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Oct 22, 2014

TRUCKMAKERS NEWS * Europe - DAF trucks / VOLVO truck

* Germany - Monopoly based in St. Petersburg (Russia), order 700 DAF trucks

Hanover,Germany -DAF (PR) -29 Sept 2014: -- Monopoly, one of Russia’s largest companies specialized in transportation of conditioned food products, will acquire 700 new DAF XF trucks to expand its fleet. The order was signed at the IAA exhibition in Hanover... Delivery of the vehicles will take place this and next year... As a result of the new order, the fleet of Monopoly will grow to over 1.000 units of which 700 DAF trucks... “We have chosen for DAF after monitoring the performance of the trucks and reliability, quality, fuel efficiency and low cost of ownership have been proven to be industry-leading”, said Ilya Dmitriev, Monopoly director, after signing the contract. “Being professionals in logistics we know our customers expect on-time delivery. Therefore we require maximum reliability and uptime of the trucks we operate. That is why we have chosen DAF as our partner,” added...

* Sweden - New Volvo FL and Volvo FMX,  now with crew cab

(Photo:The new Volvo FMX is now available in Euro 6 configuration with a crew cab for operations such as rescue services, fire services and roadside assistance) 
Stockholm,Sweden -Volvo Group/Global News -14 Oct 2014: -- The new Volvo FL and Volvo FMX are now available in Euro 6 configuration with a crew cab for operations such as rescue services, fire services and roadside assistance...  The crew cabs offer the same high level of safety as Volvo Trucks’ other cabs. The new cab is intended for gross vehicle weights (GVW) of up to 16 tonnes. The cab offers space for up to seven people. A low entry and doors that open 90 degrees make it easy to get in and out... The Volvo FMX Crew Cab is built for heavier and more demanding assignments and is a robust and powerful truck that can get just about anywhere... The Volvo FMX Crew Cab is available in 4×2 and all-wheel drive 4×4 configurations. The air-suspended cab takes six people, features an easy to clean interior and doors that open 90 degrees...


Oct 21, 2014


* Texas - Trucking company seeks compensation for collision

Jefferson County,TXS,USA -The Southeast Texas' Legal Journal -October 21, 2014: -- A trucking company seeks compensation from the driver whom it alleges rear-ended one of its drivers... Poly Trucking filed a lawsuit Sept. 2 in Jefferson County District Court against Mark William Calvin, The Transportation Firm and Michael Hills Jr. Technology and Industry... In its complaint, Poly Trucking alleges one of its drivers, a man identified as Mr. Ontiveros, was driving east on Interstate Highway 10 in Jefferson County on Nov. 22, 2012, when Calvin and Hills struck his vehicle from behind... Because of the collision, Poly Trucking was forced to pay Ontiveros for his injuries and incurred repair costs due to the damage caused to the tractor trailer, according to the complaint... Poly Trucking blames Calvin and Hills for causing the collision, saying they failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to keep a reasonable speed, failed to stay alert, failed to properly control the vehicle, failed to take proper evasive action, failed to timely apply his brakes and failed to keep a proper distance... In its complaint, Poly Trucking seeks economic damages, plus pre- and post-judgment interest at the legal rate, costs and other relief the court deems just...

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TRUCKING INDUSTRY NEWS * Canada: Spot market load volumes were up 42 percent in the first half of 2014

* Canada - Truck freight volumes spike in September, TransCore says 

(Photo: Number of truck border-crossings continues string of increases in 2014) 
Ottawa,ONT,CAN -J.O.C., by William B. Cassidy -Oct 20, 2014: -- A stronger, steadier North American economy is generating more intra-Canada truckload freight and cross-border shipping demand from U.S.A.  partners and customers... The number of loads moving through the Canadian truck spot market accelerated in September after two consecutive months of decline, according to TransCore Link Logistics... The company’s Canadian Freight Index, which measures trends in spot market truckload volumes, rose 5 percent from August last month and 28 percent from September 2013, breaking records set in 2005 and 2011... On an annualized basis, spot market load volumes in Canada were up 42 percent in the first half of 2014, rising 51 percent in the first quarter and 38 percent in the second quarter... Cross-border truck shipments leaving Canada for the U.S.A. jumped 57 percent year-over-year, compared with a slower 35 percent rate of expansion in August and 37 percent in July, TransCore Link Logistics said. Spot truckload traffic entering Canada from the U.S.A. climbed 15 percent in September, compared with 5 percent in August... 


