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* The new Bosch HEF109-L starter motor for commercial vehicles

Hildesheim,Germany -Automotive World -21 Aug 2014: -- Powerful solution for diesel engines of up to 28 liters displacement as well as for stationary gas-powered engines...  Adaptable to stringent system requirements... Large-volume engines place great demands on starters... At the top end of the power range, Bosch has a new addition to its 24-volt starter motor portfolio: the HEF109-L “large” heavy-duty starter motor for commercial vehicles and off-highway applications... The powerful starter motor generates 18 percent more power than the tried and tested “M” (medium) type starter motor on which it is based, and thus delivers a maximum output of 9.2 kilowatts... This powerful single-starter solution makes a more complex parallel-starter system unnecessary. The technology is designed to achieve a mileage of up to 800,000 kilometers in on-highway use or 14,000 operating hours in off-highway applications...

* Germany/Saarland  - Bosch Emission Systems: market for clean truck and construction machinery powertrains booming

(Photo: Assembly line of Bosch Emission Systems. The picture shows the forming of pipes with a diameter between 2.5 and 6 inches on a fully electronic controlled machine) 
Neunkerchen,Saarland,Germany -Automotive World -21 Aug 2014: -- Ambitious emissions standards are boosting business worldwide for Bosch Emission Systems GmbH and Co. KG (BESG). Regulations such as Tier 4 final emission limits and Euro 6 are driving demand for exhaust-gas treatment systems for trucks, diggers, and other mobile machinery... To keep pace with this rapidly increasing demand, BESG is now bringing new production facilities online in Neunkirchen, in Germany’s Saarland. At 3,500 square meters, the existing production halls reached the limit of their capacity some time ago. Now, nearly 15,000 square meters are ready for use... Bosch’s innovative integrated systems lower emissions per driven kilometer for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and construction machinery...

* UK - Delphi’s industry-leading electronically scanning radar brings safety to one million vehicles
(Image: Delphi ESR Detection Zones) 
Gillingham, Kent, UK -Automotive World -21 Aug 2014: -- Among the industry’s top performing radar on the market today, Delphi’s electronically scanning radar achieves a significant milestone... Delphi Automotive PLC recently sold its one millionth electronically scanning radar (ESR) globally — a key milestone as car makers meet growing customer demand for new technologies that improve safety... Since its debut in 2009, Delphi’s ESR set the standard for long range automotive radar sensors. Key features were introduced in this radar, including multi-mode operation, digital beam forming, and a STAR-Pulse Doppler waveform that resulted in a new level of proficiency. Even with the industry adopting these features, ESR remains a top-performing sensor in the industry with sales to eight global automakers... Delphi’s sensing technologies monitor the surrounding environment and, in conjunction with workload management, help determine how and when infotainment content can be delivered to the driver. These same sensors can then off-load driver functions through driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control and lane keeping when they are needed...


TRUCKMAKERS NEWS * Europe: Volvo's - Mercedes Benz's -

* Germany - World premiere: Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT, M 936 G natural-gas engine
(Image: Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT: Mercedes-Benz M 936 G natural-gas engine in special-purpose waste collection and short-radius distribution vehicle) 
Stuttgart,Baden-Wurtemberg,Germany -Automotive World -21 Aug 2014: -- It was just one year ago that the Econic underwent a comprehensive upgrade with new diesel engines as well as a new suspension, frame, electronics and a revised cab. Mercedes-Benz has now gone one better with its special-purpose waste collection/short-radius distribution vehicle: the Econic NGT Euro VI with its new M 936 G engine will be launched in August at “Elmia Lastbil Jönköping” in Sweden – an international trade fair for the transport industry from 20 to 23 August 2014. It will make its second major international appearance at Germany’s IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition. The new six-cylinder in-line powerplant delivers the same performance as a diesel engine while at the same time setting a new benchmark in terms of noise and exhaust emissions... 

* Sweden - Volvo Group: Truck deliveries in July 2014

(Photo from Volvo Trucks': Vehicles reliability) 
Stockholm,Sweden -Automotive World -21 Aug 2014: -- Deliveries from the Volvo Group’s truck operations in July 2014 amounted to 15,410 vehicles. This was a decrease of 9% compared with the year-earlier month... Deliveries from the Volvo Group’s truck operations in July 2014 amounted to 15,410 vehicles. This was a decrease of 9% compared with the year-earlier month. On a regional basis July deliveries declined by 36% in South America and by 17% in Europe while deliveries increased by 21% in North America... 
* Volvo brand: In July 8,616 Volvo trucks were delivered, a decrease of 13% compared with the same month last year. 
* Mack: Deliveries in July totaled 1,988 vehicles, a 16% increase compared with July 2013. 
* Renault Trucks: In July 3,232 trucks were delivered
* UD Trucks: In July 2014, UD Trucks delivered 1,574 trucks... 
* Eicher: Delivered 2,469 trucks in July

