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Sep 12, 2017


* Tokyo - Truck makers steering away from diesel

--- The shift from diesel as an automotive fuel is gaining traction in not only passenger vehicles, but also commercial trucks... While a majority of such trucks are now diesels, a number of countries are moving to wean themselves off the fuel. Natural gas, a cleaner and more economical alternative that can offer an equivalent driving range, may become a mainstay in the sector... Large trucks that run on liquefied natural gas in Japan range of around 1,500km on a full tank will equal that of a diesel. The price will be about 19 million yen ($176,000)... Natural-gas technologies are mature and can support the type of long-haul transport that electric vehicles could be hard-pressed to handle... Isuzu Motors is working to double the driving range of natural-gas trucks. An Isuzu truck that uses compressed natural gas as fuel has a range of around 500km, falling far short of diesels... Globally, natural-gas vehicles number around 24 million. China, the world's largest auto market, accounts for the most at 5 million units. Electric vehicles, by comparison, come to only around 2 million... Natural-gas vehicles are similar in design to gasoline vehicles and offer cleaner emissions, emitting 15% less carbon dioxide than diesels. Fuel costs could also be about 40% cheaper for LNG than for diesel... 
(Photo: Italian company Iveco sells natural-gas trucks and buses mainly in Europe)  --  Tokyo, Japan - Asia Nikkei - September 9, 2017

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Sep 11, 2017


* Paris - DHL and Ford develop new electric delivery vehicle

(Photo: Like its predecessors WORK -4 m3 capacity- and WORK L -8 m3- WORK XL can also be marketed to third-party customers)  --  Paris, France - - 9 Sept 2017


REFORM OF THE LABOR CODE * France: A day of mobilization calling for more

* Paris-- The CGT and FO unions mobilization, on 12 September, on the reform of the labor code

--- FO Transports had announced last week that if it succeeded in finding a basis for common demands with CGT Transports, the two trade unions would come together against the reform of the labor code by ordinance. The case is now concluded. "Against the aggression against the rights of employees, amplifying the social declines of the El Khomri law, the two federations call transport workers to a massive response, " the two unions said in a joint statement... The CGT Transports and FO-UNCP make of September 12 "a first day of mobilization", which therefore calls for others. They demanded "the repeal of the El Khomri law ", which they had strongly contested at the time, and "the withdrawal of the Macron Ordinances." At the end of this day, we call on employees to multiply general assemblies in companies to define the modalities of action for the continuation of the social movement, "the statement said... The reform of the labor code, presented on August 31, is called a "totally ideological project"...
 (Photo by David Basanta: Cheaper, eastern European operators have carved out a big chunk of the European road transport industry)  --  Paris France - - 11 Sept 2017

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TRUCKING STATISTICS * France: Fell by 1.1 points

* Paris - The tricolor road transport regained some strength in 2016

--- Road transport of goods under the French flag increased by 1.5 % in 2016, breaking with four years of decline. The activity represented 155.8 billion tonne-kilometers... Although it remains significantly lower than in the year 2000, the activity of the French pavilion picks up a little color in 2016. According to the latest statistics of the General Commissariat for Sustainable Development, it reached 155.8 billion tonne-kilometers... For the companies, the year 2016 will not appear in the annals since with 92.3 billion tonne-kilometers (59.2 % of the overall activity), their activity dropped by 1.1 points... In tonnes of goods transported, this resulted in a 3.2 % decrease in activity , a 3.8 % increase in the number of kilometers traveled by their vehicles and an 8.7 % decrease in the distance traveled... 
 (Photo: The activity of tricolor companies fell by 1.1 points)  --  Paris, Frane - - 11 Sept 2017


Truckers' cheers * Australia ... " They would give you their last $5 to help you" ...

* NSW - Telling it straight from heart

--- Truckies speaks to about what they perceive as problems in the road transport industry. Some are owner-drivers or small fleet operators who have a wife as a partner... The wife of a NSW owner-driver sent Spy her emotional view of the road transport industry and how it is all going according to her: "The Government needs to realise that Australia revolves and relies on the trucking industry and the RMS require them to have regular breaks so why is there not more being done to assist the drivers with their fatigue management? Authorities are happy to demand drivers have breaks but they are not equally happy to provide adequate facilities for our long distance truckies, and unfortunately some of the roadhouses which are available to them along the highways are providing not always good food and are charging a fortune and the majority of them close their kitchen around 8.30-9.30pm at night and don't re-open them until 6am. So what happens to the majority of truckies who can't pull up and eat before that time. It's not fair that we treat truckies like second class citizens and it needs to change. They keep this country going. What a shame. Maybe if every truckie stopped rolling for a week people might realise where their milk and bread etc comes from as it doesn't just magically appear on their supermarket shelf. Believe me it hard being a truckie's missus even though some people think they are scum but they are the most loveable people in the world. I suppose it comes from doing a rubbish job and being treated like you are an idiot. All of our mates would give you their last $5 from their wallet if they had to help you out and wouldn't it be nice if the whole world was like that” ... (P.N.: Exciting not?)
(Picture: Discovery Max, a new documentary series about trucks, and the toughest truckers)   --  Sidney, NSW, Australia - Big Rigs - 11th Sep 2017