TRUCKING TROUBLES * USA: California Ports, loading times totaling three to four hours

* California - Harbor Trucking Association warns LA-LB, Oakland of legal action

(Photo: Loaded trucks at Los Angeles Port)
Los Angeles,CAL,USA -J.O.C., by Corianne Egan -Oct 20, 2014: -- The Harbor Trucking Association will explore the possibility of filing a class action lawsuit against terminal operators at the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland as congestion worsens at the California ports, the association announced today... In three identical letters sent to the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland by the HTA, the association says it is seeking legal counsel to investigate a potential lawsuit contending that the provisions of the Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement and several state regulations regarding equipment return, notification and gate hours violate the Business Standards and Practices Code... For example, HTA Executive Director Alex Cherin told that terminals are no longer taking empty containers, but are charging a per diem when truckers don’t return chassis. Truckers have nowhere to put empties, and therefore can’t return chassis, creating a virtual catch-22 with truckers on the losing end... September data shows the situation has deteriorated, with nearly 25 percent of all visits taking over two hours and many totaling three to four hours, the HTA said... Port officials have said chassis shortages and dislocations are the root cause of the congestion. The Long Beach Harbor Commission is currently undertaking a 30-day study that could result in the port purchasing thousands of chassis and hiring an entity to distribute and track them...


TECHNO TRUCKS * Australia: Rio Tint's self-driving trucks

* New South Wales - Forget self-driving Google cars, Australia has self-driving trucks

(Photo: Ian Waldie - Coming through: Rio Tinto uses self-driving trucks in its West Australian mining operations) 
Sydney,NSW,Australia -The Sydney Morning Herald, by Matthew Hall -October 20, 2014: -- Forget about self-driving Google cars. Australia already has automated giant trucks driving around the outback of Western Australia, perhaps the exact aesthetic and ideological opposite of the small Toyota Prius used by Google in test drives... Mining company Rio Tinto uses huge self-automated trucks on mines in the Pilbara region of Western Australia that are programmed to drive themselves and navigate mine roads and intersections using sensors, GPS, and radar guidance systems. The trucks self-drive but are overseen by a controller in Perth, 1800 kilometres away... "The biggest machine we have is equivalent to 107 737 jets by weight," said John McGagh, Rio Tinto's head of innovation... Since Rio Tinto's truck trials began in 2008, the driverless vehicles have clocked up more than 1 million kilometres in distance and carried more than 100 million tonnes of material... Emilie Ditton, head of Asia Pacific insights and worldwide mining, at analyst and research company IDC, said the mining industry's embrace of cutting-edge technology was not a novelty, but about the bottom line... "Truck drivers were paid incredibly insane amounts and it was difficult to get people to run those trucks," Ms Ditton said, "The other motivators are operational consistency. Unmanned trucks are about having predictable operational outcome" ... Mr McGagh said the mining industry's use of connectivity could be used to benefit broader society... "It is incredible data and we didn't even know it was called the Internet of Things when we started doing this," he said... "If I am taking the sensor data off my trucks and tying it into coordinates with great precision, and from that I understand the quality of the roads, then why can't you do that with the cars that are driving around [the city]? Combine that data with weather data and you have a better plan for cities" ...


DEADLY DANGER * USA: Truckers texting while driving

* Virginia - New Laws for the trouble. Strict penalties could make the practice unprofitable 

Blacksburg,VA,USA -Economic Voice, by Keith Kofsky -October 20th, 2014: -- Even though it’s a proven death-trap, most truckers in the U.S.A. still text and drive to some extent. It seems insane, because there’s this person driving a huge commercial vehicle, with the potential to kill a lot of people out on the public roads. And, it has caught the eye of regulators and lawmakers. Here’s what’s being done to stop this deadly practice... Lawmakers want to make new laws to curb the practice of driving while texting. If you’re caught or you get into an accident, you may have to pony up some dough for a lawyer – a Truck Accident Lawyer... According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, drivers who are texting while driving are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash. That’s a greater risk than people driving while intoxicated. Why isn’t it as severe a crime? Because texting doesn’t impair your judgment, it just distracts you... But, distracted driving is at least as dangerous, as the study shows, and lawmakers want to capitalize on it. Only roughly half of the states in the U.S.A. have laws against texting while driving. A federal ban would force all states to adopt similar laws that met the federal minimum regulatory requirements... If lawmakers get their way, the new laws would make the practice of texting and driving unprofitable for trucking companies and truckers. The idea is that, if you fine them enough money, they will curb the undesirable behavior... According to the US Department of Transportation (DOT), Pennsylvania had the 4th highest fatality rate for large trucks and buses. In 2012, it amounted to 177 fatalities. Texas had the highest number of total fatalities – 589. California and Florida are number two and three, respectively...

