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* India - Fuso begins production of left hand drive trucks for Africa

(Photo: MFTBC) 
Oragadam,Chennai,India -Automotive Fleet (USA) -July 11, 2014: -- Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), together with Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (DICV), its Indian counterpart under the new Asia Business Model, has announced the start of production of its first left-hand drive FUSO trucks specifically developed for the growth markets in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America... Built at DICV’s state-of-the-art Oragadam plant in Chennai, India, the FUSO FJ medium-heavy-duty truck will first be launched in markets like, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Egypt, and in the mid-term, in further markets in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East...

* India - Tata Motors appoints distributor for Russian Federation

(Photo: Bloomberg: Headquartered in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, TML Truck Rus will import and distribute Tata Motors’ commercial vehicles and original spare parts) 
 Mumbai,India -Livemint, by Shally Seth Mohile -21 July 2014: -- Tata Motors Ltd, India’s largest commercial vehicle maker, has appointed LLC TML Truck Rus (Russia) as its commercial vehicles distributor in the Russian Federation, the company said in a statement on Monday. As an official distributor, TML Truck Rus will establish mono-brand outlets in Moscow and St. Petersburg, a warehouse for spare parts and 60 touch points in key regions, over a period of five years. Tata Motors will launch its range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles into the Russian market thorough the distributor, headquartered in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan...



* Arkansas - To give clean fuel rebates to fleets

(Photo: A Waste Pro USA’s first-ever compressed natural gas -CNG- solid waste collection truck) 
  Little Rock,ARK,USA -Automotive Fleet -July 21, 2014: -- The Arkansas Energy Office will hand out $150,000 in state rebates to fleet operators who convert vehicles to run on compressed natural gas, according to an announcement... Fleet operators who convert to CNG or progane autogas or purchase a CNG or propane autogas vehicle are eligible for the Clean Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program, which is part of the Gaseous Fuels Rebate Program... The rebate amount is dependent on the cost of the conversion or incremental cost of a clean fuel vehicle and allows for a rebate equivalent to the lesser of 50 percent of the conversion or incremental cost or $4,500 per vehicle... Vehicles must be from the 2012 model year or later, and purchases made prior to Aug. 15, 2013 are not eligible...

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* New York - Open road for hazmat trucking in 

(Photo: CHUCK HAUPT/Press and Sun-Bulletin - Members of the Broome County Hazardous Materials Response Team wearing self contain breathing apparatus suits check for the leaks of chemicals inside the truck this afternoon. Containers have been placed to catch the chemical leaking out of the truck in Vestal as private environmental clean-up teams been called in or the cleanup) 
NY,USA -Star Gazzette, by Steve Reilly -July 18, 2014: -- For the first time in 14 years, federal officials have updated the nation's list of roadways where states restrict the transport of hazardous materials... The New York City Fire Department is designated in the new 71-page Hazardous Materials Route Registry as the the only agency with authority to decide where hazmat can be shipped in New York State... The U.S. Department of Transportation's newly-revised registry, released on Monday and like the previous version, includes no listings in New York's 57 counties outside of New York City — giving haulers free rein to carry hazmat through neighborhoods, around lakes and across rivers and streams. A hazmat trucker can choose to drive on any road in the state that's open to truckers outside of New York City... New York is the only state in the nation where a local agency has been named as the state's hazmat routing agency...

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TRUCKMAKERS NEWS * USA: Daimler TNA's / Paccar's

* North Caroline - Daimler Trucks North America cranks up new HQ in Portland, Ore.

(Photo: Daimler Trucks has 5,200 employees in the Charlotte region) 
Charlotte,NC,USA -The Charlotte Business Journal, by Ken Elkins -21 July 2014: -- Daimler Trucks North America last week began construction of its new $150 million headquarters in Portland, Ore., according to the Portland Business Journal... Daimler Trucks is the largest manufacturer in the Charlotte region, with 5,200 employees in the metro area. The company operates Freightliner plants in Mount Holly, Gastonia and the Rowan County town of Cleveland. It also has an administrative office in Fort Mill... 