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Truckies speeding & running red lights * Australia: Police observe "it's not trucks, it's cars"

* Victoria - Councillor accuses truckies of speeding & running red lights

--- A Cranbourne Councillor Cr Amanda Stapledon, has singled out truck drivers accusing them of speeding and running red lights "Like crazy"... She alleges had both heard concerns from the community and saw truck drivers race through red lights in the city south of Melbourne first hand... In response the Casey Highway Patrol Sergeant Pat McGavigan told the community paper the it was often cars that were the problem... "Everyone runs red lights. South Gippsland Highway and Sladen St is a black spot ... but it's people failing to give way when they are turning rather than running red lights and it's not trucks, it's cars"... 
(Picture by Jason Sammon Trucks along High St, Cranbourne as seen from the Sladen St intersection) -- Melbourne, VIS, Australia - Big Rigs, by Kirstin Payne - 8th Sep 2017

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Sep 8, 2017

TRUCKS MAKERS * Worldwide: Electric ones or out of play ?

* California - Truck makers face extinction if they don’t go electric

--- As the plug-in light passenger vehicle market expands, electrification is now creeping into the trucking segment … and established commercial truck manufacturers are already feeling the pressure of upcoming disruption to their business... Venerable industry suppliers are among the most “susceptible” ... Range is still a major issue for trucks, so the electrification has begin with smaller trucks with regional depots (equipped with charging stations), but there are new players on the horizon: 

 * Tesla semi to debut this month and in the future it will be autonomous * Toyota is working on hydrogen fuel cell semi truck
 * Nikola Motors promissing long-range hydrogen fuel cell truck with a 320 kWh battery
 * Cummins outlines plans for electric powertrains by 2019 * Daimler began production of Fuso eCanter small truck
 * Sweden (T-pod): Even an autonomous electric truck project out of 

...  As we see it, electric trucks will probably follow in the foot steps of electric buses, which are already taking sales from traditional business manufacturers in California and other states... EVs are still of course more expensive to initially buy, and have some range and charging issues, but the regular maintenance costs, and energy costs to operate are much, much lower. Also the driving experience is unparalleled... As fleet managers and operators more and more see the operational benefits, the change (as with e-buses) will likely be swift when it arrives...
(Photo: Toyota Project portal hydrogen fuel cell semi truck)  --  CAL, USA - Inside EV's, by Mark Kane - 5 Sept 2017

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FORD: You too ??? * USA: Electric pizza delivery trucks?

* Michigan - Ford looking at self-driving systems for commercial trucks

--- Ford Motor Co is considering deploying self-driving vehicle technology in larger commercial vehicles and is working with multiple partners to put its autonomous vehicles on the road, a senior Ford executive told Reuters on Tuesday... Sherif Marakby, vice president of autonomous vehicles and electrification at Ford, said in an interview, recently rejoined Ford from ride-services company Uber Technologies Inc, where he oversaw development of self-driving vehicles... Ford Chief Executive Jim Hackett, who took over in May, is leading a review of the automaker's strategy, including its investments in electric and self-driving vehicles... The company is already operating Transit vans in an "on-demand" shuttle service called Chariot, which is similar to Uber Technologies Inc's ride-hailing service, and eventually could outfit those vehicles with self-driving systems... Tesla Inc and some commercial truck makers are trying to develop self-driving trucks. Ford does not make Class 8, long-haul semi trucks, but the company does build light- and medium-duty F-series trucks and Transit vans that commercial customers use to deliver goods... 
(Photo: Ford Domino's self-driving pizza delivery test) -- Detroit, MICH, USA - REUTERS/The Globe and Mail, by PAUL LIENERT - AUGUST 30, 2017

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Aug 31, 2017

CUMMINS vs. TESLA * USA: About electric engine for trucks

* Indiana - The Cummins 18,000 lb. truck, can travel 100 miles on a charge

--- Cummins Inc. on Tuesday unveiled what the company is billing as the first of its kind zero-emissions truck that runs entirely on electricity. The 18,000-pound truck, built by Roush, is designed to be used for local deliveries, such as moving products between warehouses and stores. It has a maximum payload of 44,000 pounds and takes one hour to charge... Cummins isn't pinning its future solely on electric engines. The company has said it expects diesel engines to persist well into the future... In addition to rolling out an electric concept truck Tuesday, Cummins also introduced a new engine classified as near-zero natural gas, as well as super-efficient diesel engines, and announced that it would produce a "revolutionary" new heavy-duty diesel engine in 2022... 
 (Photo: AJ Mast/AP Images for Cummins: Engine maker Cummins says it has jumped out in front of Tesla in the race to develop an all-electric engine for large trucks) -- Indianapolis, IND, USA - Indianapolis Star/USA Today, by James Briggs - Aug. 29, 2017

