about 1,500 local jobs...
(Photo: Volvo, Mack To Develop SuperTruck)   --  Washington, DC, USA - The Herald Media - Aug 16, 2016

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Aug 19, 2016

ORANGE EV news * USA: New T-Series pure-electric terminal truck

* Missouri - Orange EV launches Class 8 electric truck

--- Orange EV, a manufacturer of electrification solutions for industrial fleets, is now accepting orders for its all-new T-Series pure-electric terminal truck... The new T-Series pure-electric truck has 24-plus hours of use per charge, and can be fully charged in as few as two hours... In addition, fuel savings depending on moderate or heavy use can be from $10,000 per year, per vehicle up to $60,000 per year, per vehicle (using 2015 average diesel prices). A fleet of 20 vehicles, with moderate use, can save from $200,000 to $400,000 per year overall, according to Orange EV... 
(Photo courtesy of Orange EV - Orange EV's all-new Class 8 pure-electric terminal truck)   --    Kansas City, MO, USA - Truckinginfo - August 16, 2016



* DC - Obama gives electric trucks a big bump in new climate rules

--- No market for electric-powered trucks exists now, nor in the next decade, but that isn't stopping the Obama administration from creating big subsidies for the vehicles under its latest climate rules... The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation on Tuesday finalized joint greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency standards for big-rig trucks, vans and buses... The rules are the final step in President Obama's broad effort to confront global warming. The regulations target the trucking sector, which makes up about 20 percent of the nation's transportation-based greenhouse gas emissions and energy use but only 5 percent of the vehicles on the road... The truck rules provide some of the biggest incentives for companies to build more advanced vehicles that use partial or full battery-electric power to drive the truck, or adopt hydrogen fuel cells that produce electricity with water vapor as the only byproduct...
(Photo from AP: The EPA is building in the incentives while admitting there is no market, nor demand, for electric trucks, the agency said in the final truck rule)  --  Washington, DC, USA - The Washington Examiner, by JOHN SICILIANO - 18 Aug 2016

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TRUCKING MARKET * USA: Spot market truckload rates tumbling

* DC - Amid low demand, spot rates, US truckers look to cut costs

--- Lower economic activity and high inventories have sent spot market truckload rates tumbling even lower than they fell in 2015, and are not expected to disappear any time soon... This was supposed to be the year when higher truckload costs pushed more freight to intermodal rail and less-than-truckload carriers, as happened in the expansion of 2014. This was supposed to be the year when shippers agreed to pay even more to fund higher truck driver wages... This was supposed to be the year … but it was not, and it will not be. Instead, the first half of 2016 proved the softest for the U.S. economy since 2011. That’s still much better than 2008 or 2009, but cold comfort to businesses fighting to find traction in an increasingly digital economy evolving at unprecedented speed. Whether the economy improves in the second half of 2016 or slides toward recession, trucking companies will have to travel in new directions, driven by high inventories, e-commerce, new regulations and increasingly complex supply chains... There are signs the trucking market already may have hit bottom and is inching upward early in the second half of 2016. Spot market load availability rose 28 percent in June thanks to seasonal freight, boosting total volume to levels seen in 2012 and 2013, and only 12 percent below 2015 totals, according to the DAT North American Freight Index... 
Washington, DC, USA - JOC, by William B. Cassidy - Aug 17, 2016

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SCANIA news * Europe: Electric trucks, energy converted from hydrogen gas

* Norway - Scania to test hydrogen powered trucks

--- Scania Inc. said it will partner with one of Norway’s largest trucking companies to test trucks powered by electrical energy converted from hydrogen gas in fuel cells in the vehicle... The manufacturer is teaming with Asko, Norway’s largest convenience goods wholesaler, to test the powertrains. The trucks will be travelling routes of about 310 miles as part of the test... Scania said it will supply three-axle trucks with a gross weight of 27 tons with an electric engine and powertrain components it uses in its already-in-production hybrid trucks and busses. The company said it will supply three trucks for the research project, with an option for one further vehicle... Asko has a fleet of about 600 trucks and wants to achieve a climate-neutral business with trucks that run on renewable fuels and in the longer term completely on electricity, according to Scania...
(Photo: Asko's truck) -- Oslo, Norway - Transport Topics - 18 Aug 2016

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ELDS FOR trucks * USA: Electronic Logging Devices violating truckers' rights

* Missouri - OOIDA: Excuses for mandating ELDs weak, fail to justify violating 4th Amendment