* Washington - Truck maker poised to outperform regardless of takeover rumor

Seattle,WASH,USA -Seeking Alpha -Jul. 20, 2014: -- Recent takeover rumors created buzz around PACCAR... Accounting for the majority of PACCAR’s revenue, the North American heavy-duty truck market is forecasted to grow substantially, providing a solid backdrop for the shares to outperform the broader market... PACCAR Inc. is a manufacturer of the PeterbiltKenworth, and DAF branded trucks established in Seattle, Washington in 1905. On July 3rd, the stock gapped 5% upward after rumor of a takeover bid from Volkswagen surfaced... The rumor was speculated by competitor Daimler Trucks' chief executive Wolfgang Bernhard, who mentioned to analysts that "serious, multiple sources" suggest to him that Volkswagen was interested in purchasing PACCAR next year. Volkswagen has since denied the rumor. However, considering Bernhard's status in the industry and the fact that he served on Volkswagen's management board from 2005 to 2007...




* Sweden - Sluggish Europe, Chinese construction woes dent Volvo profits

(Photo REUTERS, by CARLO ALLEGRI: A Volvo logo is pictured at the Jacob Javits Convention Center during the New York International Auto Show in New York April 16, 2014) 
Stockholm,Sweden -Reuters, by NIKLAS POLLARD/JOHANNES HELLSTROM -Jul 18, 2014: -- Truck maker AB Volvo posted core earnings well below expectations on Friday as it struggled with slow demand for European trucks at the start of the second quarter and a weakening market for construction equipment in China... The profit miss raises pressure on Sweden's biggest company by sales - and the country's top private sector employer - to show that a sweeping three-year plan to boost profitability is starting to boost its bottom line significantly... Shares in Volvo, which makes trucks, construction gear, buses and engines, slid 5.0 percent to their lowest level in more than five months, underperforming the European autos index .SXAP which eased 1.6 percent by 1219 GMT...



* Illinois - Navistar first Vocational Trucks ship with 9.0L, 10.L SCR engines

(Photo from Navistar: 2014 International WorkStar with dump body) 
Warrensville,ILL,USA -Work Truck Magazine -July 15, 2014: -- Navistar Inc., started customer shipments of its first International DuraStar and International WorkStar vehicles with the company’s 9.0L and 10.0L engines with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions technology. The company’s internal testing shows these products are delivering up to 8 percent in fuel-economy improvement over the previous generation... Built on Navistar’s proven I-6 platform, the company’s 9.0L and 10.0L engines bring 9.3-liter displacement and 860-1,150 lb.-ft. torque in a weight-saving medium-duty package. The company conducted field tests in extreme environments such as Alaska, Colorado, and Arizona. These tests included a variety of vocational duty cycles from garbage packing and utility trucks to dump trucks and sewer pumpers...



* DC - Work truck upfitters issue recalls for fire risk 

(Photo Courtesy Ford Motor Co.)
Washington,DC,USA -Automotive Fleet -July 14, 2014: -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced four separate safety recalls to address potential fire risk arising from oil leaks in modified Ford F-Series Super Duty work trucks equipped with Muncie Power Products PTO (power take-off) assemblies... In these modified work trucks, oil might leak from the PTO pressure switch onto a thermal blanket covering the exhaust... This condition poses a fire risk, NHTSA said... The truck upfitters will install new PTO pressure switches, free of charge, to resolve the problem... Oklahoma City-based Tactical Vehicle Outfitters is recalling 19 2010-2014 model-year Ford F-350 and F-550 trucks...


TRUCKERS´FATIGUE * USA: Studies and Opinion

* New Jersey - Serious issue: Fatigued truck drivers, focus on economics, not electronics