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Aug 24, 2017

PACCAR's * USA: Testing new 12 speed transmission

* Texas - Test drive: Paccar’s 12-speed automated transmission

--- The debut of Paccar’s drive axle last October gave the company two-thirds of a fully integrated powertrain. For the 2018 model year, the truck maker will slide the last piece of the puzzle into place with its own transmission... The introduction of an automated transmission signals both Kenworth’s and Peterbilt’s transition to its first built in-house gearbox for the T680 Advantage and Model 579 Epiq, respectively...
Denton, TXS, USA - CCJ, by Jason Cannon - August 22, 2017


SELF DRIVING TRUCKS * USA: A Chinese startup, TuSimple, opened a R&T facility in Tucson

* Arizona - Developer of self-driving technology for semi trucks arrives in Tucson

-- A Chinese startup company developing self-driving technology for commercial trucking has opened a facility in Tucson for research and testing — including a planned Tucson-Phoenix run with an autonomous truck... Beijing-based TuSimple LLC plans to spend millions of dollars and hire as many as 100 employees in the next five years, with the aim of perfecting intelligent driving systems and eventually running fleets of autonomous trucks... TuSimple’s technology employs cameras and radar sensors with the company’s proprietary software and other data to allow trucks to “see” the road in real time, like the human eye...
 (Photo: NVidia and TuSimple's self driving truck) -- Tucson, Arizona, USA - THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR, by DAVID WICHNER - AUGUST 22, 2017

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Aug 12, 2017

KAMAZ's TRUCK PRODUCTION * Russia: Rose 21.3% yearly

* Tartaristan - Russian truck maker Kamaz boosts production by 21.3%

--- The engine plant and Cummins-Kama joint venture produced and shipped over 3,600 engines and power plants in July 2017 and almost 19,000 from the year beginning... Production output of the Russian truck maker Kamaz rose 21.3% year-on-year to 20,433 knocked down kits in seven months of this year, press service of the company said on Wednesday. "3,889 knocked down kits were made over the month (3,393 last July) and 20,433 units were made in total year-to-date (16,843 in the like period of the last year)," the press service said. Production growth therefore surged 21.3% from the year beginning... 
(Photo: KAMAZ 120000 kg, tractor truck)   --   Kazan, Tartaristan, Russia - TASS - August 09, 2017



* Oregon - Tow hook, fuel pump issues prompt recalls of 2,500-plus Freightliner, Western Star trucks

--- More than 2,500 Freightliner and Western Star trucks are affected by two separate recalls affecting tow hooks and fuel pump issues. Ranging from severe duty to Class 8 long-haul tractors, are included in two separate recalls, according to documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration... The largest of the two recalls affects approximately 2,483 trucks and was prompted by tow hooks that were not manufactured properly. Recall documents state the tow hooks could fail during a recovery, causing the sudden release of the truck...
(Photo: Freightliner truck next to other trucks) -- Portland, ORE, USA - CCJ - 7 Aug 2017

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* Scotland - Navistar, Paccar, other truck firms risk obsolescence

--- Traditional trucking industry manufacturers could become obsolete if they don’t start moving more quickly into electric drive trains... That’s the assessment of analyst Alexander Potter from Piper Jaffray in a report released Tuesday for industry investors... Venerable industry suppliers such as Navistar International Corp., Paccar Inc., Cummins Inc. and Allison Transmission Holdings are among the most “susceptible,” Potter wrote... Potter is looking at the increasing adoption of electric buses demonstrates as the pathway to electric trucking, primarily through the development of drivetrain and battery technology... An electric bus can cost about $700,000 while is diesel counterpart is $500,000... “But since regular maintenance costs for an EV bus are negligible – and since the energy savings are so substantial – the return on investment is still attractive,” Potter said. This is where the trucking industry needs take note... 
 (Photo: BYD - Line up of BYD electric buses ready for service 12 in Haifa, Israel)   --  Aberdeen, Scotland, UK -, by JERRY HIRSCH - Aug 9, 2017



* California - Tesla developing self-driving tech for semi-truck, wants to test in Nevada

