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May 26, 2017

A Hotel on Wheels * USA: The Airstream Interstate van

* Ohio - The Van-Life Glamper  from Airstream Interstate

---  Marketing of the vehicle promises “refined relaxation” and a long list of top-notch amenities. It comes equipped with seatbelts for eight and sleeping accommodations for two adults, plus a galley and bathroom...
Beyond the galley and the bathroom is the rear area that also transforms into the bed. Two jumper seats face each other and a bench, or “power lounge,” reclines to a completely flat position with the flick of a switch. The side jumper seats pull out like a futon. The van came with Tommy Bahama linens stored in the overhead compartment above the bed. The “UltraLeather” upholstery on the seats makes them cushy enough for sleeping... The sleeping area is oversized and comfortably handled two adults, plus two kids who do not sleep in any one position for more than five minutes. It was snug, but not unlike what we experience most nights at home. The snoozing kids missed the initial bed transformation, but became enthralled with it every time after that...

... Another advantage of the campsite was the showers. Rinsing off inside the van would have pushed me to my limits – literally. When inside, my head touched the ceiling. While the shower would be perfect in a pinch, we skipped it this time...
(Photo from Airstream: Airstream Interstate van camper stock - Interstate Tommy Bahama Special Edition touring coach built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 extended chassis)  -- Jackson Center, OH, USA -, by CARLY SCHAFFNER - MAY 26, 2017



* Texas - Daseke combats trucker shortage with stock plan

--- Trucking company Daseke Inc. is starting what it calls a “ground-breaking” strategy to get its employees invested – literally – in the company... The Addison, Tex., business, which says it’s the largest owner of open-deck flatbed transportation in North America, announced a stock awards plan that would allow the company’s drivers and support team workers to essentially become shareholders... Daseke is setting aside a million shares of common stock currently valued at nearly $10 million for the 2,100 drivers and 800 support staff that have been on board since 2016. More will be earmarked for employees joining the team this year... Daseke said it is the first trucking company of its kind to attempt a stock plan perk. When the business went public earlier this year – the first in its sector to list since 2010, it was valued at about $700 million... 
(Photo: Daseke - Daseke driver secures a load on a flatbed truck)   --  Addison, TXS, USA -, by TIFFANY HSU - MAY 25, 2017

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INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDS * USA: Outlined $146 billion investment

* DC - Infrastructure spending could slash high U.S. traffic death rate

--- The nation’s roadways are getting even deadlier as federal, state and local governments stare down an expansive list of long-overdue infrastructure improvements... In the U.S., close to 11 of every 100,000 people die each year in fatal traffic crashes. By comparison, Sweden, which is considered to have the safest roads in the world, has a fatality rate of fewer than 3 per 100,000 people. It is clear the U.S. is missing the mark in roadway safety...
... The AAA Foundation’s research recommended six cost-effective roadway improvements with the greatest potential to reduce both the likelihood and consequences of crashes. Making the outlined improvements at a cost of $146 billion has the potential to save 63,700 lives and prevent 353,560 serious injuries over 20 years... The $146 billion investment outlined in the report will have a significant national-level impact, but increased investment is required at all levels of government to improve our transportation infrastructure... The outlined safety improvements, along with other improvements such as technology advancements, effective traffic laws and increased enforcement, and continuous public education, will make our roads safer. We must commit to investing and improving our nation’s roadway and transportation infrastructure – it could be a matter of life or death... 
Washington, DC, USA -, by C. Y. David Yang (executive director of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety) - 25 May 2017

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WEATHER & TRUCKING * USA: Getting advance warning

* DC - Telematics weather infos for trucking

--- Any fleet knows that bad weather can torpedo delivery times while putting cargo, equipment, and the lives of truck drivers at risk. That’s why there’s been a push in recent years to plug real-time weather information into trucking telematics so routes can be adjusted in case heavy rain, blizzards, and other inclement conditions make certain roadways too dangerous to traverse... But real-time weather-data can also be used to aid fleets in accident reconstruction and crash-related insurance claims as well – expanding the potential return on investment (ROI) for such technology... About heavy rain, high winds, and other severe weather not only keeps freight on time and drivers safe, but can prove vital in crash reconstruction efforts. However, speed and truck-sensor measured data is only meaningful with the proper context – particularly in terms of the weather and road conditions at the time of the incident. Painting the full picture takes claim validations to a new level, leveraging data to make decisions – not opinions... 
(Photo by Tom Saunders/VDOT - The ability to overlay real-time and forecasted weather data with road surface conditions holds the potential to significantly improve fleet operations, routing efficiency, and driver safety)  --  Washington, D.C., USA - Fleet Owner, by Sean Kilcarr - Apr 27, 2017