Princeton,NJ,USA -Los Angeles Times/Opinion, by Karen Levy -17 July 2014: ... Truckers don't work without sleep for dangerously long stretches because it's fun. Let's hope the discussion doesn't stop there. The nation's trucking system needs to be reformed, and the changes must address root economic causes underlying a range of unsafe practices... Truckers don't work without sleep for dangerously long stretches because they have to earn a living. The market demands a pace of work that many drivers say is impossible to meet if they're "driving legal" ... In the face of rising consumer demand for overnight shipments and for fresh produce trucked from the opposite coast, shippers have upped the pressure both to move goods quickly and to keep costs low. Since many truckers are paid by the mile, they're incentivized to stay on the road as much as possible. (As truckers are fond of saying, "If the wheel ain't turnin', you ain't earnin'!") ... One thing that makes this possible is that truck drivers are explicitly exempted from the Fair Labor Standards Act, so they aren't legally entitled to overtime pay or other protections designed to prevent their labor from being exploited... Economist Michael Belzer has compared trucks to 'sweatshops on wheels' because of the low rates of pay, long working hours and unsafe conditions... In an attempt to increase truckers' compliance with the hours-of-service rules, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration — the federal agency in charge of regulating the trucking industry — is very likely to soon mandate that all truckers install electronic logging devices... These electronic systems will help guard against some unsafe practices, but they won't address many of the biggest sources of trucker fatigue. Truckers will tell you that long stretches of "detention time" — the (typically unpaid) hours that a trucker must wait at a shipper's terminal to be loaded or unloaded — are what really exhaust them, and force them to be on duty for far more hours than are legally permitted... Most truckers are also unpaid for the many hours they spend completing mandatory inspections, dealing with repairs, filling out required paperwork, checking the security of their loads and many other important tasks that make up their long workdays. None of these activities will be addressed by electronic logs, and drivers will most likely continue to squeeze them into their required "rest" periods, as they have been doing for decades... The road is an unpredictable workplace. As anyone who has driven on the highway knows, road travel is fraught with contingencies, from weather to congestion to accidents, all of which can make a trip take longer than anticipated. Add to that the other pressures to keep driving — economic incentive, employer pressure, the dearth of safe places to park and rest, and the desire to get home after days or weeks away — and you begin to get a sense for why truckers drive for as long as they do... But electronic monitoring is an incomplete solution to a serious public safety problem. If we want safer highways and fewer accidents, we must also attend to the economic realities that drive truckers to push their limits...


TRUCKERS´ PAYMENT * USA & Canada: Highest Paying Truck Driving Jobs

* What specific types of truck drivers make the most money? 

USA -All Trucking -19 July 2014: -- It is no secret that over the road, or OTR, truck drivers make the best money. Walmart is one of the highest paying, with an average salary of $71,500 per year before bonuses. Over the road drivers are paid more due to the type of travel, the hours involved and all of the different road laws that must be followed in each state. OTR drivers are also held to much higher standards. They deliver a variety of products around the country and have tight delivery schedules to keep. Specialty drivers and long haul drivers rank right up with OTR drivers... Specialty drivers fall into a special category. These are drivers who haul oversized loads, specialty products, and Hazmat materials mostly. It takes a specially trained driver to take on these trips. Thus, the jobs pay more. The higher pay also means that these drivers are expected to stay up to date on industry policy changes, new laws that go into effect and the laws of the roadways in each area that they travel in... Ice road truckers are the highest paid in the specialty field with oversized load drivers and Hazmat haulers following closely behind. Due to the danger of the job and high risk, ice road truckers have the ability to earn an entire year’s salary in just a couple months’ time. These are the best of the best in the industry. Bravery is only a small part of the job. Skill is required beyond anything else. Truckers have to know how to handle the elements and how to fix their trucks if they break down on a trip...



* Arizona - Truckers, drivers get inside look at border inspections

(Photo: An ADOT officer stands at the entrance to one of the vehicle bays at the Mariposa Port of Entry) Nogales,ARI,USA -The Nogales International, by Murphy Woodhouse -15 July 2014: -- The crowd of roughly 70 people sat waiting Saturday morning, more or less patiently, for a presentation to begin at the Arizona Department of Transportation Enforcement and Compliance Division (ADOT/ECD) offices near the Mariposa Port of Entry commercial vehicle inspection bays... This was a group uniquely practiced in the art of waiting... They were truckers and bus drivers, people whose work takes them back and forth across the U.S.-Mexico border via a process that can involve long delays in line or at an inspection terminal. However, instead of moving people and produce last Saturday, they were at the port of entry for the second annual Commercial Vehicle Outreach Rodeo, an event put on by ADOT/ECD, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the U.S. Department of Transportation... Armando Goncalvez, CBP’s trade program director at the port, proposed that a working group be set up between area bus companies and government agencies operating at the border to discuss ways to speed up inspections for passenger buses... After the presentation, attendees went to the inspection bays, where they were given a hands-on look at the inspection process with ADOT officials as their guides... While underneath trucks and buses like the ones they drive, commercial vehicle operators got to see things from the point of view of the government officials they sometimes think of as impediments to timely deliveries...