--- Tesla Inc is developing a long-haul, electric semi-truck that can drive itself and move in "platoons" that automatically follow a lead vehicle, and is getting closer to testing a prototype, according to an email discussion of potential road tests between the car company and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)... Meanwhile, California officials are meeting with Tesla on Wednesday "to talk about Tesla's efforts with autonomous trucks," state DMV spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez told... The correspondence and meeting show that Tesla is putting self-driving technology into the electric truck it has said it plans to unveil in September, and is advancing toward real-life tests, potentially moving it forward in a highly competitive area of commercial transport also being pursued by Uber Technologies Inc and Alphabet Inc's Waymo... 
(Photo; Self-driving trucks European, Trucks platooning challenge)   --  San Francisco, CAL, USA - Reuters, by Marc Vartabedian - Aug 9, 2017

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* Hangzhou - A new all-electric delivery truck is on the way, and it's not from Tesla

--- Chanje’s vision sounds a lot like Tesla’s: electric vehicles recharged via clean rooftop solar power... But the new company it’s entering what it believes to be a lucrative niche in medium-duty electric trucks... Few such trucks exist. Most medium-duty electric trucks are internal-combusion vehicles hand-converted to run on electric motors and batteries... Chanje’s trucks are not concept vehicles or prototypes. They’re ready for sale, and the Los Angeles company plans to begin selling or leasing them within weeks... Chanje is 49% owned by Hong Kong-based FDG, a maker of battery cells, battery packs and vehicles in China. Already, FDG has sold a couple of thousand Chanje vehicles in China, under the brand name Chang Jiang... Those vehicles, built in a 4 million-square-foot factory in Hangzhou, China, are shuttle buses. But the underlying platform on all Chanje vehicles was designed to be easily lengthened or shortened to accommodate vehicles of different lengths and body styles... 
(Photo from Chanje: A Chanje all-electric delivery truck. This model can carry 6,000 pounds and has a range of 100 miles)  --  Los Angeles, CAL, USA - LA Times, by Russ Mitchell - 10 Aug 2017



* New York - Global self-driving light trucks driven by growing demand for autonomous systems

--- The leading players in the global self-driving cars and light trucks market so far, have included Google, BMW Group, Daimler AG / Mercedes-Benz, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Tesla, Fuji, Kairos, Hyundai, and Volkswagen / Audi... One of the key factors currently propelling the global self-driving cars and light trucks market is the growing demand for autonomous systems. The manufacturing capabilities of leading car makers has improved significantly over the past few years, and several of them have already added self-driven car testing to their belts. Companies are also investing heavily into developing safe and secure self-driving software and technologies to allow for a seamless shift between manual and autonomous driving. A number of players are very close to commercially releasing semi-autonomous cars for consumers, a step that is expected to work tremendously in the favor of the global self-driving cars and light trucks market over time... The global self-driving cars and light trucks market is expected to achieve momentous growth due to the growing number of self-driving cars and light trucks permits being issued to users in order to implement automated driving...
(Photo: 1/4 Startup wants to make self-driving cars that communicate with the outside world)  --  NY, USA - - 8 August 2017

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ELECTRIC TRUCKS POWER * New Zealand - Infrastructures

* Auckland - Will soon have the infrastructure to keep EVs moving

--- To support NZ’s transition from fossil fuels to renewable electricity as a transport fuel, Chargemaster Limited is working with world leaders to bring market-leading technology to NZ... After a comprehensive global scan, Chargemaster has selected Dutch based company Heliox for heavy vehicle charging bus, mining and port-vehicle charging, and Austrian based Keba for intelligent residential, public and commercial charging to bring charging stations to NZ... Heliox is an established European market leader, with more than 85% of the total electric bus charging market... Keba is a proven AC charging solution for light vehicles, with more than 35,000 chargers sold globally... As the uptake of EVs increase, it is important to make sure that NZ’s infrastructure to support that uptake grows... Chargemaster is beginning to take the necessary steps to ensure that heavy EVs can make the long-haul and that civilian EVs get the necessary benefits of stable charging...
(Photo: Nissan's EV chargering point)   --  New Zealand - Future Five, by Jacques-Pierre Dumas - August 08, 2017

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* Quebec - Platooning tests underway

--- PIT Group, the research and engineering arm of FPInnovations, is in the midst of Transport Canada’s truck platooning tests that run from July 24 to August 18 at the Motor Vehicle Test Center in Blainville, Quebec... The same team first tested three-truck platoons in 2016, and this year is expanding the research to include a wider range of tractor-trailer configurations, speeds, following distances, weights, and traffic conditions...
 Montreal, QBC, Canada – Today's Trucking - Aug 9, 2017



In a job market this good, who needs to work in the gig economy?