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* Ningbo / China - Truck strike flares up again, becomes violent

Ningbo,Zhejiang,China -Sino Ship News -21 Aug 2014: -- The truckers' strike in Ningbo has flared again, and this time the action has descended into violence. Up to 7,000 truck drivers, made up from smaller, independent trucking firms, have been campaigning for higher pay. They went on strike for one day on Monday before authorities came in promising to hike pay. With strikes and protests frowned upon by Beijing most local reports of the protest were then wiped from Chinese media the next day... According to two freight forwarding sources in Ningbo the truckers started a new round of protests today with far more people joining in... When the police intervened they were also attacked. A number of people have been arrested and there are plenty of police cars that have been smashed up too. The truckers are claiming they will continue to protest through the weekend... 

* Indiana / USA - Local 135 strikes against trucking company

(Photo: Members of the Teamsters Local Union 135 picket outside Kokomo Gravel Wednesday) 
Kokomo,IND,USA -The Kokomo Tribune, by JOSH SIGLER -August 20, 2014: -- Members of Teamsters Local Union 135 went on strike Wednesday morning against Diamond Trucking Inc. after new contract negotiations broke down Tuesday night... Thirty-eight members of Diamond Trucking, which hauls materials for Kokomo Gravel to places all over the northern half of Indiana, picketed in front of Kokomo Gravel's Kokomo and Peru facilities Wednesday morning... The current contract had been in place since 2011, but expired in April. Employees of Kokomo Gravel were operating under the terms of the expired contract up until negotiations broke down Tuesday... 




* N. Caroline - Mack and Volvo training programs get CASE accreditation 

Greensboro,N.C.,USA -Truck News -August 19, 2014: -- Mack Trucks Academy and the Volvo Trucks Academy announced today that both have received the Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE) accreditation from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence... The accreditation program reviews a training provider’s programs against the industry standard to ensure best practices are being met... Specifically, the Mack Trucks Academy provides training for 14 different dealership job roles, like parts and service and technician, as well as training for drivers across the US and Canada... Volvo Trucks Academy also provides dealership sales, parts, service, technician and driver training programs both online or at six of their locations in Canada and the US...


* UK - TRUCKER PhD: In astrophysics

* North Ireland / UK - Trucker turned astrophysicist wins NASA funding for Queen’s

(Photo courtesy Queen’s University Belfast: Truck-driver turned astrophysicist. Belfast researcher, Dr Ryan Milligan, 38, standing outside Queen’s University, hopes to better understand large solar flares) 
Belfast,N.Ireland,UK -The Irish Times -21 Aug 2014: -- A major source of funding for a collaboration between Queen’s University Belfast and NASA has just been awarded to one of Queen’s astrophysicists... When he is not truck-driving the odd week-end, Dr Ryan Milligan (38) sticks to what he now knows best, the study of large solar flares... Former HGV driver from Co Down, Ryan Milligan went to Queen’s University as a mature student, where he completed a Masters degree and a PhD in astrophysics...


INFRASTRUCTURES * USA: Damaged Delaware bridge

* Delaware - Landowners cited for pile that damaged bridge

(Photo: Damaged Delaware bridge on I-495)
Wilmington,DEL,USA -The News Journal of Wilmington/The Associated Press/The Trucker -19 Aug 2014: -- The owners of land in Delaware where a huge mound of dirt caused damage to an interstate highway bridge on a key East Coast artery have been served with violation notices by state environmental regulators... The notices were the first effort by the state to recoup repair costs estimated at $45 million... The DuPont Co. and Wilmington-based Alma Properties LLC received nearly identical letters claiming numerous violations of state law or administrative code... The letters from the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control don't assign blame for the damage to the bridge, but they list violations that could lead to fines of up to $2,000 a day. Depending on the duration of the violations, the fines could reach the millions of dollars... The bridge carries Interstate 495, an 11-mile bypass that helps alleviate congestion on Interstate 95. The bridge was closed in June because support columns were tilting. The southbound lanes were reopened July 31, and the northbound lanes are expected to reopen by Labor Day... 