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TRUCKING INDUSTRY NEWS * USA: Hazardous materials

* Las Vegas - Toxic cargo ahead

(Image: Ever wonder just what’s in those tankers and tractor-trailers with cryptic hazardous materials placards?)
Las Vegas,NV,USA -Las Vegas Sunday, by Jack Chapell -July 13, 2014: ... Transportation by truck, train or pipeline of hazardous materials that can poison us, gas us, burn us and blow us to bits is such a part of everyday life it goes largely unseen and unrecognized. But there’s an ever-present threat in the valley created by transporting dangerous things in a maze of pipelines, rail lines and roads. An estimated 2 percent of the truck traffic on Las Vegas’ highways is hauling hazmat cargo... It’s 8 a.m., and the gates swing open to the Nevada Highway Patrol’s I-15 check station in Sloan, 10 miles south of Las Vegas... It’s a bare-bones steel overhead shelter and asphalt pad about the size of two football fields. The roof covers three lanes where troopers and civilian inspectors of the NHP Commercial Enforcement Branch soon will begin checking trucks heading into Las Vegas. In the summer, temperatures can top 115 degrees... Yearly, some 125,000 trucks haul 2.7 million tons of hazardous cargo to, through and from Clark County, according to a 2008 report used by the Clark County Hazardous Materials Response Plan. The majority of the hazmat traffic runs along I-15. A third of all the tonnage involves flammable gas. Flammable liquids come second, with explosives shipped least often... Environmental engineering philosophy talks about “the triple bottom line:” private benefits and costs, social costs and the environment. Today’s environmental engineers strive to build processes and products that minimize adverse impacts and stress efficiency and sustainability, said UNLV professor Helen Neill, an expert in environmental economics, management, economic valuation and risk...



* Turkish exports to Iraq suffer as violence deter trucks

(REUTERS Photo / by Osman Orsal: The Turkish truckers’ security fears halt already-hit trade with Iraq)
Habur,Turkey -Hurriyet Daily News -14 July 2014: -- Abdi Tekin used to spend days waiting to clear this customs post on the border with Iraq, his truck among the hundreds lined up to ferry some $1 billion worth of goods a month to Turkey’s second-biggest export market... Now, lying on a thin, dusty carpet in the shade of his cab, he has to wait just a few hours at Habur. Chaos in Iraq, where a bloody Islamist insurgency threatens to dismember the country, has brought one of Turkey’s key trade routes to a virtual halt. “Everything’s been different for the past month, month and a half. There are no cargoes or very few ... We’re racing with each other to get them,” said Tekin, 33, as he took a nap to steel himself for a journey he has been making for years, but which in recent weeks has become increasingly treacherous... Islamist insurgents held 32 Turkish truck drivers there for three weeks last month and still hold dozens of other Turks hostage. Though despite the risks, competition among trucking firms means freight rates have actually come down in many cases...




* Texas - Multiple lawsuits filed against Navistar over International MaxxForce engines

Dallas,TXSUSA -Truckinginfo -July 8, 2014: -- Lawyers for trucking companies have filed lawsuits in three states against the parent company of International Trucks, claiming Navistar failed to disclose known defects and problems with its EPA 2010 MaxxForce engines... According to a release from the law firm Miller Weisbrod, Dallas, Navistar also misled its clients regarding Navistar’s exhaust gas recirculation technology on the engines, including them being certified to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 emissions standards... The law firm is representing Americorp Xpress Carriers, Texas; First Express, Tenn.; and Floyd Blinsky Trucking, Washington, in the suits...


TRUCKING INDUSTRY * Canada: Foreign workers

* Nova Scotia - Trucking company OK'd to hire temporary foreign workers

Berwick.NS,CAN -CBC News, by Susana Mas -Jul 10, 2014: -- The federal government says Eassons Transport Ltd., a trucking company in Nova Scotia, can once again hire truck drivers using the Temporary Foreign Worker Program after an investigation found that the employer did not break the rules...  A two-month federal investigation has concluded the owners of Eassons Transport Ltd., a trucking company in Berwick, N.S., did not abuse the rules of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program...