--- Uber Technologies Inc., Instacart and other gig-economy companies are straining to attract and keep the short-term laborers who give rides, shop for groceries and deliver meals at the tap of an app... Amid low unemployment and fierce competition, startups have begun offering richer perks, benefits and signing bonuses to lure on-demand workers to sign up for, and stay with, their platforms. Companies have beefed up recruiting, even touting the opportunity to join the staff full time -- a sign that maintaining a steady labor pool is growing expensive and difficult... The so-called gig economy, which is composed of part-time and freelance jobs, came on the heels of the Great Recession when high unemployment and stagnant wages made short-term workers relatively easy to find... Uber, seeking to repair rocky relations over pay and benefits with its roughly 600,000 active drivers, updated its app in July to enable tipping by customers. It has also rolled out a pilot insurance plan launched in partnership with Aon PLC to help cover on-the-job accidents... In June, Uber also committed to developing a program to help drivers take on full-time roles. More than 100 drivers have been hired into customer-support jobs across the country, according to a spokesman... 
(Photo: Stop wasting truckers' time)   --  Chicago, ILL, USA - The Morning Star/The WSJ, by Kelsey Gee - 8 Aug 2017

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Aug 11, 2017


* Pennsylvania - A look at upcoming trucking industry trends

--- There are about 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S. These truck drivers are moving about 70 percent of all freight tonnage... When you look at these statistics, it is no surprise that change is apparent in the trucking industry... 
In 2017, here are a number of trends that will definitely impact the future of the trucking industry: 
* Regulations: New regulations from government agencies may be the biggest challenge to the trucking industry... 
* Cost drivers: Pay for truck drivers is one major area of cost impact. ATA reports that the current average salary for an over-the-road trucker is $51,000 and $73,000 for a private-fleet trucker... 
* Fuel costs are another cost driver for the expenses of transporting goods... 
* New technologies to improve efficiency, safety and hiring, and retention of truck drivers, are going to be essential in the transportation sector... 
* Autonomous trucks: The continued research and testing of autonomous vehicles includes self-driving trucks... 
* Truck driver recruitment: The trucking industry is experiencing a real struggle in hiring drivers. There is a critical driver shortage, and this remains a major concern for trucking fleets... 
Reading, PA, USA - Reading Eagle, by Glenn Ebersole - August 8, 2017

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Aug 10, 2017

BATTERY BUSINESS * China: Nissan sell unit to chinese private

* Tokyo - In $1 billion deal, Nissan it's looking for ways to rein in costs to make Leaf competitive

--- Nissan Motor Co. is selling its battery business to Chinese private equity firm GSR Capital for about $1 billion, a person with knowledge of the matter said, as the carmaker seeks ways to improve competitiveness of its Leaf electric cars while reining in costs... The deal covers Nissan’s battery subsidiary Automotive Energy Supply Corp. as well as manufacturing operations in Japan, the U.S. and U.K., Nissan said in a statement Tuesday, which didn’t disclose financial terms. Assets sold to GSR will also include part of Nissan’s Japanese battery development and engineering operations in Oppama, Atsugi and Zama...
(Photo Bloomberg - An employee prepares to install a charging plug in the socket of a Nissan Leaf electric automobile during the Geneva International Motor Show in the Swiss city in 2015)   --   Tokyo, Japan - BLOOMBERG/Japan Times - AUG 9, 2017

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SELF-DRIVING TRUCKS * China: Investors for

China: Nvidia backs TuSimple

--- Chinese autonomous truck developer TuSimple has secured funding from Nvidia Corp while Gu Sheng Tang, an operator of traditional medicine clinic network, completed a $150-million series D... TuSimple, a Beijing-based artificial intelligence startup in developing autonomous truck, has received an undisclosed sum of funding from the US-based chip manufacturer Nvidia Corp... This investment is part of series B round and also Nvidia Corp’s first investment in the Chinese startup. Nvidia will own a 3 per cent stake in TuSimple while the startup will support the development of the US company’s artificial intelligence computing platform for self-driving vehicles, Drive PX2... 
(Photo:TuSimple secures funding from US chip maker)  --  Singapore, China - DEAL STREET ASIA - August 7, 2017

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* Tennessee - FedEx to skip holiday surcharges for most orders

--- FedEx Corp. said it won’t charge additional fees for most orders during the holiday season, in contrast with United Parcel Service Inc., undercutting its main rival as they battle for e-commerce customers... The decision by FedEx, announced Thursday, is a gamble that it can cover the extra costs during a period when daily volume can double to more than 26 million packages. It will charge extra fees for deliveries requiring additional handling, which include larger and irregularly shaped packages, as well as oversize packages, which now make up 10% of its ground-shipping volume... UPS has set considerably different pricing for the holiday season. In June it said it would charge extra for most packages delivered to homes around Black Friday and Christmas. While the per-package fee ranges from 27 cents to 97 cents, analysts estimate that UPS could generate tens of millions in revenue from the fees... 
(Photo Getty Images - Workers sort packages at a FedEx global hub last December. Online holiday sales will rise an estimated 17%, a research firm says)    --   Memphis, TN, USA - The WSJ, by Paul Ziobro - Aug. 3, 2017