SAFETY TRUCKS * Russia: Crash Testing For Trucks

* Russia - Is way more hardcore than you thought

(Video from You Tube, by CAPE -Aug 19, 2014: The Worst Crash Test: Russian NCAP Truck Crash Test Russian military trucks on crash test for landing on wheels during dropoff and test of reliability for large scale missions dur) 
Moscow,Russia -Truck Yeah/Jalopnik, by Andrew P Collins -19 Aug 2014: -- We've seen plenty of front, side, and even rollover simulations performed on vehicles to suss out how they'd fare in a crash. But I can't remember ever seeing something get its ass kicked as hard as this Volvo dump truck that gets shoved off a pedestal and down a cliff... The result? Oh, the dummies get tossed out the window like a couple spent cigarette butts. But hopefully whoever organized this little demonstration forwarded their findings to Volvo and the issue got sorted when this model was revised...


ROAD HEROES * USA: Trucker & NJ Troopers: Everyone survived -

Mississippi - Trucker hailed as Hero for assisting crash victims

  Gulfport, Mississippi,USA -Video from YouTibe, by -Aug 17, 2014: -- Truck driver David Fredericksen and his co-driver, Walter Letterman, were making their weekly run from Lake Wales, Florida, to California, on Aug. 11 when a fiery accident involving an automobile and an 18-wheeler unfolded in front of them... A car t-bones a semi truck on I10 near Biloxi, Mississippi. The car struck the fuel tank of the semi causing a large fire ball. The doors of the car were jammed shut and the driver suffering a broken leg could not exit the vehicle... (Fredericksen's son comment:) "Luckily my father had a fire extinguisher on hand to fight back the flames and give enough time to pull the driver and her 1 year old granddaughter out of the flaming vehicle. Once the passengers are free from the vehicle the flames rapidly grow in strength consuming the vehicle... Thankfully my father had the presence of mind, bravery, and forethought of carrying a fire extinguisher, to be the first person on scene to risk his own life in order to possibly save another and to inspire others and lead them into taking action. Everyone involved in the rescue effort is a hero in my books... The police and fire department responded within minutes of the accident and also deserve praise... Remember to treat truck drivers well as they are often the first responders in automobile accidents... Everyone involved was okay, the driver of the vehicle suffered a broken leg and all others had only minor injuries... My father said he was surprised he was the first one there while everyone else stayed in their vehicles. It takes a huge amount of bravery to be the first to lend a hand. My guess is most people were hesitant to help because they figured the occupants could not have survived... When he went to pull the child out of the car the smoke made it very difficult for him to breathe and his only thought was getting the child out of the vehicle" ... In fact, they escaped relatively unharmed, according to Gulfport police, as did the driver of the 18-wheeler. Fredericksen, 45 and a father of four, first pulled open the passenger side door of the automobile, but then spotted the child in the back seat, and tended to her first...

* New Jersey - Troopers describe rescue of trucker from creek after tractor-trailer crashes in Ridgefield 

(Photo by Tariq Zehawi: Emergency crews work the scene of a tractor trailer accident on the NJ Turnpike in Ridgefield) 
Ridgefield,Bergen,USA -The North Jersey, by Stefanie Dazio -Aug 20, 2014: -- Three state troopers jumped into Overpeck Creek fully clothed to save a tractor-trailer driver’s life after his truck crashed on the New Jersey Turnpike on Tuesday morning... The call came just after 5:30 a.m., and the troopers found part of the tractor-trailer, including the cab, in flames and Lawrence Scherf, 66, of Vails Gate, N.Y. treading water on his back in the creek near Route 80. The trailer was dangling from an overpass near milepost 117, while the burned-out cab sat in the creek... While police don’t know whether the driver was ejected from the cab or got out on his own, his being out of the rig made the rescue possible... State troopers, Mohamed Hussein, threw in a life preserver, and the troopers dropped their leather utility belts and jumped into water up to their necks... Despite water rescue training in the academy, there’s nothing to prepare troopers for situations like these, their superiors said... “Every day these guys go out, it’s a challenge,” acting Lt. Michael Dulin said...

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TRUCKS ACCIDENTS' * USA - Great decline

* Rhode Island - Fatal crashes involving trucks have seen great decline 

Providence,Rhode Island,USA -The Providence Journal --August 20, 2014: -- Comment by Christopher J. Maxwell, president and CEO of the Rhode Island Trucking Association: The Aug. 5 Commentary piece (“Tired truck drivers pose deadly risk”) by Karen Levy provides an inaccurate and offensive picture of an industry that not only moves the vast majority of our nation’s goods but has done so while making marked safety improvements and investing more than $7.5 billion annually on safety-related technologies... In 1979, the year before the industry was economically deregulated, large trucks were involved in more than five fatal crashes for every 100 million miles they traveled. More than 30 years later, that figure is down to just one fatal crash per 100 million miles — a decline of more than 75 percent. At the same time, the number of trucks on the road and the volume of freight being moved have all dramatically increased... The industry is pressing for universal implementation of electronic logging to improve compliance with work and rest rules. Technologies like speed limiters to reduce crashes and further improve safety are being introduced... Contrary to Ms. Levy’s claim, fatigue is not the leading cause of crashes involving large trucks — and neither are drivers’ paychecks. The leading cause of crashes involving large trucks are factors like speeding, aggressive driving, distracted or impaired driving — and the bulk of truck-involved fatal crashes (70 percent, according to our government) — are not caused by the truck, but by passenger vehicles they share the road with... Trucks move America, to portray the 7 million professionals in trucking as egregiously unsafe is not only irresponsible but counterproductive and harmful...