* Germany -  Industry to see drastic changes in coming years from tech advancements

(-Video from YouTube, by overdrivemag: ZF Smart Truck maneuvering allows remote control of truck and trailer)
Stuttgart,Germany -Overdrive (USA) -July 10, 2014: -- Overdrive Equipment Editor Jack Roberts has spent the last two weeks in Europe — which caps another week-long trip in May — to catch introductions from major truck and component manufacturers of some of the most technologically advanced rigs the world has seen, including an autonomous tractor-trailer, new smart axles and transmissions and a combo that can be piloted from outside the cab with tablet computer...

* Germany - Remote controlled trucks, new automated transmission highlight ZF’s new product showcase -On Video above- 

Stuttgart,Germany -OverDrive (USA), by Jack Roberts -July 09, 2014: -- Commercial vehicle component supplier ZF is pushing the envelope of future truck technology. At a rain-soaked test track in western Germany, the company showcased a wide array of new commercial vehicle systems. The highlights of these new products, however, have to be an all-new dual-clutch automated manual transmission and the new Smart Truck Maneuvering System, which allows a driver to position a truck from outside the cab using a tablet computer. ZF’s Smart Truck Maneuver System is designed for tight or hazardous situations and allows the driver to exit the truck and park or drive it using a tablet...


TRUCK MARKET * China: CV sales

* Beijing - Trucks left in the dust as China vehicle market races ahead 

(Photo: China's trucks factory) 
Beijing,China -The Financial Times (UK), by Tom Mitchell -9 July 2014: ... Sales of trucks and buses declined over the first two quarters of 2014, in a development that analysts blame on commercial vehicle makers’ greater exposure to slower economic growth and stricter emission standards... Sales of commercial vehicles, however, are declining. They fell 3 per cent over the first six months to 2m units, according to CAAM, the leading lobby group for domestic vehicle manufacturers... China is the world’s largest market for trucks, accounting for almost half of global sales of those weighing 14 tonnes or more. About 600,000 heavy-duty trucks were sold in China last year, compared with about 200,000 in the EU... But that is down from an annual sales peak of almost 900,000 in 2011, and some industry observers forecast further decline as Chinese truck operators become more efficient...

* Shanghai - What a Chinese truck stop is like

(Photo: The entrance to the truck stop) 
Shanghai,SH,China -Overdrive, by James Jaillet -July 09, 2014: -- A Chinese truck stop outside of town. As you can guess, it was a good bit different than your average American stop...
(Photo: At this truck stop, shipping containers had been turned into offices for freight brokerages. The brokers working the offices have lined up loads, and the owner-operators at the truck stop can get loads from them. Nearly all of these containers here housed broker offices) 
For starters, this truck stop — deemed a tiny one — had parking spaces for about 400 trucks. According to our tour guides, it’s not uncommon for a Chinese truck stop to hold upwards of 10,000 trucks... And of shocking absence? Fuel islands. I’m not sure if this was out of the ordinary or if Chinese truckers just fuel their rigs elsewhere, but it was quite a departure from norm in the U.S.A., where fuel islands basically anchor most truck stops...

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* Michigan - G.M. resists recalling trucks over brake lines

(Photo: The 2003 Chevrolet Silverado) 
Detroit,MICH,USA -The New York Times, by CHRISTOPHER JENSEN -July 7, 2014: -- Under pressure from federal regulators and legislators, General Motors this year has been reviewing past safety problems. That has resulted in 54 recalls affecting about 25.7 million vehicles in the United States... But there may be limits to how far the automaker is willing to go in its safety push: G.M. has resisted recalling almost 1.8 million full-size pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles from the 1999 to 2003 model years for corrosion-related brake failures, saying the issue is one of maintenance...  The resistance has come even though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been investigating the issue since 2010, and the agency has now received about 1,000 complaints from owners, some of whom report narrowly avoiding crashes...