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NAFTA * USA / Mexico Border: Strike deal on trusted traders

* Border solutions - Mutual agreement for each other's programs

(Photo: Delayed Traffic on the Mexican side of the. San Ysidro, San Diego, Tijuana crossing at the Mexican USA border) 
San Ysidro,Tijuana,Baja California,México -UT San Diego (USA), by Sandra Dibble -Oct 18, 2014: -- Backed by trucking groups, customs brokers and others involved in cross-border trade, the United States (of A.) and Mexico announced an agreement Friday aimed at streamlining the passage of goods across the border in both directions... Members of trusted trader programs who voluntarily submit to an extensive verification process are able move goods across the U.S.A.-Mexico border faster than those who are not enrolled. The agreement potentially benefits anyone involved in cross-border trade in both countries, from shippers to manufacturers to brokers. Eventually, it could lead to a single application for both the U.S.A. and Mexican programs...

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HOS DISCUSSIONS * USA: Walt Mart truckers live in their trucks acting as security guards

* California - Modestan among plaintiffs as Fresno law firm accuses Wal-Mart of cheating its truck drivers

(Photo by MARK CROSSE — The Fresno Bee: A Walmart truck idles in the back lot of the Clovis store on Shaw Avenue on Friday. The company contends truckers’ extra duties truckers are covered “as part of the driver’s trip pay”) 
Modesto,CAL,USA -The Fresno Bee, by PABLO LOPEZ -October 18, 2014: ... “What Wal-Mart is doing is basically stealing,” said Fresno attorney Nicholas “Butch” Wagner, who won a federal court ruling last month that allows his firm to represent more than 800 Wal-Mart drivers – past and present – throughout California... The lawsuit accuses Wal-Mart of violating a number of California labor laws, including failing to pay its drivers minimum wage and failing to give them meal and rest breaks. Wal-Mart contends in court papers that its truck drivers are well-paid and even get paid when they sleep in their cabs... In addition, Wal-Mart said it pays its drivers $42 to remain in the cab during the required 10-hour layover period... Wagner says Wal-Mart is being disingenuous. “Forty-two dollars for 10 hours isn’t even minimum wage,” he said, arguing that Wal-Mart offers this bonus so truckers can live in their trucks and act as security guards so no one breaks into them...


CONTROVERSY * USA: The tyranny of truck traffic ... or, you enjoy far more convenience in your life because of them

* Put trucks in their place

(Photo by Getty Images) 
Road and Truck, by Jack Baruth -October 16, 2014: ... I drive anywhere from 40,000 to 60,000 miles a year, much of it on freeways and the bulk of it east of the Mississippi, and I can report with certainty that this dismal state of affairs is now the rule rather than the exception. On the way to an endurance race in New Jersey, I saw two-lane freeways blocked by dual trucks more often than they were not... With trucks restricted to the right lane, the rest of us would be able to travel at a safe and reasonable speed without the sudden brake-checks and dangerous traffic stacking that accompany these “truck races” on the Interstate. No longer would we all be subject to the whims of someone whose judgment is clouded by everything from financial considerations to “Stacker 2” caffeine pills. If Wal-Marts across the country have to wait another six hours or so for their latest deliveries of plastic junk from China, I think that falls under the category of acceptable losses. If that means resurrecting one of the malaise era's signature slogans, that's okay...Trucks on the right: It's a law we can live with...

* Road and Track is clueless about big rigs and traffic

-Torque News, by Aaron Turpen -18 Oct 2014: ... Now let's talk solutions: Instead of restricting trucks to the right lane, let's restrict automobiles from the left lane in major metro areas. The logic is simple: trucks are generally passing through, not stopping, and "beltways" and the like have merely become more clogged arteries rather than the bypasses they were once meant to be. So the solution is to push trucks into the left lane and let the cars, who're entering and exiting continually, have the right hand lanes so that they can safely do so without passing in front of or trying to get around trucks in the process. This would make situations like this one far less likely... This solution has been lauded by truck drivers and others at both of the places I've shared it. It's simple, makes far more sense than the right lane, slower speed restrictions that would only add to the safety issues already happening, and allows commerce to flow unimpeded. The only argument given against this plan, so far, is that we're culturally tied to the idea that the left lane, even in heavy traffic, is somehow the "fast lane." Despite the obvious evidence to the contrary, as witnessed by any rush hour driver in any city in the United States (of A.)... Oh and John Baruth... the next time you drive that little Honda Accord of yours, remember that everything on it, the gas you're putting in it, the tires you're rolling on, and the asphalt you drive it upon were all brought together by trucks. In fact, so was the food you ate before you took off on your drive and so was the clothing you put on that morning before going out. You might not like the trucks that sometimes make your drive inconvenient, but you have to admit that you enjoy far more convenience in your life because of them...