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* Ontario - Trucker, hauling company charged in crash that sent seven to hospital

(Perth Fire Chief Bill Hunter / Twitter - Seven people were taken to hospital after a two-vehicle crash near Milverton, Ont. on Thursday, July 31, 2014) 
Milverton,ONT,CAN -CTV Kitchener -August 19, 2014: -- OPP have laid charges in connection with a crash that occurred late last month near Milverton... On July 31, a transport truck and minivan collided at the intersection of Perth Road 121 and Line 67... At least three of the seven people in the van had to be extricated, and two of its occupants were taken to a London hospital via air ambulance... Tuesday, police announced the laying of charges against the gravel truck’s driver and owner. Mike Donkers, 23, is charged with careless driving and failure to accurately complete a daily inspection report under the Highway Traffic Act... Donegan’s Haulage Ltd. faces a Highway Traffic Act charge of failure to ensure daily inspection report is completed...


TRUCKING ACCIDENT * Australia: Cleanaway's - Cootes Transport's

* New South Wales - Garbage trucks off the road across Sydney, following fatal accident in Adelaide

(Photo by Joe Armao: Off the roads: Cleanaway trucks)
Sydney,NSW,Australia -The Sydney Morning Herald, by Leesha McKenny-August 20, 2014: --
Rubbish collections have been suspended across Sydney after one of Australia’s largest waste management companies pulled its entire fleet off the road following a fatal accident in South Australia... The decision by Transpacific to withdraw all of its Cleanaway trucks from service to check the safety of its national fleet will affect thousands of residents... The company announced late on Tuesday that all of its 2800 trucks would be taken off the road after one of its vehicles smashed into three stationary cars waiting at traffic lights in Adelaide on Monday afternoon... A 41-year-old woman and a 56-year-old man were killed. The 28-year-old male truck driver and a 48-year-old woman are both in a critical condition in hospital... Police on Tuesday said they were investigating whether brake failure had caused the crash at the "high risk location"... Transport Workers’ Union national secretary Tony Sheldon said the decision to take the entire fleet off the road was further evidence of the economic pressure imposed by clients on transport companies and their drivers... Tight client margins and unrealistic delivery or collection schedules could force operators to delay essential maintenance or put economic pressure on drivers, he said...

* NSW - Sentencing magistrate 'horrified' trucking company not subject to stringent heavy vehicle inspections

(Photograph: Tim Pascoe/AAP: The Cootes fuel tanker that exploded on Mona Vale Road, Sydney in October 2013) 
Sydney,NSW,Australia -AAP/9news -August 20, 2014: -- A magistrate says she is "horrified" the trucking company involved in a fatal tanker crash in Sydney's north was not required to undergo annual heavy-vehicle inspections... Two people were killed and five were injured when a Cootes Transport tanker rolled on its side, burst into flames and collided with several cars on Mona Vale Road, Mona Vale, in October 2013... The national trucking company came under scrutiny after the accident and was charged with more than 300 offences... NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) alleged it had discovered significant defects in the company's fleet, including faulty brakes and suspension... Cootes has pleaded guilty to 255 charges, some of which carry maximum penalties of $11,000... At present, if a heavy vehicle is registered in NSW, it has to undergo mandatory annual inspections... 




* Russia - State backstops $1 Billion of truck maker KamAZ's debt amid auto market collapse
(Photo by Nikolai Maximovich / Wikicommons - Russia will guarantee $1 billion of truck maker KamAZ's future debt) 
Moscow,Russia -Reuters -Aug. 19 2014: -- Russia will guarantee $1 billion of truck maker KamAZ's future debt, as part of a broader government initiative to support vehicle manufacturers struggling with falling sales... Russia, Europe's second-largest car market after Germany, is seeing a sharp decline in car and truck sales as its weak economy is put under further pressure by Western sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine... Many Russians have also delayed making large purchases because of a weakening ruble... Shares in KamAZ, in which Germany's Daimler owns 15 percent, jumped more than 9 percent on the government's announcement on Tuesday... The government said it had approved state guarantees for up to 35 billion rubles ($968 million) of debt issuance by KamAZ for up to 15 years. The move is intended to help the truck maker's investment program, including launching new models and upgrading all production lines...