TRUCKERS SHORTAGE* USA: Jobs in Trucking Go Unfilled

* New York - Labor shortage in shipping industry reflects a skills and goals gap 

NY,USA -The WSJ, by BRENDA CRONIN -July 7, 2014: -- Something strange is afoot in long-distance trucking that is also bedeviling other industries: Many jobs that pay well—and don't require expensive degrees—are going unfilled for months... U.S. Xpress Inc., a Tennessee-based carrier, has enough freight to hire an additional 100 truckers a week and is deploying recruiters daily to driving schools throughout the eastern half of the country... Copeland Trucking, a family-owned company with about 50 trucks, is turning away business because of unfilled openings. The Minnesota-based firm's $9 million a year in revenue "could go to $13 million or $14 million overnight if I could put drivers in those trucks," said Charlie Hoag, manager of Copeland's terminal in Des Moines, Iowa... Operators across the country are short 30,000 long-distance drivers, the American Trucking Associations estimates. The group projects the shortage could top 200,000 in the next decade... Average annual pay for long-distance drivers was $49,540 in 2013, according to ATA estimates. Hiring and wages in truck transportation have inched up this year, according to the Labor Department... To keep drivers from being poached, operators are fattening health benefits, investing in new trucks and offering more flexible schedules that minimize time away from home...

* Kansas - YRC, trucking industry deal with driver shortage

(Photo: YRCF equipment. YRC Worldwide Inc. needs to hire hundreds of drivers by year's end just to keep up with demand) 
Overland Park,KS,USA -The Kansas City Business Journal, by Austin Alonzo -Jul 7, 2014: -- YRC Worldwide Inc., like many others in the trucking industry, faces a serious labor shortage... Kelly Walls, senior vice president of human resources for YRC, said the Overland Park-based less-than-truckload carrier has hired about 600 drivers and 1,000 dock workers so far this year. However, she said the company needs to hire at least 800 more drivers and 1,000 more dock workers before the end of the year... Walls said the driver shortage is an industrywide problem driven by a number of factors: changing demographics, an improving economy and tighter competition for fewer workers... About 35 to 40 of YRC's drivers retire each month — or about 420 to 480 each year — and the company is having trouble finding younger replacements...


TRUCKERS' STRIKE* USA: Los Angeles & Long Beach Ports

* California - Port truck drivers picket harbor-area trucking companies

(Photo by Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times: Trucks wait in line to deliver their cargo at the Port of Long Beach in April) 
Port of Long Beach,CAL,USA -Los Angeles Times, by ANDREW KHOURI -7 July 2014: -- Port drivers launch indefinite protest against three harbor-area trucking companies...  More than 120 truck drivers at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports walked off the job Monday morning, organizers said, launching an indefinite protest against what they say are widespread workplace violations... The picket lines are the largest demonstration yet against several regional truck companies that haul freight from the nation's largest port complex. Drivers argue they are improperly classified as independent contractors, leaving them with fewer workplace protections and lower pay than if they were company employees, protest organizers said...


TRUCKING INDUSTRY NEWS * Philippines: Trucks ban

* Philippines - Truck ban to cause price hikes in 3 months, biz group warns

(Photo from INQUIRER FILE: Consumers and businesses could feel within three months the full repercussions of the truck ban in Manila and the implementation of an order raising fines for colorum or unauthorized trucks, the head of the Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines said on Monday) 
Manila,Philippines -The Philippine Daily Inquirer, by Amy R. Remo -July 8th, 2014: -- Consumers and businesses could feel within three months the full repercussions of the truck ban in Manila and the implementation of an order raising fines for colorum or unauthorized trucks, the head of the Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines (CTAP) said on Monday. CTAP president Ruperto Bayocot said the two measures would further raise the prices of consumer goods, make it harder for importers to secure their raw materials, and increase the rates of both shipping lines and trucking companies... As it is, the congestion at the Port of Manila has prompted many truckers to raise hauling rates. In the case of CTAP, Bayocot said the group had issued guidelines under which member companies were told not to raise their hauling rates by more than 50 percent... Information Office Chief Diego Cagahastian argued that the truck ban could not be cited as the sole reason behind price increases. He also noted that the city—led by former President and now Mayor Joseph Estrada -had already given concessions to truckers by giving them a so-called window period and designating a lane on Roxas Boulevard which they can use 24/7...