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* New Jersey - Optimizing trucking through more real-time information

--- ALK believes a combination of technological trend lines can help boost trucking efficiency and safety... To aid in that effort, he noted that ALK is looking at the ability to create “street maps” within freight yards, to help optimize freight flows within them... Dan Popkin, senior vice president of enterprise solutions for ALK Technologies, also noted that inadequate infrastructure is restricting freight efficiency as well, as: 9.6% of U.S. bridges are deficient and 11.3% of bridges had their load limits reduced... That’s why ALK is looking at the possible use of crowdsourcing to improve real-time mapping connections; to leverage customer data to do a better job of creating routes and do it faster as well... 
Princeton, NJ, USA - Fleet Owner, by Sean Kilcarr - May 23, 2017

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TRUCKERS' MENTAL HEALTH * Australia: Union addresses

* Canberra - Union addresses black dog in trucking 

--- We know that according to research 22 per cent of truck drivers experience mental health issues, but we also know that 91 per cent of drivers that experience symptoms aren’t receiving treatment... The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has directed their focus to addressing mental health issues across the transport industry by providing training to delegates and organisers within the union, as well as partnering with beyondblue to drive awareness... Ultimately, the goal is to move towards engagement of employers and clients on developing workplace policies on mental health, the Union says... Truckie and mental health awareness advocate Tracee Pearse says the prevalence of mental health among truck drivers is high and says drivers need to manage their mental health effectively... 
(Image from - Licensing authorities place the onus on drivers to report any medical conditions that might affect their driving)   --  Canberra, ACT, Australia -- Owner Driver - 23 May 2017

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SPEED LIMITS FOR TRUCKS * Australia: Association said "would not work well"

* Victoria - Monash Freeway truck speed limits dumped after tailgating and weaving increases

--- Speed limits to slow trucks on the Monash Freeway –introduced by Roads Minister Luke Donnellan​ to increase safety– have been dumped after VicRoads said they had made traffic conditions worse and increased aggression between car and freight drivers... The trial had encouraged tailgating and led to cars weaving, VicRoads found... But after six months, VicRoads called off the trial after an independent evaluation found it was causing problems, particularly between car drivers and trucks... Mr Donnellan said a second stage of the speed trial on the Monash, banning trucks from the right lane, would commence later this year... Peter Anderson, chief executive of trucking group the Victorian Transport Association, said the trial had been worth trying... But his association had always believed different speed limits for trucks and cars would not work well... 
(Photo, by Joe Armao: Heavy traffic on the Monash Freeway)  --  Melbourne, VIC, Australia - The Age, by Clay Lucas - May 22 2017

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May 25, 2017


* Tennessee - Trucking Companies say additional fuel costs worth it for improved infrastructure

---  The IMPROVE act will raise the state gas tax by 6 cents on unleaded and 10 cents on diesel, phased in over three years. The plan was coupled with tax cuts, including reductions in franchise and excise taxes on businesses, a decrease in the Hall tax on interest and dividends and a drop in the food tax from 5 percent to 4 percent...While some businesses remained opposed to the increase, many Memphis companies said it was long overdue, including one of the most important employers in the city. FedEx Corp. operates fleets of vehicles that travel Tennessee’s roads, including delivery vehicles and freight trucks. “On behalf of FedEx, the IMPROVE Act will provide funding to make Tennessee’s roads and bridges safer,” FedEx spokesman Jack Pfeiffer said. “These investments in critical infrastructure will drive economic growth and job creation across our state” ... 
(Photo from Daily New, by Andrew J. Breig - Congestion on Lamar Avenue costs trucking companies time and fuel, and some say it adversely impacts driver turnover rates)   --  Memphis, TENN, USA - The Memphis Daily News, by JODY CALLAHAN - May 23, 2017

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* New York - Trucking and blue-collar woes: From Reagan to Trump