* India: Airport cargo terminal in shambles

* Lack of discipline and mass dumping leaves GVK-run Mumbai Airport's

(Photo: The Mumbai International Airport Ltd its cargo facility lies sadly neglected) 
Mumbai,India -ET, by Anirban Chowdhury -Oct 18, 2014: ... About 1,200 trucks come into the airport every day. But there is no order. Several trucks carrying light cargo sneak into a shorter queue actually meant exclusively for heavy vehicles carrying over 300 tonnes of freight. Some export cargo vehicles divert into the line of empty trucks waiting for import consignments. Many trucks are parked in a space not meant for parking... Outside the general export cargo wing — the space handling the single largest bulk of freight at the airport — loaders dump boxes and pellets of different shapes and sizes. This is no storage space. But they will lie there for hours, until hundreds of boxes inside the facility are cleared for flying. By the time one of the boxes in Amol's tempo makes its way to the final stack, it will be midnight, 20 hours after it came to the airport...


Oct 18, 2014


* Indiana - Class 8 truck demand remains high through September 

(Photo: Class 8 truck orders strong)
Bloomington,IND,USA -Truck News -October 2, 2014: -- Class 8 truck net orders in September were higher than any other September since 2005 and 27% stronger than a year ago, according to the latest data from FTR... North American net orders totaled 24,477 units. September’s numbers marked the 20th consecutive month of year-over-year improvements... Class 8 orders over the past six months point to an annualized figure of 310,000 units... September Class 8 orders were similar to August and may reflect some pull ahead of fourth quarter orders in response to OEM production constraints as fleets attempt to reserve build slots, FTR reports... 

* Illinois - Multi Group Logistics orders 600 Volvo tractors

(Photo: Volvo Vnl 670 Tractor Truck)
Franklin Park,ILL,USA -Fleet Owner -Oct 10, 2014: -- Multi Group Logistics has placed an order or 600 Volvo VNL 670 tractors. They will be used as additions to the company’s current fleet and replacements for trucks retired from service... Multi Group Logistics operates nationally with 550 power units and 850 trailers... The trucks are equipped with advanced safety and efficiency features, including Volvo’s I-Shift automated manual transmission, and Volvo’s XE – eXceptional Efficiency – powertrain package. By fully integrating the Volvo D13 engine, and other truck components, the XE powertrain package delivers increased fuel efficiency... The Volvo VNL models were also spec’d with Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST), Volvo Enhanced Cruise (VEC) with Active Braking and Volvo’s Lane Departure Warning system... Using radar, cameras and other sophisticated sensors, these active safety technologies intervene in unsafe situations, providing driver warnings and taking corrective actions. Together, these systems help avoid accidents, or lessen their severity, improving safety for drivers and motorists who share the road...


DANGEROUS TRUCKERS * Canada: Big-truck ‘licensing mills’ put public at risk

* Ontario - Courses at $999 or less evade Government SCR

(Photo by VICTOR BIRO - Hwy. 401 eastbound express lanes were closed east of Morningside Ave. in the early hours of Aug. 15 after a tractor-trailer collided with three vehicles, including a Ministry of Transportation truck, and burst into flames) 
Toronto,ONT,CAN -The Star, by Kenyon Wallace/Mary Ormsby -Oct 14 2014: -- Cut-rate truck schools in Ontario are producing poorly trained drivers who put the motoring public at risk... The Star found two dozen unregulated schools in the GTA that offer to teach students just enough to earn their AZ licence — required to operate a tractor-trailer with air brakes — and to clear new drivers with scant hours behind the wheel to operate a vehicle about 40 times heavier than a car... These unregulated schools, called “licensing mills” by experienced truckers, thrive by exploiting a provincial loophole. They evade government scrutiny by charging $999 or less, just under the $1,000 threshold the province has set for regulated courses... “Once you have that licence, you could be driving a double-tanker filled with gasoline down the 401 tomorrow,” said David Bradley, president and CEO of the Ontario Trucking Association, which is pushing the province to introduce mandatory, industry-designed instruction for entry-level drivers... “(Some drivers) really don’t know what they’re doing. They’re a menace to themselves and everybody else” ... A fully loaded tractor-trailer can haul upwards of 36,000 kilograms of freight, including dangerous chemical cargo, and travel at speeds of more than 100 kilometres per hour... Tractor-trailers are the largest trucks on the road, and when they crash, the results can be disastrous...


DANGEROUS DRIVER * USA: I-80 Truck accident

* California - Trucker in I-80 Vallejo crash says he fell asleep

(Photo: Overturned truck triggers massive Highway 80 backup)

Vallejo,CAL,USA -SF Gate, by Henry K. Lee -October 14, 2014: -- The driver of a truck that crashed Tuesday morning in Vallejo, closing all westbound lanes of Interstate 80 for four hours, told investigators that he fell asleep, authorities said... A International Enterprise rent-a-truck that was full of FedEx packages, the California Highway Patrol said... The crash happened near the Hunter Hill safety rest area at 3:10 a.m. Jesus Oseguera, 24, of Sacramento said he fell asleep and nearly collided into the back of another truck, according to the CHP... Oseguera turned sharply, which caused his load to shift and his truck to turn on its side, authorities said...  Alcohol and drugs were not factors in the crash, investigators said.