* Virginia - Identifies flaws in 34-hour restart rule

Arlington,VA,USA -Fleet Equipment -(originally publiched) Jul 9, 2013: -- The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has released findings of its assessment of the Regulatory Impact Analysis used by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to justify changes to the Hours-of-Service 34-hour restart provision, which took effect July 1, 2013. ATRI’s analysis was based on industry survey data of over 2,000 commercial drivers and 500 motor carriers, as well as a detailed analysis of 1.4 million driver logbooks from more than 40,000 commercial drivers... The ATRI analysis quantifies that FMCSA’s purported industry benefit and actual costs resulting from the restart changes differ by more than $322 million. Identified were several flaws in the FMCSA Regulatory Impact Analysis, including the reliance on driver logs from carriers undergoing compliance reviews and safety audits, which ATRI says skewed the data toward drivers operating at the higher limits of available hours. In addition, ATRI pointed to the assignment of industry costs associated with the change to only 15% of the driving population, ignoring operational changes and associated costs, which are likely to be experienced by a much larger percentage of drivers... Analisys: Among the operational and economic impacts identified by ATRI are: 
* More than 80 percent of motor carriers surveyed have experienced a productivity loss since the new rules went into effect, with nearly half stating that they require more drivers to haul the same amount of freight. 
* Among commercial drivers surveyed by ATRI, 82.5 percent indicated that the new HOS rules have had a negative impact on their quality of life, with more than 66 percent indicating increased levels of fatigue. 
* Commercial drivers are forced to drive in more congested time periods, although the FMCSA Regulatory Impact Analysis did not address increased safety risks with truck traffic diversion to peak hour traffic. 
* The majority of drivers (67%) report decreases in pay since the rules took effect. 
* The impacts on driver wages for all over-the-road drivers total $1.6 billion to $3.9 billion in annualized loss.

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FIRED TRUCKERS * USA: Asphalt Specialists'

* DC - OSHA forces trucking company to pay truckers fired for following HOS

(Photo: An infrared asphalt repair trucks) 
Washington,DC,USA -The Trucker -18 Aug 2014: -- On Monday, OSHA ordered Asphalt Specialists to pay the three employees a total of $953,916 in back pay and damages, after they were fired between 2012 and 2013 for refusing to drive... The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is penalizing an asphalt company for firing truck drivers who refused to break federal laws prohibiting tired drivers from getting behind the wheel... The Michigan-based Asphalt Specialists has been ordered to pay nearly $1 million in fines and back pay and reinstate three employees who complained that they were forced to violate Hours of Service laws by driving without enough rest between shifts...




* Indiana - Celadon Acquires 1,500 Tractors

(Photo: Trucks at Celadon Group) 
Indianapolis,IND,USA -Transport Topics -18 Aug 2014: -- Celadon Trucking Services has purchased 1,500 tractors, a mix of Kenworth T680s and LoneStar and ProStars from International... The ProStars will be used by the Indianapolis-based company’s core driving fleet, the Kenworths by the expedited division and the LoneStars by lease purchasing... “The key for us with these new ProStar tractors is to help recruit company drivers to our fleet as well as offer a reward to our existing company drivers,” he added... The company has been able to add three to four teams each week over the past few months as drivers have graduated from its driver training school...



* Illinois - 2015 GMC 3500 HD Duramax wins one-ton heavy-Duty challenge 

(Photo: A 2015 Silverado 3500HD diesel truck towing 4. With the available Duramax and Allison doing the heavy lifting)
Chicago,ILL,USA -PRNewswire/MarketWarch -Aug. 18, 2014: --, the premier online resource for buying and selling new and used cars and trucks, has announced that the 2015 GMC 3500 HD Duramax is the winner of the site's one-ton heavy-duty pickup truck challenge. The challenge put the top three one-ton pickup trucks against each other in a series of tests to determine the overall best. The three trucks tested in the challenge were the 2015 Ford F-350 Power Stroke, 2015 GMC 3500 HD Duramax, and the 2014 Ram HD 3500 Cummins... The trucks were tested for two weeks over thousands of miles and in a variety of weather and terrain conditions. Scores were drawn from 19 data-driven tests of each truck's capabilities, and judges added their votes in six categories: engine performance, seating comfort and ergonomics, technology and entertainment, ride quality, visibility and value...