--- A national association of small-business truckers says the government’s excuses for mandating electronic logging devices (ELDs) are weak and fail to justify violating the Fourth Amendment rights of professional truck drivers... The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association wants the court to throw out the federal mandate that is scheduled to go into effect in December 2017... OOIDA’s lawsuit states that requiring electronic monitoring devices on commercial vehicles does not advance safety, is arbitrary and capricious and violates Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures... OOIDA has previously challenged a similar mandate in the courts. In August 2011, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit vacated a proposed electronic logbook rule based on the argument of harassment of drivers... 
(The Trucker file photo) -- Grain Valley, MO, USA - The Trucker - 16 Aug 2016

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¡¡¡ UBER buy OTTO TRUCK Co. !!! - USA - ** Uber put 100 autonomous Volvo SUVs on road in Pittsburgh

* California - Trucking enters the age of automation

(Video by Otto - 16 may. 2016: Meet Otto, the company behind new self-driving trucking technology. Join us for the journey) 

--- Ridesharing company Uber said it has acquired Otto, a startup firm that is developing a self-driving aftermarket kit for heavy-duty trucks... The transaction adds Uber to the list of technology companies, suppliers and truck manufacturers pushing to create automated driving technology for commercial vehicles... San Francisco-based Otto, founded in January by former Google engineers, has said its technology will enable longhaul trucks already operating on the road today to drive themselves... The system incorporates onboard cameras, radar and lidar sensors that monitor the truck’s surroundings while an onboard computer and software make driving decisions based on that information... Uber, meanwhile, has been developing and testing self-driving technology for passenger cars at its Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh... Separately, Uber also announced a $300 million joint venture with Volvo Cars to develop base vehicles that will be able to incorporate the latest developments in autonomous driving technologies... The Swedish car maker will manufacture the base vehicles, which Uber will then purchase from Volvo... 
San Francisco, CAL, USA - Transport Topics - 18 Aug 2016

** California - Uber Technologies this month will let customers in Pittsburgh summon rides from autonomous taxis

--- Uber Technologies Inc. will begin using self-driving taxis to ferry customers around Pittsburgh as soon as this month, a first for the industry in a race among automobile and technology companies to make driverless cars commercially available... Uber’s service, using specially-equipped Volvo XC90 sport-utility vehicles and Ford Focus, would appear to be the first time that commuters could hail a ride in a driverless car. But while the effort signals a breakthrough in commercialization of the technology, it won’t be a brave new world of robot cars: Two Uber employees will be sitting in the front seat of each vehicle... One Uber employee will be in the driver’s seat with hands on the steering wheel as an emergency backup, another observing from the passenger seat, the company said. Uber will only make a few cars available to start—with the eventual goal of having 100 in Pittsburgh and possibly elsewhere in the coming months—and they will only go limited distances within the city... The test, which could begin in as soon as two weeks, is limited... 
(Photo: Self-driving cars go public; Uber offers rides in Pittsburgh)   --  San Francisco, CAL, USA - The WSJ, by GREG BENSINGER and JACK NICAS - Aug. 18, 2016

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TRAILER MAKER news * USA: Down 20 % from June, and down 55 % year-over-year

* Indiana - Trailer orders swoon, fall below expectations

--- Trailer orders in July slid to 9,500 units according to FTR, well below expectations and down 20 percent from June and down 55 percent year-over-year... Orders have totaled 260,000 units over the past 12 months... Backlogs fell another 9 percent in July, usually the weakest trailer order month, and are now 21 percent below a year ago. Trailer build was also down 7 percent per day for the month from June... Dry van orders were particularly weak, with other trailer segments experiencing noticeable order declines as well... 
(Photo: A Utility Trailer side skirts) --  Bloomington, IND, USA - CCJ, by Jason Cannon - August 17, 2016


LOGISTIC BUSINESS * USA: 1.4 million new supply chain workers by 2018

* How can a $1.3 trillion industry, getting bigger every year, be hidden in plain sight?