Oct 16, 2014


* DC - Army: JLTV on track despite budget uncertainty

Washington,D.C.,USA -Dodd Buzz, by Brendan McGarry -October 15th, 2014: -- U.S. Army officials said a program to replace a third of the Humvee fleet with new light-duty trucks remains on track despite uncertainty over future budget cuts... Officials with the service’s Combat Support and Combat Systems Support office on Wednesday gave an update on the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program during the third and final day of an annual conference in Washington, D.C., organized by the Association of the United States Army, an advocacy group based in Arlington, Virginia... The next round of competition is set to begin early next month, with a request for proposals from companies interested in building production versions of the vehicle. Prototypes of the armored trucks were on display on the showroom floor. Defense contracting giant Lockheed Martin Corp., truck-maker Oshkosh Corp. and Humvee-maker AM General LLC are vying for the production contract...



* Alaska driver makes nearly 5,000 flawless runs on haul road 

(Photo: John Schank received the 2014 Driver of the Year award by the Alaska Trucking Association and on Thursday added a special commendation from Gov)
Fairbanks,Alaska,USA -The Associated Press/The Trucker, by WESTON MORROW -13 Oct 2014: -- John Schank has been routinely driving one of the most dangerous roads in America for more than 37 years without a single accident. Schank, a Fairbanks-based driver for Lynden Transport, drives his truck up and down the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay. Since he started with Lynden in 1975, he has driven the haul road 4,921 times, a distance of 5 million miles, according to Greg Buscher, the service manager of Lynden's Fairbanks center...



* Thailand - Volvo: Trucks ready to roll again

Bangkok,Thailand -Bangkok Post, by Piyachart Maikaew- 14 Oct 2014: -- Thailand's heavy-duty truck market is expected to recover next year to 25,000 to 28,000 units, boosted by improving economic prospects and muted political conditions...  "The market's demand depends mainly on economic growth, increasing population and logistics expansion," said Jacques Michel, president of Volvo Group (Thailand)... Volvo forecasts overall truck sales in Thailand will reach 17,000 to 20,000 units this year, down from 30,000 vehicles last year... Volvo, the sole distributor of Volvo and UD trucks, spent 2 billion baht in 2009 to expand annual production capacity to 4,500 Volvo trucks and 20,000 UD trucks...



* Franchised trucks and port congestion in Manila

(Photo: Cargo trucks in Manila's Port Area, where a daytime truck ban has significantly cut daily trips, resulting in cargo congestion) 
Manila,PHILL -The Philippine Daily Inquirer, by Ernesto M. Ordoñez -October 14th, 2014: -- If the announced Oct. 17 deadline to get colorum trucks off the streets is implemented, then port congestion will likely worsen and further harm the livelihood of our farmers and fisherfolk... When the expanded February truck ban was imposed, their livelihood suffered significantly... This was partly eased when the truck ban was modified to pre-February levels. The movement of goods increased by an average of 20 percent during the first week. This even doubled to 40 percent during the second week, and has since been sustained... Another trucker convincingly argued that our current law states that franchising should be undertaken when there is a need to regulate rates, workers, and capacity. Not one of these three areas is appropriate for port-related trucks today... Three factors have affected the livelihood of farmers and fisherfolk since last February: the expanded truck ban, the resulting port congestion, and the decrease in truck availability. The truck ban has been addressed, port congestion is slowly being resolved, and truck availability has improved... But the Oct. 17 deadline is fast approaching. Unless a moratorium is announced and a serious review of the franchising rationale and terms is undertaken, truck unavailability may be the biggest obstacle to restoring the livelihood of our farmers and fisherfolk...



* Illinois - Driver accuses trucking company of forcing him to falsify logs 

(Photo: Drivers' Log)
Chicago,ILL,USA -NBC Chicago, by Phil Rogers -13 Oct 2014: -- A suburban trucking company expected its drivers to stay on the road far beyond what is allowed by law, according to a driver who says he was fired for refusing a long run to Mississippi... That driver, who asked to remain anonymous, said that when he told his bosses at Legs Transport in Bellwood that he was being forced to falsify the logs which all truckers are required to maintain... "I was basically told to change my logs if I wanted to keep my job,” that driver said. He cited an example of an August trip he made to Golden, Colorado, which required him to spend 16 hours on the road on the way out, and another 19 hours on the return trip to Chicago. On that trip, he said his logs indicated that he had been driven by someone else to Lincoln, Nebraska to pick up the truck. But he said that was untrue, that the trip originated in suburban Chicago. “I had to do it,” he said. “If I didn’t do it, they’d just find another driver that would” ... Federal rules state drivers cannot be on the road more than 11 hours without a 10 hour break... Legs Transport refused NBC 5’s repeated requests for an interview, and ordered a producer off of their property when she attempted to get comment. But the driver provided a tape, which he said he made on his telephone from an exit interview, where he allegedly confronted his bosses about the long hours and falsified documents...