* Illinois - Navistar expanding fuel-efficiency package 

(Photo: A International Durastar 4000 Series truck) 
Warrensville,ILL,USA -Transport Topics -18 Aug 2014: -- Navistar has announced it is offering the Allison Transmission fuel-efficiency package on its medium-duty and vocational International truck models, which it says can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 20%... FuelSense, available in Allison’s 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 series transmissions, automatically adapts shift schedules and torque, maximizing transmission efficiency based on load, grade and duty cycle without sacrificing performance... All features are available in the 3000 and heavy-duty 4000 series, and they will be available in the 1000 and 2000 series transmissions later this year...


WOMAN TRUCKERS * USA: Award nominated

* Wisconsin - Oshkosh woman a finalist for trucking's Top Rookie award

(Photo Courtesy of H.O. Wolding) 
 Amherst,WIS,USA -Northwestern Media, by Noell Dickmann -18 Aug 2014: -- An Oshkosh woman who drives truck for H.O. Wolding, is one of 10 finalists for the the Mike O'Connell Memorial Trucking's Top Rookie award. Julie Matulle, of Oshkosh, has already beat out 55 other rookie truck drivers who were nominated throughout the United States to make the top 10...  Matulle drives a 2014 Cascadia Evolution that she named Big Sally. In a typical week, she'll leave Sunday morning for the southeast region of the country, hauling paper out of the Fox Valley and bringing furniture back when she returns Friday night. She also hauls jars, taco shells and "anything that fits in my trailer," she said with a laugh... The award is given to rookie truck drivers who are nominated by their company and chosen by a panel of judges from motor carriers, training schools, suppliers and trade associations...The criteria used to determine the winner is their availability for loads, on-time delivery, highway safety performance and customer relations... In a male dominated industry — women make up less than 6 percent of truck drivers, according to the United States Department of Labor - she said being raised with the idea that she can be anything she wants to has contributed to her success...



* Michigan - GM's Barra sends letters to 1.9M car owners in ignition switch recall

Detroit,MICH,USA -The Detroit News, by Melissa Burden -August 18, 2014: -- General Motors Co. CEOMary Barra, this month sent letters to about 1.9 million owners affected by GM’s high-profile ignition switch recall of 2.59 million cars, urging them to complete repairs... Letters included information about the compensation fund for victims and families harmed by the defective ignition switches. At least 13 deaths are linked to the defect... The expanded website gives details on ignition switch-related recalls affecting a particular vehicle and what customers should do. It originally was created to get information to customers affected by the recall of 2.59 million Chevrolet Cobalts, Saturn Ions and other cars for defective ignition switches that can move from the “run” position while driving. When that happens, it turns off the engine and disables power steering and air bags... The automaker has recalled more than 16.45 million vehicles this year for various ignition switch problems...  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the average recall completion rate is about 75 percent, but is much lower for older cars. All automakers must provide a free recall search by vehicle identification number (VIN), on their websites by Wednesday; it also will be available at




* Minnesota - TransForce owned carrier raises driver pay 

(Photo: TransForce company, a Canadian leader in the trucking and logistics industry) 
Eagan,MN,USA -Today´s Trucking -Aug 15, 2014: -- One of the U.S. branches of Canadian trucking giant TransForce, Transport America, has increased driver pay for all current and potential drivers... Owner-operators will receive a two-cents per mile increase in pay, team drivers will receive a one- cent per mile increase and hazmat pay will increase by four cents per mile. Newly hired drivers can start as high as 40 cents per mile and drivers with more than four years of experience can start at 43 cents per mile... TransForce, bought Transport America in June 2014 for $310-million. More recently, TransForce bought Contrans, which ranks 10th on Today’s Trucking’s top 100 fleet list, for $495 million in cash... 

* Tennessee - U.S. Xpress, and Con-Way, raise driver pay 

(Photo by Eliyahu Gurfinkel/The Ann Arbor News: A tractor trailer backs in into a row of trailers at Con-Way Freight's distribution center in Green Oak Township on Wednesday)
Chattanooga,TN,USA -Today´s Trucking -Aug 15, 2014: -- U.S. Xpress is raising its base mileage pay for over-the-road, solo, non-dedicated truck drivers by an average of 13 percent, effective Aug. 25, 2014... The company will also eliminate the sliding pay scale for all OTR solo drivers based on feedback from its current driver population. For many, the sliding pay scale made it difficult for drivers to calculate their base pay from week to week, so U.S. Xpress will use a simpler pay structure where all OTR solo drivers will earn the same base mileage pay regardless of the length of haul that they are running for the company... Meanwhile, Con-way Truckload is also raising per-mile pay, effective Sept. 7, for both company drivers and independent contractors... When combined with company’s existing compensation and incentive programs, the increases bring per-mile pay for new-hire experienced drivers to a total of 42.5 cents per mile, according to the company... Con-way drivers can also gain additional earning through an annual bonus of between 1.5 cents and three cents per mile, on miles driven over the previous 12 months from their anniversary date. And the company is also increasing layover pay from $60 to $75 per day...