... The vast U.S. logistics business, which delivers 48 million tons of freight (worth about $48 billion) daily and already employs roughly 6 million people, operates mostly behind the scenes... The logistics industry has a recruiting problem. It’s huge, making up 8.5% of GDP, and growing fast. But to most job seekers, it’s misunderstood — or invisible... That outdated image is a huge hurdle for an industry that badly needs new talent in high tech, analytics, robotics, and engineering. Career changers, take note: Seasoned managers, marketers, data analysts, and human resources executives are also in demand... That’s even before the wave of boomer retirements the MHI projects over the next few years. In total, says a new MHI report, the logistics business will be looking to fill about 1.4 million jobs, or roughly 270,000 per year, by 2018... 
(Photo courtesy, Coyote Logistics - The offices at Coyote Logistics in Chicago) -- Chicago, ILL, USA - Fortune, by Anne Fisher - May 1, 2014

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Aug 18, 2016

FORD's news * USA: Developing a fully driverless car

* Michigan - Auto maker acquired Israeli firm SAIPS and invested $75 million in Velodyne

--- Ford Motor Co. plans to release a fully driverless car without a steering wheel or pedals in the next five years, the latest salvo in a technological arms race engulfing the global auto industry... The Dearborn, Mich., auto maker on Tuesday said it would initially target ride-sharing fleets and package-delivery services with the unnamed model, underscoring the still-incremental approach many car companies are taking before offering vehicles to consumers that don’t require humans behind the wheel... Ford expects the first of its driverless cars to be used by commercial-fleet operators looking to cut the costs of employing human drivers, company executives said. The vehicles largely will be confined to cities with pre-mapped zones designed for autonomous vehicles... 
(Photo. Ford - Ford plans to release a driverless car within the next five years, with an eye towards producing fleets of cars for ride-sharing and delivery services) -- Dearborn, MICH, USA - The WSJ, by CHRISTINA ROGERS - Aug. 16, 2016

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SMALLER CONTRACT CARRIERS * USA: Robinson unveils mobile app for network

* Minnesota - App should streamline connections between drivers, dispatchers, company says

--- Freight brokerage and third-party logistics giant C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. has unveiled a mobile-device app that the company said is designed to improve the way it interacts with its network of smaller contract carriers, which account for about 85 percent of the freight booked by Robinson... The app, called "Navisphere Carrier,"  will serve Robinson's network of more than 50,000 small contract carriers. About 85 percent of its freight is booked with carriers with fewer than 100 trucks... The new app will streamline connectivity among Robinson, drivers, and their dispatchers, the Eden Prairie, Minn.-based company said. It will give dispatchers more control and flexibility in helping drivers secure loads and provide status updates. It will minimize the amount of back-and-forth text messaging between parties, and ultimately offer wider and more cost-effective access to move Robinson's loads, the company said... 
(Photo: Robinson's containers transported by ship and truck)  --  Eden Prairie, MIN, USA - DC Velocity - 16 Aug 2016


THE WORLD FASTEST TRUCK !!! * Sweden: VOLVO's "The Iron Knight" ?

* Stokholm - 2,400hp Volvo looking to break world speed record

--- How much power do you need to set a new world speed record? Volvo Trucks believes the answer is 2,400hp and 6,000Nm of torque... The Swedish truck maker has enlisted a special team of engineers, designers and technicians to create The Iron Knight, a custom-built monster that is looking to break a few international records... With exception of the engine and the series-built I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission, The Iron Knight was built from scratch for the August 24 attempts and may even shape the future on-road Volvo models... With a powertrain based on the on-highway Volvo FH, The Iron Knight features a mid-mounted and modified D13 unit with water-cooled intercooler and four turbochargers... Volvo says it has scaled down the electronics and re-programmed the truck’s software in the custom build to ensure "the highly tuned engine can communicate optimally with the transmission" – which itself has been reinforced to handle the high level of torque...
(Photo: The Iron Knight could be the world’s fastest truck) -- Stockholm, Sweden - - Trade Trucks (Australia) - 18 Aug 2016

* Australia - Mack recalls 2015 truck range

--- Trailer warning issues force VGA to recall most models sold in 2015... Volvo Group Australia (VGA) has recalled 699 Mack Titan, Granite, Super-Liner, Metro-Liner, and Trident models over trailer ABS alert issues... According to an Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) notice, the affected trucks, which were manufactured between February 9, 2015 and December 17, 2015, are equipped with trailer ABS malfunction lights that do not illuminate... Sold nationally by VGA through authorised dealerships, the affected Mack trucks require an update to their instrument cluster software... The recall marks the second in two months from Mack, the first affected Granite and Trident models made between 2011 and 2014...
(Photo: The Mack Trident is among the recall list) -- North Ryde, NSW, Australia - Trade Trucks - 18 Aug 2016


Can't meet EPA's pricey truck rules? * USA: Just pay the fine !!!