 --- What with everything else going on, this Trip Gabriel essay on truckers hasn’t gotten as much attention as it should. But it’s awesome — and says a lot about what is and isn’t behind the decline of blue-collar wages... Trucking used to be a well-paying occupation. Here are wages of transportation and warehousing workers in today’s dollars, which have fallen by a third since the early 1970s:
...  Unfortunately the occupational categories covered by the BLS have changed a bit, and using the data at unionstats we can see that a drastic fall in trucker unionization took place during the 1980s: 38 percent of “heavy truck” drivers covered by unions in 1983, already down to 25 percent by 1991. It’s not quite comparable, but only 13 percent of “drivers/sales workers and truck drivers” were covered last year... In short, this looks very much like a non tradable industry where workers used to have a lot of bargaining power through collective action, and lost it in the great union-busting that took place under Reagan and after... And the great majority of the people whose chance at a middle-class life was destroyed by those political changes probably voted for Trump. Oh well... 
NY, USA - The NYT, by Paul Krugman - May 23, 2017

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UBER FREIGHT * USA: No with autonomous UBER's trucks

* California - Industry observers surprised: Uber Freight was not launched concurrently with a fleet of autonomous trucks

--- Uber Freight launched Thursday without a component many in the transportation industry expected to see: autonomous trucks. Uber’s freight brokerage and autonomous vehicle ventures are separate, and are likely to remain so, a company official said... There are good practical reasons for keeping the two initiatives separate. For one, the retrofit autonomous truck technology envisioned by Uber is still being developed and tested, and is years away from widespread deployment. Secondly, a truckload freight brokerage needs a national footprint, and there’s no national regulatory footprint for autonomous vehicles... This it's Uber Freight’s target. “Automating the process is something that can spread a lot faster and a lot quicker and have an impact on small carriers all over the country,” Berdinis, senior products manager at Uber Freight, said. “We’re doing this now in Texas and we believe it will spread quickly over the next few years. Self-driving trucks have challenges that will take decades to work out... 
(Photo: Uber freight has officially arrived)   --  San Francisco, CAL, USA - JOC, by William Cassidy - 22 May 2017

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CARGO TRANSPORT * Latin America: Analysis / Document

* Panama - Characteristics of land transport, analysis by region

--- In a document entitled “Automotive Cargo Transport (TAC) in Latin America: Logistic Support for Production and Trade”, developed by José Barbero and Pablo Guerrero, and published by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) the characteristics of this sector, is outlined and its projections... The report, in general, was carried out from various studies and includes 14 countries, revealing the enormous diversity of the sector. This is verified not only among the different countries, but also within each country in particular... In the Southern Cone, efficiency achieves an average to high level with an average 80,000 kilometers per year. Although international transport is developed and has high levels of efficiency, it is not relevant in comparison to the national TAC... The sector has high-efficiency companies, coupled with numerous small operators, with a growing specialization. In the fleet, however, there are very modern segments and numerous old trucks, with many difficulties for small carriers to renew their fleets... 
City of Panama, Panama - The Bulletin Panama - May 22nd, 2017

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May 23, 2017

TRUCKERS' STORIES * USA: “Professional drivers only”

* Alone on the open road: Truckers feel like ‘Throwaway People’

--- Driving a long-haul tractor-trailer is as commonplace as the items that drivers carry, from blue jeans to blueberries, from toilet paper for Walmart to farm machinery bound for export. There are 1.7 million men and women working as long-haul drivers in the country. Yet truckers — high up in their cabs — are literally out of view for most Americans... At a moment when President Trump has ignited a national discussion of blue-collar labor and even climbed into a truck during a White House event, trucking, which was once among the best-paying such jobs, has become low-wage, grinding, unhealthy work. Turnover at large for-hire fleets hauling freight by the truckload — the backbone of the industry — runs an astonishing 80 percent a year, according to a trade group. Looming over the horizon is a future in which self-driving trucks threaten to eliminate many drivers’ livelihoods... 
NY, USA - The NY Times, by TRIP GABRIEL - MAY 22, 2017

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* Stockholm - Volvo shows off self-driving garbage trucks

  (Video from Volvo Trucks - May 16, 2017: Watch the self-driving refuse truck! Volvo Trucks and the Swedish waste management company Renova are testing how autonomous trucks can contribute to a safer, more efficient refuse handling and a better working environment) 