SHORTAGE OF TRUCKERS * USA: Skilled truck drivers in demand.

* Texas - As economy gains, companies compete to put solid workers behind the wheel

(Photo by JOHN DAVENPORT - Trucks are lined up at China Grove's Reynolds Nationwide trucking, which has been experiencing a shortage of drivers) 
San Antonio,TXS,USA -The Houston Chronicle, by Lynn Brezosky -August 16, 2014: -- Trucker Jesse Parks was hustling Tuesday, eager to get on the road with a milk load destined for Carlsbad, N.M. It was the 58-year-old's first day on the job at Reynolds Nationwide trucking near China Grove... These days, the independently owned trucking company is happy to have any qualified driver it can find. Many drivers are flocking to the higher pay and more appealing schedules in the Eagle Ford Shale. Others are finding they have their choice of employers as the economy regains its strength. And many truckers are hitting retirement age... Luckily for Reynolds - which hauls tequila, kosher chocolate and crude oil - the oil and gas business isn't for everyone... Reynolds' Adron Blythe, who specializes in coordinating cross-border tequila and agriculture hauls, said the shortage has driven up costs and forced the company to lower standards... "My top tequila drivers make about $1,000 a week," Blythe said. "Our mediocre oil drivers make $1,400 to $1,500. It's kind of a no-brainer" ...


TRUCKING RULES * USA: Truckers' coercion

* Missouri - Coercion proposal does not go far enough to protect drivers, OOIDA says 

Grain Valley,MO,USA -Land Line, by David Tanner -15 Aug 2014: -- OOIDA gives credit to the FMCSA for addressing the issue of coercion of drivers by motor carriers, shippers, receivers and brokers, but OOIDA remains concerned that the anti-coercion proposal is too narrow to reach the heart of the issue and relies solely on drivers to bring forward their claims... In comments to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration filed on Aug. 11, OOIDA President and CEO, Jim Johnston, applauds the intent of the administration’s notice of proposed rulemaking that would “prohibit motor carriers, shippers, receivers, or transportation intermediaries from coercing drivers to operate commercial motor vehicles in violation of certain provisions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations ” ... OOIDA thanked the administration for recognizing the marketplace demands of on-time delivery schedules and the economic pressures placed on commercial drivers... OOIDA encourages the FMCSA to continue reaching out to drivers and motor carriers to create the most effective rule possible... In its comments, OOIDA says FMCSA has a duty to seek comments and review all existing rules, such as hours of service and electronic logging devices, to determine “whether they may be rewritten to prevent coercion” ...



* Michigan - Ford provides details on upcoming Transit Custom and Cargo Vans for the Australian market
(Photo: The new Ford Transit Custom will go on sale in the Australian market in early 2014, according to Ford.)
Dearborn,MICH,USA -Automotive Fleet -August 14, 2013: -- Ford announced details about its all-new Transit vans, the Transit Custom and Transit Cargo, for the Australian market. The automaker said each van model will feature Ford’s latest 2.2-liter Duratorq TDCi diesel engine and will be available early in 2014... Ford said the Transit Custom features a “car-like” interior and driving experience. Changes include new load-space features, such as an integrated roof rack system and a load-through hatch in the bulkhead that allows storage of long items... In terms of safety, Ford said the Transit Custom offers an optimized body structure that uses ultra-high-strength Boron steel, a first on a Ford Transit, according to the automaker... Ford will offer its Transit Cargo for the Australian market in multiple roof heights, Single and Double Cab chassis models, and in a 12-seater bus model... 



* Texas - Gulf States Toyota recalls 16K Tundra trucks

(Photo of 2014 Toyota Tundra pickup truck courtesy of Toyota) 
Houston,TXS,USA -Automotive Fleet -15 Aug 2014: -- Gulf States Toyota (GST) is recalling 16,249 2013-2014 model-year Toyota Tundra pickup trucks equipped with non-OEM 20-inch alloy wheels and chrome-plated lug nuts, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports... The specially modified trucks, sold as part of certain vehicle packages, have lug nuts whose coating may make them susceptible to loosening. In addition, the wheel studs might fracture. As a result, the wheel may separate from the truck... GST dealers will replace 20 lug nuts and torque them to specification, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin this month, NHTSA said...