SAFETY TRUCKS * USA: Collision-related costs cuts in half

* California - Collision-related costs cuts in half with DriveCam powered by Lytx Program

San Diego,CAL,USA -Business Wire/MarketWatch -Jul 08, 2014: -- Lytx, Inc. (formerly DriveCam Inc.), a global leader in delivering video-based driver safety and compliance solutions, today announced Matheson Trucking, a United States Postal Service contractor, achieved significant safety improvement using the DriveCam powered by Lytx™ Program. Matheson saved 50 percent on collision-related costs during its 12-month trial period, and has now fully implemented the DriveCam® Program...


TRUCKING NDUSTRY NEWS * Australia: To improve efficiency

* ACT - Trucking group calls for investment to improve efficiency

(Photo: Truck carrying livestock) 
Canberra,ACT,Australia -ABC Rural, by Bridget Fitzgerald - 8 Jul 2014: -- The Australian Livestock Transport Association wants more investment in the trucking industry to help it meet environmental targets... Association executive director Mat Munro says his group is committed to improving the productivity of larger vehicles to save on energy costs... But Mr Munro says the industry will need support from State and Federal Governments to meet environmental benchmarks... Mr Munro says the transport industry is pleased with the Federal Government's move to introduce a carbon tax repeal bill... Under the existing carbon pricing scheme, the transport sector had costs delayed... But Mr Munro says it is good for the economy to see the tax repealed because the tax still impacts the transport sector with regards to energy and refrigeration costs...



TRUCKMAKERS NEWS * Sweden: Volvo's

* Tuve - The very last Volvo FH in !

Tuve,Sweden -News VOLVO PR -(originally published) 19 May 2014: -- When the very last Volvo FH Classic was built at the Volvo Group truck plant in Tuve in Sweden, after 22 years of production, Jenny Andersson had no plans to be outdone. When the truck rolled off the line, she performed this epic split! ... When Jenny is not doing the splits, she works as one of the main guides on the Tuve train at the Volvo Group plant... The very last truck is now going to be on display at the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg, where it will be part of Volvo’s history... The Volvo Group plants in Umeå, Ghent and Kaluga also celebrated and said farewell to both the Volvo FH and Volvo FM Classic, when the last trucks left the lines there. New models and new challenges now await...



* Illinois - It’s hard to imagine a better start to 2014 for Navistar

Warrensville,ILL,USA -CCJ Digital, by Jason Cannon -7 July 2014: -- The International ProStar with Cummins ISX15 was named ATD Truck of the Year in the heavy-duty division. The judges gave nods to the ProStar’s simple trim, the power of the Cummins big-bore engine and the truck’s overall maneuverability...
The International TerraStar 4×4 took medium-duty Truck of the Year at the American Truck Dealers Expo in New Orleans, La. Sunday... The judges – veteran trucking journalists who awarded marks to all entries for innovation, design, safety and driver satisfaction – highlighted the truck’s strong towing ability, tilting hood for easy access to the engine and the truck’s roomy interior...



* Belgium - DAF Vlaanderen manufactures 1.000.000th cab

(Photo: DAF millionth cab westerlo 940) 
Vlaanderen,Flanders,Belgium -DAF (A Paccar -USA- Co.) PR -4 July 2014: -- At DAF Vlaanderen in Oevel the 1,000,000th cab left the production line on Friday, July 4 2014. “This is a tremendous milestone in the history of DAF’s axle and cab factory”, said Harrie Schippers, President of DAF Trucks N.V. ... The Space Cab was handed over symbolically to Louis De Wael, Managing Director of ‘Vervoer Van Dievel’ from the Belgian town of Mechelen. This company will receive the truck with the 1,000,000th cab shortly... DAF opened its production facilities in Belgium in 1966. It started with the manufacturing of cabs, followed by the production of axles in 1971. Today some 180 cabs a day leave the production line, destined for the popular DAF CF- and XF-series of medium- and heavy duty transport... Vervoer Van Dievel from Mechelen selected the DAF XF. With a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, the now 75-year old company specialises in transport and logistics related services in a 500 kilometre radius around Brussels...