* DC - Truckmakers will just pay fines in lieu of compliance

--- The Obama administration is letting trucking companies buy their way out of new climate rules, by simply paying a fine if they can't comply... The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation finalized the new joint greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency rules for big semi-truck haulers, vans and school buses on Tuesday... Buried deep in the rules are changes to a complicated fining mechanism that the agency uses to continue progress when companies, for economic reasons, cannot comply... Many large manufacturers and trucks fleet operators, such as engine maker Cummins and heavy-duty truck owners Waste Management, Pepsi Co., say they support the rules. But there still is concern among truck retailers, who fear smaller companies could be hurt by the rules... The EPA says manufacturers and truckmakers will just pay fines in lieu of compliance. The hope is that the penalties are temporary and the companies step up to comply... The penalties aren't the more common penalties EPA uses to enforce its regulations. These are a new class of fines called "nonconformance penalties" ... So, basically, a company pays the fine, instead of meeting the standard...
(Photo)  --  Washington, DC, USA - The Washington Examiner, by JOHN SICILIANO - 18 Aug 2016

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TRUCKs' EMISSIONS REDUCTION * USA: 54.5 miles per gallon by 2015

* DC - New Rules require heavy-duty trucks to reduce emissions by 25% over the next decade
--- The Obama administration on Tuesday issued aggressive new emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks. The rules are expected to achieve better fuel efficiency and a bigger cut in pollution than the version that was first proposed last year... Officials said the new standards would require up to a 25 percent reduction in carbon emissions for big tractor-trailers over the next 10 years, and somewhat smaller improvements for delivery trucks, school buses and other large vehicles... Over all, administration officials said the new rules would cut 1.1 billion metric tons of carbon emissions through 2027 and represent a global benchmark for reducing vehicle-exhaust pollutants linked to climate change... The Obama administration has already mandated big increases in fuel economy for passenger cars and trucks. The government recently affirmed its target of 54.5 miles per gallon as a fleetwide average by 2025... Some environmental groups suggested that the government could have set the standards even higher. “Our research shows that they could have gone further by requiring trucks to be at least 40 percent more efficient,” said David Cooke, a senior vehicles analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists... Mr. Cooke said the onus is now on truck manufacturers to take full advantage of fuel-saving technology that is currently available... 
 (Photo by Fred R. Conrad for The New York Times)   --  Washington, DC, USA - The NYT, by BILL VLASIC - Aug 16, 2016

* DC - Trucking industry cautiously embracing new Federal standards

--- Major truck manufacturers and operators of large commercial fleets cautiously embraced federal standards released Tuesday requiring cuts in fuel usage of big trucks, one of the last in a long line of regulations President Barack Obama has issued over the past several years seeking to clamp down on greenhouse gas emissions across the U.S. economy... The Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department jointly announced the final standards for big vehicles ranging from vans to garbage trucks to 18-wheelers that requires up to 25% lower carbon emissions and fuel consumption in certain models over the next decade compared with today... While large companies making engines and managing commercial fleets mostly backed the rules, others representing smaller companies and truck dealerships were more critical... The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association said new and more expensive technology requirements places an unfair burden on smaller truck companies that rely solely on their reputation and can’t wait years to pay off the standards’ cost. “One truck going down, that is a huge, huge impact,” said Scott Grenerth, regulatory affairs director for the association. He added that in 2014, 49% of all fleets only had one truck. “There is very little room for error in an industry that calculates things down to the penny per mile” ... A spokesman for the American Truck Dealers, a division of the National Automobile Dealers Association that represents 1,800 truck dealerships, said the group was still analyzing the rule but was “concerned with the possibility that compliance will prove too complex or expensive for the market (dealer customers) to accept without disruption.” ... 
(Photo: Reuters - A truck arrives through the tunnel at the Port of Miami on May 19. The federal government on Tuesday issued final carbon-emissions standards for big trucks)   --  Washington, DC, USA - The WSJ, by AMY HARDER and IMANI MOISE - Aug. 16, 2016

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Aug 17, 2016

RAM recalls * USA

* Michigan -  Ram recalls nearly 1,000 trucks to repair powertrain defect

--- Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will recall 889 Ram trucks because of a flaw in the manufacturing of a transfer case – a key component that distributes power in a four-wheel-drive vehicle... The recall affects Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 chassis cab trucks mostly manufactured in the latter half of last year.,, The transfer case in these vehicle may have been manufactured with a misshapen main output shaft, creating voids that cause a shaft fracture, according to documents FCA filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The defect could cause the truck to stall, possibly creating a crash... Additionally, the driver may be unable to place the truck in park, increasing the risk of a vehicle rollaway... 
(Photo: FCA - 2016 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab)   --  Dearborn Hill, MICH, USA -, by JERRY HIRSCH - AUGUST 15, 2016