* Turkey - Riot-Response Truckmaker jumps on policing abroad

(Turkish Company Katmerciler´s Pit-Bull VX 4x4 armoured vehicle personnel carrier)
Çiğli,İzmir,Türkey -Bloomberg, by Constantine Courcoulas and Taylan Bilgic -Aug 15, 2014: -- A Turkish maker of anti-riot vehicles and water-cannon armed trucks jumped the most in three years as the company swung to a profit after boosting its focus on export markets from Sudan to Kurdistan... Katmerciler Arac Ustu Ekipman Sanayi and Ticaret AS (KATMR), Chief Executive Officer Mehmet Katmerci, predicted last year that images broadcast worldwide of Turkish protesters fleeing the vehicles his company produces could help generate business for the Izmir-based company in nations from Brazil to Libya. The company raised its target for export sales to 70 percent of revenue this year from about 60 percent in 2013.. The company reported profit revenue in the second quarter was 54.5 million liras, compared with 25 million liras in the same period a year earlier... The number of vehicles sold jumped 78 percent to 453 in the first half. The number of riot trucks sold in the period rose seven-fold to 56. The company declined to provide details of what kind of vehicles were sold to specific countries... 

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* Virginia - Record Number of Women Drivers Competing at NTDC

(Photo by Stan Lindsey: FedEx team members, left to right: Christy Tolbert, Kathy VanTassell, Debbie Conn, Becky Nelson, Rachel Bothwell and Lindsay Smith) 
Arlington,VA,USA -Transport Topics -13 Aug 2014: -- Eleven women, a record number, are competing for top honors this week at the National Truck Driving Championships... The annual event, this year in Pittsburgh, has never in its 77-year history had more than eight women competing, according to its primary sponsor, American Trucking Associations... Six of the 11, drive for FedEx, the only carrier that has more than one woman in the competition... The number of women contestant this year marks another “awesome” milestone for the trucking industry and for women, said Ellen Voie, president of Women In Trucking, a national organization that seeks to get more women behind the wheel... NTDC, which has 426 drivers in all competing this year, three are women competing in the step van competition, now six years old. However, the others are spread across the spectrum of driving divisions, flatbed, twins, four-axle, three-axle, and straight truck...



* New York - A radical idea for managing truck drivers: Treat Them Better

(Photo: Zuma Press)
NY,USA -The WSJ, by Betsy Morris -13 Aug 2014: -- Truck driver turnover is always chronic, but it’s getting especially urgent now that the economy is gaining steam and railroads are losing it. Demand for trucking is rising... But long haul trucking is a fragmented industry that pays its truck drivers in cents per mile. It generally doesn’t pay for the time they sit around waiting for shippers to load or unload or any of the other inconveniences of the job... That’s just the way it is... So a recent blog post by trucking company Ryder System was unusual, to say the least. “Drivers are a precious resource,” wrote William P. Townsend, Ryder’s Group Director of Labor Strategy. Once on board, “the next step is to keep them happy and loyal” ... Understand this is not an industry that mollycoddles drivers. It hardly trains them. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is calling for mandatory training and driver education for all entry-level truck drivers. Drivers are paid when the wheels are turning. They aren’t paid for time (or miles) lost because of traffic, construction, a break-down or delays–often for hours–caused by shippers or receivers. They often miss holidays, birthdays and weekends. They never know when, because delays and route changes are so unpredictable... So how does Ryder propose to keep truck drivers happy? Improve their quality of life. Some companies promise truckers predictable time at home, Mr. Townsend says, citing a survey that identifies lack of it as a top sticking point. Make trucking a career path and not just a job, with defined expectations and goals and the ability to transition into other positions at the company, he suggests. Sound crazy? Not so much, when you consider that David Abney, who becomes chief executive of United Parcel Service Inc. Sept. 1, drove a truck early in his career... To retain drivers, some companies are “exploring benefit options,” the blog post says, including change to vacation policies. Drivers also appreciate being treated with respect..

* Texas - Where have all the truckers gone?

(Photo by J.M. Eddins Jr./The New York Times) 
Dallas,TXS,USA -The New York Times, by Neil Irwin -13 August 2014: -- Companies complain of too few drivers for their big trucks while inflation-adjusted wages for those behind the wheel have fallen 6 percent over the past decade... Swift Transportation’s 20,000 workers haul goods in almost 14,000 big-rig trucks that travel the interstates and back roads of the United States every day. The company’s performance is closely tied to the nation’s economy, which has been looking increasingly sunny lately... Executives may bemoan higher pay for workers because it could cut profit margins. But after a generation in which the median U.S. household has seen flat to declining inflation-adjusted income, wage increases are a welcome corrective. When workers begin to have more leverage in salary negotiations, it is a sign of an improving economy, not a liability that businesses should be complaining about...