TRUCKING INDUSTRY NEWS * USA: NAFTA's & Infrastructures & Funds for

* DC - NAFTA pilot ends; 13 Mexico carriers granted authority to continue operating in U.S.A.

(Photo: A police man watching a Bridge from Mexico into Texas) 
Washington,DC,USA -The Trucker News Services -14 Oct 2014: -- The Department of Transportation’s Pilot Program on the NAFTA Long-Haul Trucking Provision officially ended at the stroke of midnight Tuesday, but the border will remain open to the 13 Mexico-domiciled carriers that were granted authority to participate in the project... As of Oct. 5, the latest data available, the FMCSA had conducted 5,522 inspections... Collectively, Servicio de Transporte Internacional y Local and GCC Transportes accounted for 80.7 percent of the total inspections. A check of FMCSA data recently show that Servicio de Transporte Internacional y Local was crossing the border multiple times each day with the same trucks. The carrier crossed the border a total of 19,762 times as of Oct. 5, accounting for 70.9 percent of the total crossings... Sources said there were no fatalities or major accidents involving Mexico-domiciled trucks during the current pilot, or the previous pilot program that ended in 2009 when Congress jettisoned the project...

* Mississippi - Carroll County, bridges crumbling, state warns

Carrollton,MISS,USA -The Trucker -13 Oct 2014: -- State transportation officials say many of Carroll County's bridges are old and becoming critically in need of repair or replacement... County Supervisor Terry Herbert said a recent inspection by the state showed serious issues with a number of the bridges on rural roads. He said the county has repaired or replaced several bridges in the past couple of years and now is out of money for any more... 

* Utah - Bank reports big increase in loans for trucking equipment 

Ogden,UT,USA -Truckinginfo -October 14, 2014: -- One trucking equipment finance company reports a big surge in lending through the first three quarters of the year... Transportation Alliance Bank said it provided $11.3 million in trucking equipment loans for 22 transportation companies during the third quarter of 2014. Based in different regions of the country, these companies represent a broad spectrum of trucking entities, including one-truck owner-operators and small and large fleets, according to company... In the first nine months of 2014 TAB Bank said has increased its trucking equipment lending by 56% compared to the same time in 2013... "... Trucking equipment sales are seeing very high numbers as trucking companies nationwide replace their equipment and upgrade their fleets,” said Jan Allen Ackley, Chief Lending Officer for TAB Bank...

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DANGEROUS DRIVER * South Africa: Horrorific accident

* South Africa - CRASH: "Privates companies: 'BYPASS THE SYSTEM'"

(Picture by Vumani Mkhize/EWN N12 - A battered truck on the N12 after a massive accident involving an 18 wheel articulated tipper truck and 49 cars. The multi-vehicle accident on 14 October near Alberton led to the death of 4 people and scores of injuries)
Johannesburg,Gauteng,S.A. -EWN, by Govan Whittles/Tamsin Wort -16 Oct 2014: -- Gauteng Transport MEC, Ismail Vadi, says private sector trucking companies are not complying with road safety regulations and are purposefully trying to bypass the system and increasing the risk of serious truck accidents on the province's roads. Vadi on Wednesday visited the victims of a multi-vehicle truck crash on the N12 in Alberton on Tuesday that left four people dead and another 16 still in hospital. The 18-wheeler articulated truck from Benusi Cargo Carriers in Potchefstroom ploughed through gridlocked traffic, damaging about 50 cars... The driver of the truck that caused Tuesday’s accident is expected to appear in court today and faces charges of culpable homicide...



Oct 14, 2014

TRUCKMAKERS NEWS * China: Zenix Auto International Ltd.

* China - Zenix Auto Supplied Aluminum Wheels To CIMC-Chery Auto JV 

Zhangshou,China -PRNewswire -Oct. 13, 2014: -- China Zenix Auto International Limited ZX, ("Zenix Auto"), the largest commercial vehicle wheel manufacturer in China in both the aftermarket and OEM market by sales volume, announced today that has supplied its premium aluminum wheels for new heavy-duty trucks produced by CIMC-Chery Auto's joint venture, C and C Trucks, for an export order... C and C Trucks is a joint venture between China International Marine Containers Group Ltd. ("CIMC") and Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. ("Chery Auto") to produce a variety of premium trucks including heavy-duty road tractors, tippers and mixers, among other truck models... CIMC is a world leading equipment and solution provider in the logistics and energy industries with RMB32.0 billion in revenue for the first half of 2014... CIMC specializes in manufacturing and supplying containers, trailers, tank equipment and airport facilities... Chery Auto is China's fourth-largest automaker with 12 vehicle platforms including passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and minivans. The C and C trucks are powered by a next generation diesel engine platform developed by Yuchai...