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Aug 16, 2016

SCANIA news * Sweden: New urban-based vehicle concept

* Stockholm - Scania's Urban Tipper Concept looks to visibility

--- Swedish truck maker Scania is aiming to develop a new standard for tippers, releasing an Urban Tipper concept truck in the UK that places a greater emphasis on driver visibility and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists... The top supplier of 8X4 tippers in the region, Scania says it has teamed up with "its industry-partners and academic research bodies" to design future tippers slated for city centre operations... These discussions have led to the Urban Tipper... Featuring a range of technological advances, a lightweight body, and a 410hp SCR Euro 6 engine, the concept truck breaks away from the normal 8X4 configuration and instead focuses on manoeuvrability with a 8X2*6 layout that allows for three steering axles... With visibility obscured in some vehicles up to 1.5m, the research suggests vehicle height, driver seat location, window design, and windscreen apertures need to be examined when developing urban-based vehicles... 
(Photo: Scania's new Urban Tipper Concept)   --  Södertälje, Stockholm, Sweden - Trade Trucks (Australia) - 10 Aug 2016

* Scania teases next generation safety features

--- Scania has released further details about its next generation truck ahead, announcing it will be available with rollover side curtain airbags. In what the Swedish truck manufacturer describes as a "world first", the new airbags will be mounted into the headliner moulding above the driver and passenger doors and deploy in the event of a truck rollover... The man responsible for Scania’s crash safety system, Christofer Karlsson, says alongside the seatbelt, which "is essential to allow the safety systems to do their job and to ensure that the driver is not thrown out of the cab", the new solution improves the chances for both the driver and passenger...

(Image: Scania’s yet-to-be-launched truck will include side curtain airbags to assist in rollovers)
 ... Should a rollover occur, the truck maker says safety system sensors determine whether and when the range of airbags should be deployed – and when deployed, they inflate instantly... Scania says it will include a number of other active and passive safety features... 
(Photo: Scania's new airbag solution in action)   --  Södertälje, Stockholm, Sweden - ATN - 17 Aug 2016


NISSAN TITAN * USA: 100,000-mile bumper-to-bumper protection

* Tennessee - Nissan tries mega-warranty on Titan to crack brand-loyal U.S. truck market

(Video by The Fast Lane Truck - Aug 5, 2016: Here is 2017 Nissan Titan half-ton: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know. Nissan is jumping head first in the fiercely competitive half-ton pickup truck market. This is a preview of what it's all about. More detailed reviews will be coming a little later) 

 --- Japanese auto makers are taking a new tack to wrest market share from Detroit’s bastion of lucrative profits... Nissan Motor Co. is beefing up the warranty on its Titan full-size pickup trucks, aiming to grab a larger share in a booming segment. Its 2017 Titan will come with a five-year, 100,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty—coverage that far exceeds what rivals are offering. Most existing truck warranties last around three years or 36,000 miles... Nissan hopes the new truck could lead it to selling three or four times that of the previous-generation model. A five-year, 100,000-mile warranty beginning with its cargo vans in 2014 helped boost sales... 
Franklin, TENN, USA - The WSJ, by JONATHAN BACH - Aug. 15, 2016



* New York - GHG Phase 2: The OEMs have stepped up

--- While the truck makers are keeping their some of their plans quiet about the technologies they plan to deploy to meet the anticipated Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 emissions standards, they are not just sitting idly by. 

 ° International said it is “systematically taking weight out” of its platforms. Our Confidence Report on lightweighting found that for every 1,000 lbs. of weight reduction there is a 0.5% to 0.6% fuel economy savings.

 ° Kenworth is making its AeroAdvantage Fairing available as a factory-installed option for its T680 Advantage highway models with 76-in mid-roof sleepers. It is also expanding its auto/start stop system. In addition to preventing fuel gelling, systems like this also reduce idling by turning the main engine on and off as required for heating and cooling while the driver is resting.