* Building a heavy truck: The Scania R 730 Streamline

Södertälje,Sweden -Video from YouTube -7 July 2014: -- Scania is a leading manufacturer of heavy trucks and buses as well as industrial and marine engines. The company is a global one with operations in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia... Scania is the world’s third largest make for heavy trucks and the world’s third largest make in the heavy bus segment... Scania operates in about 100 countries and has more than 41,000 employees. Of these, around 17,600 work in sales and service, some 12,800 in production, about 3,400 with research and development... Now, let us to show as how are built a heavy truck: The Scania R 730 Streamline:

Oct 23, 2013: -- This time-lapse video shows a Scania R 730 Streamline being built from the ground up and subsequently delivered to the customer in Germany... Scania trucks are built using a modular product system. This allows Scania to build nearly any type of truck from a limited number of building blocks. The system ensures customers get exactly the right vehicle for their transport needs. It also means they have access to parts, as well as fast, reliable service, no matter where they are in the world... As soon as a truck is ordered, a number of processes begin. At Scania's various production units, work begins on the axles, cab, engine, frame and gearbox. Once these components are completed they are delivered to the chassis assembly line closest to the vehicle's final destination. Scania chassis assembly lines are located in Södertälje in Sweden, Angers in France, São Bernardo do Campo in Brazil and in Zwolle in the Netherlands... This video, shot on location in Zwolle, shows the assembly of a R 730 V8 truck. The process typically takes seven hours and involves some 500 people located at 65 stations along the assembly line... Once a truck leaves the assembly line, the process of adding any extras items -- for example, options requested by the customer -- can begin. This can take anything from a couple of hours to several days. It generally takes only eight weeks from the time a truck is ordered to the time the completed vehicle is delivered to the customer...




* New York - Conservatives are purposely making their cars spew black smoke to protest Obama and environmentalists

NY,USA -Business Insider, by Hunter Walker -July 5, 2014: -- Pickup trucks customized to spew black smoke into the air are quickly becoming the newest weapon in the culture wars... "Coal Rollers" are diesel trucks modified with chimneys and equipment that can force extra fuel into the engine causing dark black smoke to pour out of the chimney stacks. These modifications are not new, but as Slate's Dave Weigel pointed out on Thursday, "rolling coal" has begun to take on a political dimension with pickup drivers increasingly viewing their smokestacks as a form of protest against environmentalists and Obama administration emissions regulations... Last month, Vocativ noted many coal rollers focus their fumes on "nature nuffies," or people who drive hybrids, and "rice burners," or Japanese-made cars... Check out some videos of coal rollers hitting the road and blasting other motorists below: (Video from YouTube, by doug coons - Jul 12, 2013: "Prius"...... like a pesky little mosquito)


HOURS OF SERVICE * Australia: Truckers' fatigue

* NSW - Truck driving hours to be investigated

Sydney,NSW,Australia -SKY News -6 July 2014: -- A major investigation into the trucking industry has revealed some drivers are on the road for at least 21 hours a shift... The NSW Roads and Maritime Service has launched an operation following a spate of serious crashes, with fatigue and speed in their sights... The investigation comes as a Sydney trucking company was fined almost $90,000 after one of its drivers was found to have been driving for more than 21 hours...



* Wyoming - WYDOT plans for the future of freight

(Photo by Ryan Dorgan - An oversize load pulls through the Port of Entry on Thursday in Casper. Wyoming is preparing its first statewide freight management plan in an effort to improve infrastructure that helps freight move along across the state) Casper,WYO,USA -The Star-Tribune, by CHRISTINE PETERSON -July 05, 2014: -- It might not seem like much, stopping at a port of entry, but for truck drivers moving freight every day across cities and states, it’s one more delay, said Sheila Foertsch, the managing director of the Wyoming Trucking Association... Ports mean drivers must pull over, park, hop out and wait in line often just to have someone acknowledge their paperwork is up to date. The delays add up in the business of moving freight, she said... Speeding up the port of entry process could be one item in a long list of possibilities the Wyoming Department of Transportation may address in its first statewide freight management plan. The department will hold its initial public meeting to hear ideas from the public about how to improve freight transportation in the state Wednesday in Casper...