TRAILER MAKERS NEWS * USA: PRIME's, the largest single trailer order

* California - Prime orders 2,500 Utility reefers

(Photo: A Prime Utility 3000R Reefer)
City of Industry,CAL,USA -Overdrive, by Todd Dills -October 07, 2014: -- Utility Trailer announced the largest single trailer order in the company’s history. Purchased by Prime Inc., based in in Springfield, Mo., from Utility Trailer Sales of the Ozarks, the 2,500 Utility 3000R reefer trailers add to a total of 5,000 trailers purchased from the dealership... The trailers will be equipped to provide maximum fuel efficiency and added safety — components include Utility’s USS-120A-4 aerodynamic side skirt, optional air disc brakes, and a suspension system designed for increased roll stability. Utility will build Prime’s reefers in both of its Utah and Virginia factories...


TRUCKING INDUSTRY * USA: Smaller fleet success

* Depends on smarts, not the number of trucks. Size doesn’t ensure a fleet’s success—how smartly it’s run does 

 -Fleet Owner, David Cullen -Oct 13, 2014: -- Smaller, over-the-road truck fleets can successfully compete against larger— not to mention mega-sized— motor carriers if their owners think and act big by fully leveraging the reduced footprint of their operations... Managers of smaller carriers can not only keep a toehold in today’s freight marketplace, but gain the upper hand when they’re smart enough to recognize opportunities they can exploit to their advantage... Here, then, are profiles of a dynamic trio of smaller fleets whose recent experiences amply demonstrate that what matters isn’t the number of trucks you run, but how smart you run with them...
(Photo: TILI Logistics, building on a niche)
According to Sergio Casas Silva Jr., operations manager for TILI Logistics, the San Diego-based nationwide carrier got its start back in 2007 as a regional carrier hauling manufactured goods from the free-trade zone (a maquiladora) across the border in Mexico into Southern California... From that initial niche, the fleet began expanding becoming the 48-state coast-to-coast operation it is today...
(Photo: A National Food Corp.'s truck. Not in one basket) 
While Everett, WA-based National Food Corp. (NFC) lays claim to being the Northwest’s leading producer of organic and cage-free eggs, its fleet provides refrigerated and dry-van truckload and LTL services throughout the Northwest to outside firms... According to transportation manager Kevin Bookey, his father and his uncle launched the private fleet operation back in 1956 to get the family farm’s eggs to market by delivering them to major retailers, food-distribution firms, and even mom-and-pop stores... Today, the fleet is truly multi-purpose, as it’s charged with hauling live chickens and feed to NFC’s farms and fresh eggs from there to its processing plants, if processing is not done right at a farm...
(Photo: A Holman Distribution truck. Spec'ing to win) 
Holman Distribution describes itself as a “one-stop shop for distribution and transportation needs.” For the Kent, WA-based operation, a key element of that is a highway fleet “capable of delivering any type of freight at competitive rates” in the Seattle and Portland areas as well as up and down the I-5 corridor that ties together Washington and Oregon.


CROSS-BORDER TRUCKING * USA / Mexico: Questions remain for cross-border trucking as pilot program nears end

* DC - OOIDA: 83 percent of miles traveled by participants have been within the border zone

Washington,DC,USA -Overdrive, by Jill Dunn -October 02, 2014: -- With the expiration of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s cross-border trucking pilot program with Mexico coming Oct. 14, both the future of cross-border trucking and the effectiveness of the agency’s three-year test are unclear... The agency has said little about the next steps of potential cross-border partnership between the two countries, and the program fell well below the participate level. Federal officials said they would need to accurately gauge the safety of Mexican carriers operating outside of the border zone... The agency met its target number of inspections — hitting 5,455, as of Sept. 21. But it fell well short of the 46 carriers needed, with just 13 participating currently... The 2011 agreement between the two nations — as well as the previous program — stipulated that Mexico provide reciprocal authority for U.S.A. carriers. Ten U.S.A. carriers participated in the 2007 program, and they were allowed to continue operation in Mexico after the United States (of A.) terminated that program in 2009... In April 2011, four of the 10 carriers still operated in Mexico. Most U.S.Atrucking firms offering services there do through a partnership with a Mexican trucking company, the report said...