Migrant-smuggling gangs * Europe - Against British lorry drivers in Calais

* UK - Gangs 'gas UK truckers before stealing their wallets, cash and trousers'

--- British lorry drivers are increasingly being targeted by migrant gangs who gas them and rob them in their cabins as they take a nap in rest stops near Calais... Several truckers who were sleeping in their cabins at a rest stop in Baralle, south of Calais, were set upon this week... Matt Swann, 37, a lorry driver from Great Yarmouth woke up to find the door lock on his cabin smashed in and his trousers and wallet containing 130 Euros missing, The Sun reports... Mr Swann had been parked up for the night at the rest stop when he was robbed... Some 10,000 people were ejected after the Jungle was razed in October. But, in June The Express newspaper revealed that hundreds of migrants had set up a new camp in Calais and were sleeping and living in the area...
(Photo: Several truckers at a rest stop in Baralle, south of Calais, were robbed on Wednesday)   --   Calais, France - The Express, by BELINDA ROBINSON - Aug 5, 2017

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Uber Freight disrupts trucking industry by guaranteeing 7-day payments

--- Uber Freight is in the process of radically disrupting the U.S. trucking industry by eliminating standard 30-90 day delayed payment terms with a guaranteed 7-day driver payment... Uber Freight and its competitors like Doft, Convoy, and Transfix launched apps over the last eighteen months aimed at being more efficient than traditional logistics brokers in matching the 350,000 U.S. owner-operator truckers with shippers... But the biggest problem for independents and the 400,000 small trucking companies in the U.S., that operate an average of 6 trucks, has been the shippers’ terms of payment, which usually involve 30-90 days for payment terms or accepting a 10 percent factoring discount for quick cash... But the selling point for the new Uber Freight app is committing to making driver payments in 7 days... 
(Photo: Uber Newsroom)  --  Newport Beach, CAL, USA - The Bretbar Store, by CHRISS W. STREET - 5 Aug 2017

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* Virginia - ATA, drivers legal plan renew featured product provider agreement 

--- Today, American Trucking Associations and Drivers Legal Plan, a national legal firm dedicated to protecting the rights of truck drivers and the trucking industry, announced the renewal of Drivers Legal Plan's ATA Featured Product agreement... Drivers Legal Plan's legal representation is dedicated to the defense of a driver's record and a motor carrier's safety profile and rating. Since the advent of the CDL, the firm has handled over 350,000 cases in essentially every jurisdiction in the country. Maintaining a one-of-a-kind database of cases involving moving or non-moving violations, citations and accidents, Drivers Legal Plan is one of the largest filers of DataQ challenges in the country...
Arlington, VA, Aug. - PRNewswire-USNewswire/American Trucking Associations - Aug 04, 2017

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OSA DISORDER * USA: Required for truckers

* New Jersey - Trump nixes sleep testing proposal for truckers, train engineers

--- The Trump administration has withdrawn a proposed requirement for railroads and trucking companies to test employees for obstructive sleep apnea, a disorder believed to be a factor in last year's fatal train crash at Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey... In their announcement withdrawing the proposal Friday, the Federal Railroad Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said they'd encourage trucking and rail companies to voluntarily screen employees involved in safety-sensitive work, such as truck drivers and train engineers, for sleep apnea... Sleep apnea is a chronic condition that degrades the quality of sleep, resulting in daytime fatigue and drowsiness. According to the National Institutes of Health, the condition often goes undiagnosed... The Federal Register said, they would not make sleep apnea screenings mandatory, as first proposed by the Obama administration in March 2016... 
(Photo by Chris O'Neil/NTSB/via AP - Hoboken, NJ, crash)   --  Bergen County, N.J., USA - USA TODAY, by Curtis Tate - Aug. 5, 2017

* Study - Truckers who slack on sleep apnea treatments crash more

 --- A recent study conducted by the University of Minnesota/Morris over 1,613 Schneider National truck drivers suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) found that if drivers failed to stick with the positive airway pressure (PAP) treatment prescribed for their condition, their risk of suffering a “serious preventable crash” is five times higher compared to truck drivers who don’t suffer from OSA as well those who do but who stick with the PAP treatment... The Truckers & Turnover Project study is published May 2017, in the online scientific journal Sleep by the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC, a joint venture of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society... 
 Darien, ILL, USA - American Trucker - 10 Aug 2017

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Aug 9, 2017

800,000 trucks RECALL * USA: By GM

* Michigan - Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 models could lose power steering, says traffic safety authority

--- General Motors Co is recalling nearly 800,000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 pickup trucks worldwide that could lose power steering, according to documents made public on Friday... The largest US automaker said the 2014 model year trucks could suffer a temporary loss of electric power steering, especially during low-speed turning manoeuvres, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration... The recall includes about 690,000 vehicles in the US, 80,000 in Canada and about 25,000 in other markets. GM dealers will overwrite the vehicle’s software to address the defect... GM has not said when dealers will begin repairing vehicles... 
(Photograph: Mark Humphrey/AP - a GMC truck's grill) -- Detroit, MICH, USA - Reuters - 5 Aug 2017