--- Autonomous garbo truck claimed to be far safer and a more efficient way of collecting waste in urban areas... Swedish truck maker, Volvo, has released a video of a new prototype garbage truck that harnesses the autonomous driving tech that has been developed for passenger cars... Using the same sensors and GPS mapping, that Volvo cars come equipped with in its partnership with Uber to develop self-driving cars, the autonomous truck can accurately map out its collection route all by itself... The clever tech sees the truck follow the operative slowly and safely down the road to the next garbage bin collection... Volvo say more development and testing is needed before the self-driving garbage truck enters production and hasn’t announced when it plans to offer the driverless truck for sale... 
 Stockholm, Sweden - Motoring, by John Mahoney - May 22, 2017

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* DC - Feds could pay for road improvements by charging big trucks by the mile

--- The massive “18-wheeler” trucks that haul cargo over the country’s roads and highways, the taxes they pay to use roads don’t match the costs they impose... Technology exists to easily and relatively cheaply charge trucks by the mile, varying the charge by the axle weight and the type of road the truck is on. This vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT) system is simple. The truck receives a one-way GPS signal to allow it to identify its location, and an onboard computer that’s loaded with price-per-mile data for all roads in America. In addition, trucks would be equipped with wireless axle-weight sensors. These would let the onboard computer calculate an additional surcharge based on pavement damage (a formula that factors the type of road and axle weight). The computer would then remit taxes monthly to the federal highway trust fund and to every state it traveled through... A VMT system like this would have huge advantages over the current taxing system. First, taxes would be more carefully related to true infrastructure costs. Trucks that do more damage to roadways would pay more. This, in turn, would increase transportation efficiency by reducing pavement damage, encouraging trucks to drive fewer trips with fuller loads, or encouraging shippers to use rail if it made more economic sense... 
Washington, DC, USA - The Hill, by ROBERT D. ATKINSON - 22 May 2017

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Maligned U.S. infrastructures * USA: Shows signs of improvement

* DC - Promised to spending to fix they

--- Our nation is at a crossroads. Deteriorating infrastructure is impeding our ability to compete in the thriving global economy, and improvements are necessary to ensure our country is built for the future. While we have made some progress, reversing the trajectory after decades of underinvestment in our infrastructure requires transformative action from Congress, states, infrastructure owners, and the American people... That’s why, every four years, America’s civil engineers provide a comprehensive assessment of the nation’s 16 major infrastructure categories in ASCE’s Infrastructure Report Card. Using a simple A to F school report card format, the Report Card examines current infrastructure conditions and needs, assigning grades and making recommendations to raise them... The Trump administration and congressional Democrats frequently bemoan America’s aging infrastructure and have promised to spending to fix it. Less noisily discussed: The nation is making progress in some key areas of decaying infrastructure... 
(Photo: Trucks and other pipeline-related vehicles have worn down some roadside edges)   --   Washington, DC, USA - The WSJ Business - May 22, 2017

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* BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Earn Money driving your pickup truck, cargo van, or box truck

  (Video from CBS Los Angeles - Aug 31, 2016: An app that recently launched in Los Angeles is hoping to solve the age-old question: "How on Earth do I move that?" Craig Herrera reports) 

 --- Use your pickup truck, cargo van, or box truck and earn up to $61.92 per hour by helping people move, haul, deliver or tow items in your community... Turn your vehicle from a liability that is costing you money every month into an asset that is earning you money every month... You will enjoy the freedom to work when you want, and meet some cool people along the way... 
Los Angeles, CAL, USA - Go Share - 23 May 2017

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TRUCKS FINED * Australia: If avoid the toll-road by running on the surface roads

* NSW - Transurban to get paid if trucks use NorthConnex motorway, and if they don't

--- The private operator of Sydney's NorthConnex motorway below Pennant Hills Road will receive compensation from the government if too few trucks use the tunnel. But the government will not say how many trucks are required to use the NorthConnex tunnel before compensation will be paid, nor how much toll-road company Transurban might receive in compensation... The operator of NorthConnex will be paid compensation if not enough trucks use the 9 kilometre motorway... The fines will help ensure trucks do not use local roads, but will also ensure an income for Transurban, which is contributing the lion's share of funds required to build the $3 billion road... 
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - The Syden Morning Herald, Jacob Saulwick - MAY 21 2017