The Problem, DRIVERS´SHORTAGE * USA: There aren’t enough truck drivers to move products to customers

* Michigan - Trucking industry capacity constraints raise concern over driver shortage

West MICH,USA -Mi Biz, by John Wiegand -12 October 2014: -- As manufacturing activity increases in West Michigan, many companies are finding their warehouses stocked with ready-to-ship inventory... The trucking industry’s current talent pool is also on the decline with many drivers nearing retirement age. Forty-five percent of the industry is age 55 or older, while less than 11 percent are under age 30... Increased regulation of service hour restrictictions by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has also expedited many a driver’s exit from the industry. The new regulations cut operational hours and count time spent at weigh stations and other facilities as time on the road... While wages for drivers have been on the upswing, the majority are paid by the mile, and the new requirements cut into their pay — prompting many to find new carriers or walk away from the industry entirely... The current drivers’ market in the trucking industry places the onus on firms to prioritize driver retention, especially since drivers can often be lured away by a five-cent raise or a better route. With the shortage of drivers already affecting the bottom lines of both carriers and their clients, organizations throughout the industry have made an effort to treat their drivers better... Carriers are upping wages to compensate for increased restrictions and promoting shorter routes that allow employees to return home at night versus long-haul positions. Larger companies are investing in improved stops for truckers as well as high-tech vehicles to help recruit new employees...

* Massachusetts - Truck driving jobs plentiful as economy recovers

(Photo: Truck-driving student Miguel Martinez backed a tractor-trailer to a loading dock) 
Boston,MASS,USA -The Boston Globe, by Megan Woolhouse -October 13, 2014: -- A. Duie Pyle, headquartered in West Chester, Pa., typically pays drivers-in-training about $14 an hour while they learn, often recruiting from the company’s warehouse workers. Eventually, they can earn as much as $70,000 a year, with generous benefits, by working 55 to 59 hours a week, said Peter L. Dannecker, director of loss prevention... He said, is baffled by the difficulty recruiting good candidates, particularly since many of Pyle’s drivers don’t go on overnight trips... One reason transportation companies have difficulty recruiting drivers is the pay, a new tractor-trailer driver earns $43,000 a year at most, while average trucker pay runs $50,000 to $60,000 a year... For many would-be truckers, that money isn’t worth the lifestyle trade-offs, including long hours of driving, seedy truck stops, time away from family, and high divorce rates... Truck driving companies, such as A. Duie Pyle, are trying to change the image of truck driving. The Northborough facility, opened in 2008, is a sparkling clean, modern office-and-warehouse complex with a truck wash and a maintenance shop nearby...


Oct 13, 2014

TRUCKERS SHORTAGE * USA: Commercial drivers wanted !!!

* Indiana - Improving economy, but truckers needed

(Video by twelvedottv - Aug 28, 2013: Getting goods from point A to point B is becoming increasingly difficult in the trucking industry as a driver shortage grips the state)
Wakarusa,IND,USA -WSVT 22, by Patrick Roth -Oct 10, 2014: -- When you think of a trucker, you might think of a guy with a beard and maybe a baseball cap. But if that guy has a commercial driver’s license, there are a lot of places that want to hire him... “The commercial’s driver license is becoming, more and more, a sought after commodity,” said Joseph Braun, the vice president of Horizon Transportation... “If you look anywhere, online or in the newspapers, there’s always ads for truck drivers,” said John Lochmondy with the South Bend Truck Driver’s Institute... The economy is improving, more people want more stuff, and that stuff has to be delivered. The problem is there aren’t enough people who can deliver it... There are a couple of reasons for that. One is that regulations for drivers are stricter now than ever before. And some people say there’s a negative stereotype surrounding people who drive a truck... Truck drivers say trucking is a rewarding job, but it’s still very challenging. Only about one-in-ten people who ask about truck driving as a career at the Truck Driver Institute in South Bend actually meet the requirements... But for the people who do, there are a lot of opportunities and a lot of jobs...

* Maryland - Trucker shortage looms large as Baltimore port eyes growth

(Photo by Kim Hairston / Baltimore Sun / October 10, 2014: Trucks leave the Port of Baltimore Seagirt Marine Terminal) 
Baltimore,MD,USA -The Baltimore Sun, by Kevin Rector -October 11, 2014: -- Growth at the Port of Baltimore in coming years could be limited by a widespread shortage of truckers who are qualified to transport cargo to and from terminals up and down the East Coast, according to trucking industry analysts and local port officials... The reasons for the shortage aren't clear. Trucker pay nationwide, adjusted for inflation, remains lower than it was a decade ago as new federal emissions and driver safety rules increased costs and reduced productivity... A new trucker can earn $43,000 a year, pay that can rise quickly to $50,000 with good benefits, according to the trucking associations. That's not bad for a job that doesn't require a college degree, but few people are flocking to the work, known for long hours and time away from families... The reasons, Bob Costello, an economist for the American Trucking Associations said, vary widely, from criminal and poor driving records disqualifying applicants to federal regulations that require interstate freight drivers to be 21 years old...