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Aug 6, 2017

TOYOTA PICKUP TRUCKS * Mexico - Planned to build at a new plant

Mexico - Toyota plans truck, possibly SUV production in 

--- Toyota Motor Corp said on Friday it planned to build pickup trucks and possibly SUVs at a new plant in Mexico, a move that followed threats by U.S. President, Donald Trump,  to penalize the company if it built small cars south of the border... Toyota initially planned to produce Corolla sedans at the plant it is building in the central state of Guanajuato but will now switch production of the small cars and a new Mazda SUV crossover to a new assembly plant planned for the United States... Trump threatened in January to impose a hefty fee on the world's largest automaker if it built Corollas for the U.S. market in Mexico... "Instead of building lower value cars that generally offer smaller margins in Mexico and keeping high-value SUV and luxury model production in the U.S., they are moving in the opposite direction," said Wilson, deputy director of the think tank's Mexico institute... 
(Photo: LED Car Logo Blue front emblem for Toyota Corolla)  --  Mexico City, DF, MEX - Reuters, by Anthony Esposito - 4 August 2017

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NAVISTAR's MEDIUM DUTY TRUCKS * USA: With Cummins' engines.

* Illinois - Navistar to drop its medium duty engines by next year

--- Navistar announced Thursday plans to cease engine production at its Melrose Park, Ill., plant by early next year as the truck maker continues that facility’s transformation into the company’s technical center... The move will bring the company’s medium duty 9/10 liter engines to an end... Navistar reintroduced the 6.7 liter Cummins engine as an option for its Class 6/7 medium duty vehicles in 2013, and in 2016 made available a 9 liter Cummins engine option. The Cummins ISL and ISB, which now take standard position in those trucks, are manufactured in Indiana and North Carolina, while Navistar’s big bore engine plant in Alabama will continue to make engines for International Class 8 trucks... The cessation of engine manufacturing at Melrose Park is expected to affect about 170 employees... 
 (Photo: Navistar's medium-duty truck)   --  Warrensville, ILL, USA - CCJ, by_Jason_Cannon - August 3, 2017



* Virginia - Security vehicles go electric

--- Brink's will purchase two electric vehicles for use in California and Chicago. Brink’s is looking to the startup to help add greener and more efficient vehicles to its fleet in the U.S. ... The two Workhorse vehicles include a medium-duty E-100 all-electric truck and an E-GEN battery-electric extended-range step van... The truck can achieve the electric equivalent of 37.5 mpg and can go an average of 100 miles on a single charge, depending on duty cycle. The van achieves a 30-mpg fuel efficiency equivalent with an average range of 60 miles. It runs an additional 60 miles using an integrated BMW gas engine range extender... The vehicles also save an average of $150,000 in total cost-of-ownership savings per truck, Burns said... The two starter vehicles will be paired with a Brink’s custom body that features high-level security precautions, including bullet-proof glass for secure transportation... 
(Photo: Brink's - Brinks plans to use an electric version of this armored truck)  --  Richmond, VA, USA -, by CLARISSA HAWES - AUGUST 3, 2017

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Aug 5, 2017


* Uber Freight expands trucking service to California and other states

(Video from USA Today: It's Uber's latest attempt at expanding its user base)

 --- Edwin and Minnie Gilmore opened their own trucking company, Gilmore & Long Enterprises, a couple of years ago after Edwin had put in decades driving for other companies. Now he drives his Freightliner Cascadia cab with a 53-foot box trailer throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi, while she handles bookkeeping and dispatching from their Katy, Texas, home... Finding freight for him to haul involves looking at “load boards” online, calling brokers, negotiating rates, and seeking to match up inbound and outbound loads, a process that might take close to an hour each time, Minnie Gilmore said. But since March they’ve been trying out Uber Freight, a service from San Francisco’s Uber that connects truck drivers to loads, The Gilmores can simply look at the Uber Freight app, view loads with set pricing, and select one that matches Edwin’s preference to stick to about 600 miles from home... Uber’s been testing Freight since May, largely in Texas. On Thursday, it said it would expand to new markets, including California, Arizona, Chicago and the Midwest, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Uber Freight will now cover more than a quarter of U.S. drivers and freight, the company said. Uber Freight is also adding more personalization features to the app so it can suggest loads to drivers based on their preferences...
(Photo: The Uber Freight app displays loads and pricing) 
... Uber Freight makes money through an arbitrage-like system. It negotiates rates, often via long-term contracts, with shippers. Then it prices individual loads based on market dynamics — similar to its well-known surge pricing for rides when demand is high. It pockets the difference between long-term contracts and spot rates... Another selling point for truckers: Uber pays drivers quickly, rather than making them wait for 30 days or more, as is typical in the industry. Minnie Gilmore said she hasn’t yet used that feature, as she’s signed up with another service that provides quick payments — but charges her a 3 to 5 percent fee... 
San Francisco, CAL, USA - SFGate, by Carolyn Said - August 3, 2017