BORDER ADJUNTMENT TAX * USA: Will mean higher costs for consumers

* Texas - Border adjustment tax worries truckers

--- Bringing our tax rates in line with worldwide norms, among other reforms, will help keep and grow American jobs and our economy, and keep freight moving. But a border adjustment tax, or BAT, could serve as a national sales tax on imports, and thus it’s a concern to not only employers and workers but to each and every consumer and family in the U.S. ... Tax reform can and should be paid for by cutting government spending. Proponents of a BAT will argue that the dollar will rise once it’s implemented and increase consumer-spending power. The fear is that this conceptual view ignores the realities of global economics: Even if other nations don’t retaliate against the U.S. for implementing a BAT (highly unlikely), it could still take years for the dollar to appreciate to the level needed to offset a BAT’s impact. Without question, however, is that consumers will suffer the immediate consequences... 
 (Photo: Truck driver Jesse Parks prepares to board a Peterbilt tractor rig in 2014 at Reynold’s Nationwide trucking near China Grove)   --  San Antonio, TXS, USA - My SA, by John D. Esparza - May 21, 2017

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May 21, 2017

DRIVERS' SHORTAGE * USA: Women truckers growing slowly

* New Jersey - More female drayage drivers not enough to reverse driver shortage

--- The opening of the first bathroom solely for female truck drivers in one of the busiest terminals at the Port of New York and New Jersey this month has highlighted the growing numbers of women drivers in drayage, which could prove vital to ameliorating the driver shortages plaguing the industry... Although growing in number, women are still a tiny portion of those behind the wheels of the 9,300 trucks registered to go in and out of the Port of New York and New Jersey... However, the number of female truck drivers is growing slowly, even as numerous drayage companies across the Port of New York and New Jersey... The American Trucking Associations last year said the trucking industry as a whole is short about 48,000 drivers, adding that the figure could quadruple in the next decade, and has warned shippers that tightening capacity could bring higher rates. Figures for drayage drivers alone are not available, but the U.S. Department of Labor said women accounted for about 5 percent of all truck drivers in 2015, or 177,000 female driverss... 
(Photo: Martha Andrade, an owner-operator in the Port of New York and New Jersey for BBT Logistics Inc., in Newark, inserts power cables as she hooks her truck up to a trailer)  --  Newark, NJ, USA - JOC, by Hugh R. Morley - Jul 28, 2016

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CLEAN AIR MANDATE * USA: Only 46% Washington's trucks comply with

* Washington - Clear air rules pose Seattle-Tacoma drayage challenge

--- The Northwest Seaport Alliance of Seattle and Tacoma is walking a fine line between meeting its clean-air objectives and ensuring there will be sufficient truck capacity beginning next year, when pre-2007 engine trucks are banned from marine terminals under the port authority’s clean-truck program... Although the harbor drayage community has known about the clean-truck mandate since 2008, the port authority said only 46 percent of the roughly 4,000 trucks that pick up and deliver containers in Seattle and Tacoma are compliant. The deadline kicks in Jan. 1, 2018... Some truckers still believe the Northwest Seaport Alliance, which is the enforcer as well as the founder of the clean-truck program, will delay implementation. The fate awaiting those truckers, many of whom are owner-operators, is uncertain at this time... 
 (Photo: Less than half the trucks serving the ports of Seattle and Tacoma are compliant with clean air rules) -- Seattle, WASH, USA - JOC, by Bill Mongelluzzo - May 19, 2017

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May 20, 2017

DAIMLER news * USA: The Madras track for trucks

* Oregon - Daimler opens truck proving grounds

--- Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) on Thursday opened its new High Desert Proving Grounds in Madras, Ore... Built in just more than 13 months, the $18.7 million research and development facility sits on 87 acres next to the city airport and includes a 3.5-mile test-track loop and 32,000 square feet building... The track represents part of a more than $170 million investment in the State of Oregon, including Daimler’s new Portland headquarters about 120 miles north... The track’s design, thanks in part to its varying engineered surfaces, allows the company to accelerate its road testing. Achenbach says 6,000 miles around the truck represents 1.2 million miles on-highway, allowing engineers to simulate a typical vehicle’s full service life in approximately six months... 
Madras, ORE, USA - CCJ, by Jason Cannon - May 18, 2017


AIR CONTAMINATION * Australia: Cars 82% & Trucks 12%

* ACT - ATA submission on review of climate change policies 

--- Australia’s climate change policies should include a focus on boosting truck productivity as a cost effective opportunity to reduce emissions from heavy vehicles. This should include increasing width and length requirements, a whole of government approach to reducing barriers to increased use of high productivity freight vehicles, and for improving road access... Increased heavy vehicle productivity can optimise the energy and fuel use of the entire freight system by reducing the number of trips required to move the freight task... It is also important that vehicles receive regular maintenance, which is key to ensuring that vehicles continue to meet emission standards... The review acknowledges that the transport sector was responsible for 18 per cent of Australia’s emissions in 2015, with over three quarters attributable to cars and light commercial vehicles... 
Canberra, ACT, Australia - ATA news - 19 May 2017