 ° Mack is changing compression ratios on its engines to allow for more complete combustion and is offering a two-speed cooling pump. Combined the company said those things will increase fuel economy on its MP7 engine by 5.1% and on its MP8 engine by 5%. For its downspeeding tractor option Mack will offer the MP8 engine with a turbo compounding system that “converts waste energy from the exhaust to mechanical energy that is fed back to the engine.” The result is a fuel efficiency increase of 8.8%

 ° Volvo says it has retooled D11 engine offers a 2.2% fuel economy improvement over 2014 model. In the middle of 2017 Volvo will introduce an engine with turbo compounding and waste heat recovery.
 ... Many of the OEMs talked about their offering electronically controlled transmission choices which not only save fuel, according to our Confidence Report, but also aids with driver recruitment and retention and improve safety...
(Photo: A Cummins engine GHG) -- New York, NY, USA - Fleet Owner, by Michael Roeth - Aug 15, 2016

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TRUCKERS HEALTH * USA: Cab seat new technologies

* Massachusetts - Cab seat technology addresses driver health concerns

  (Video from Fleet Equipment - Feb 17, 2015: The new Bose Ride system II offers a three-position Ride Control selector, allowing drivers to customize their ride throughout the day. For these settings, three Bose control algorithms were developed and extensively road tested to ensure that the Bose Ride system II is effective for more trucking applications, with more drivers, and covering a greater range of road and surface conditions) 

 --- Driving a truck for hours on end day after day takes its toll on the body, but the engineers of today’s cab seats are doing more than ever to address driver health and comfort concerns. These seats offer an array of features that soothe body aches and pains, reduce vibration and accommodate the range of body sizes. Bose Corp. for example, not only is standard lumbar support available with most seats, there also are optional features that double or triple the support. Seats that can provide heat are common, but some also have ways to help drivers cool down in the heat and draw away moisture... But among the main goals for seat and truck manufacturers is reducing vibration. Drivers experience excessive exposure to whole body vibration... In recent years, a new option has become available. Bose Corp., based in Framingham, Massachusetts, came out with a truck seat that cancels out much of the vehicle-induced vibrations reaching the driver. The seat uses vibration cancellation algorithms that are similar to those used in their noise-cancellation headphones. This seat senses the vertical movements of the truck cab and moves the seat up or down to counteract those movements. Reducing whole body vibration reduces driver fatigue and pain... Most cab seats come with air suspension, which uses a flexible air bellows combined with a mechanical shock underneath the seat to absorb shocks and vibration... Bose Ride seats are available as an aftermarket installation and as an option with new cabs from Freightliner Trucks, a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America. Volvo Trucks also offers Bose Ride seats... 
 Framingham, MASS, U.S.A. - Transport Topics, by Bruce Lilly - Aug. 8, 2016


UNIONS' ACTION * Australia - Congestion and road damage

* New South Wales - More than 1000 extra trucks on road due to union action

--- NSW motorists will compete with around one thousand extra trucks and over 300 extra buses on the road by the end of current, damaging industrial action by unions – raising safety issues and causing congestion and road damage – the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) said today... The additional heavy vehicles on the road come as result of 200 hours of industrial action being waged by the Unions; and valuable freight and passengers that would have originally travelled by rail being transferred to road... The Combined Unions have said they reserve the right to notify and take further industrial action in the future so there remains a high level of uncertainty... The Unions are able to continue to take rolling industrial action indefinitely until a new Enterprise Agreement is registered... 
Sidney, NSW, Australia - The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), by Bas Bolyn - 13 August 2016

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TRUCKS INSPECTION * Australia - Transporting dangerous goods

* NSW - More police defects in

--- Heavy Vehicle Taskforce officers worked alongside EPA officers to inspect heavy vehicles operated by a Dangerous Goods Provider at several locations last week, issuing several defect and infringement notices as part of Operation Valour... Operation Valour targeted the operator's trucks in Port Botany, Blacktown, Dubbo, and Katoomba and conducted a compliance inspection to ensure all vehicles were roadworthy and safe... As a result of the operation, officers inspected 28 trucks used to transport Dangerous Goods, and issued:
 # Three defects for tyres, number plates, and a non-compliant speed limiter;
 # Five infringements to drivers for non-compliant fire extinguishers and work diary offences. 
... Assistant Commissioner Hartley said that while the non-compliance identified was minimal, the issues identified by police provide an opportunity for improvement... 
(Photo - OPERATION VALOUR: 28 trucks were inspected as part of an operation in New South Wales last week) -- Sidney, NSW, Australia - Big Rigs - 15th Aug 2016