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Aug 4, 2017


* Frankfurt - Daimler invests in flying taxi firm Volocopter

--- Germany's Volocopter said it has received 25 million euros ($30 million) in funding to develop an electric flying taxi, with car and truck maker Daimler among the firms providing fresh cash... Daimler joined a consortium which includes technology investor Lukasz Gadowski, who sits on the supervisory board of Delivery Hero, and others, Volocopter said on Tuesday... Volocopter said it is developing a five-seat vertical take off and landing (VTOL) electric vehicle aimed at the taxi market and plans to carry out initial demonstrations in the fourth quarter of 2017... Potential competitors to Volocopter include German start-ups Lilium Jet and eVolo, as well as U.S.-based Terrafugia and California-based Joby Aviation. Commercial aircraft and helicopter manufacturer Airbus is also developing a single-seat "flying car ..." 
(Daily Mail's Photo: The Volocopter's "personal drone" with 18 rotors. The VC200 received permit-to-fly in February 2016)    --  Frankfurt, Germany - Reuters, by Edward Taylor; Editing by Victoria Bryan - 1st. Aug 2017

* Stuttgart - Premiere at Mercedes-Benz Trucks: New from the 3D printer: the first spare part for trucks made of metal

--- Mercedes-Benz Trucks has taken 3D printing a stage further: the first printed spare part made of metal, a thermostat cover for truck and Unimog models from older model series, has passed all the stages of the stringent quality assurance process at Mercedes-Benz smoothly, and is now celebrating its premiere. This means that Mercedes-Benz Trucks is now the technological leader in the challenging segment of cutting-edge 3D printing processes for metal components... In the Customer Services & Parts division of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, automotive 3D printing began its increasing success in the production departments for the after-sales and replacement parts business a year ago. Since then, Customer Services & Parts has worked together with the researchers and pre-developers at Daimler AG to constantly improve and expand the use of the latest 3D printing processes for plastic parts. 3D printing of high-quality plastic components has now successfully established itself as an additional production method, and is particularly suitable for the production of smaller batches... Metal parts from the 3D printer excel with their very high strength and thermal resistance, and the process is therefore particularly suitable for the production of mechanically and thermally stressed components required in small numbers. Metallic components can be produced "at the touch of a button" with any geometry and in any numbers. 3D replacement parts production began with rarely ordered aluminium parts. These excel with almost 100 percent density and greater purity than conventional die-cast aluminium parts. Apart from their high strength and hardness, as well as high dynamic resistance, their production requires no cost-intensive development work or procurement of special tools. Conceivable areas of use are peripheral engine parts made of metal, in-engine parts and also parts in cooling systems, transmissions, axles or chassis. Especially when they have complex structures, 3D-printed metal parts in small numbers can be produced cost-effectively as infrequently requested replacement parts, special parts and for small and classic model series... 
(Photo: Metal parts in the latest 3D technology open up new possibilities) -- Stuttgart, Germany - Daimler (PR) - 2 August 2017


MEGA-TRUCKS * USA - DOT: Does not have enough data about

* DC - ‘Mega trucks’ a growing trend, report forecasts

--- Despite significant legislative hurdles around much of the globe, a new report from Frost & Sullivan suggests “mega trucks” – generally defined as a vehicle measuring a minimum of about 100 feet long and weighing upwards of 160,000 pounds – could nearly double in population by 2025... Australia leads the current use of mega trucks in terms of penetration rates and are allowed nationwide in the Scandinavian region. Their limited use is allowed in Germany and Spain, and trials have occurred for mega trucks in France and the United Kingdom, but have been rejected... Citing a strong mandate and support infrastructure, the report says North America is expected to accommodate more mega trucks. It notes, however, overcoming legislative hurdles and negative public opinion will be critical in promoting mega truck usage... The DOT on Friday issued a report saying it does not have enough data about truck size and weight to be able to make recommendations ... The report, Global Mega Trucks Market, Forecast to 2025, says global sales penetration of mega trucks is expected to increase from 3.4 percent to 5.7 percent for total heavy duty truck sales from 2016 to 2025, depending on lawmakers in specific regions laying down regulations that take into account the impact on infrastructure, environment, society and other modes of transport...
(Image: Road-train megatruck, in Australia - DOT/USA: Little data exists to make sound decision on truck size and weight changes) -- Washington, DC, USA - Overdrive, by Jason Cannon- July 31, 2017

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