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TRUCKING COSTS * Russia - Up 15/17 % by the end of the year

* Moscow - A confluence of factors are coming together to increase trucking costs in Russia

--- Higher tolls and less Russian trucking capacity could drive up trucking costs 15 to 17 percent by the end of the year... A key driver in the increase is Russia’s new Platon toll system, fees of which have increased 25 percent since April. Another factor in rising costs is less trucks on the road, as the Russian trucking fleet has shrunk by 10 percent over the last two years, according to government statistics. The industry has also been consolidating since 2014, putting futher upward pressure on rates... Another trend that could cause Russian trucking costs to rise is that the rates charged for leasing trucks have risen from 7 percent to 10 percent in 2015 to 15 percent in 2017. Roughly 85 percent of Russia’s trucking fleet is operated under lease... Trucking currently is the main mode of transport for the delivery of consumer goods and less-than-containerload cargo in Russia, with the strongest growth in refrigerated goods and foodstuffs... The consolidation of Russia’s trucking sector is driven by shipper demands for more sophisticated services, which favors larger players, said Pavel Sigal, head of Opora, a public association of shippers...
(Photo: Trucks drive over on a Military Highway near the Russian border)  --  Moscow, Russia - JOC, by Eugene Gerden - May 18, 2017


ILLEGAL TRUCKING * Europe - Enhanced detachment rules

* France - Decree aims to strengthen the rules against the provision of illegal international services

--- A recent decree to strengthen the rules against the provision of illegal international services introduced changes to the Transport Code relating to rolling or navigating personnel... Moreover, the declaration made by the undertaking which employs posted workers must indicate its period of validity, up to a maximum of six months. The declaration must be transmitted in dematerialized form to the labor inspectorate... Furthermore, Decree of 3 May introduces a new article in the Labor Code relating to the payment of a contribution of 40 € per employee to foreign companies who post employees in France... This contribution is due as part of the costs for the dematerialization of the declarations relating to the posting... 
Paris, Frasnce  --  Supply Chain Magazine/ACTU L & T, by SILVIA LE GOFF - 20 May 2017


UBER's TECHNOLOGIES R & D * USA: Flying chargers -

* California - Uber's flying cars by the begining

(Video by WIRED - Oct 27, 2016) 

 --- Forget self-driving cars, Uber has a new one for you... flying cars. The company calls it Uber Elevate and within a decade it’ll be a global network of on demand urban electric aircraft that take off and land vertically...  

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TRUCKS BROKERAGE ... OUT ??? * USA: Through UBER hands ?

* California - With Uber Freight takes on trucking

---  In its quest to dominate transportation, Uber dreams of the day when everyone gets around in flying cars and self-driving taxis. But its plan doesn’t hinge entirely on a robo-revolution. Today, the delinquent decacorn of Silicon Valley announced Uber Freight, a bid to bring the ride hailing model to trucking... The service, which quietly launched in Texas late last year, connects truckers with stuff that needs trucking, much like the app connects drivers with people who need driving. It’s like Uber, but for freight... And it gives the company a way into an industry that touches 70 percent of American goods. And, of course, that magical Uber revenue... With the Uber Freight app in hand, drivers can find loads sorted by destination, deadline, and required equipment (a refrigerated trailer, for example). When they find one that suits them, a few finger taps on their phone confirms the job. Uber promises to pay them within a week or so of delivery, so drivers don’t find themselves waiting for customers to cough up cash. To ensure the people hauling all those chickens, or TVs, or whatever, actually know what they’re doing, Uber requires drivers to hold a commercial license, possess a clean record, carry the required insurance, and adhere to federal regulations...
 (Photo by JASON HAWKES/GETTY IMAGES)   --  San Francisco, CAL, USA - Wired, by ALEX DAVIES - 18 May 2017

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* France - Oracle optimizes the management of transport and trade

--- Oracle announces the arrival of several improvements facilitating the use of Transport Management and Global Trade Management tools within its "Oracle Logistics Cloud" suite... These improvements include a new 3D "configurator", the role of which is to optimize loads and thereby reduce the number of trucks used to ship goods, a fleet management function also designed to reduce the size of vehicle fleets, whether they are in their own right or not, a revision of the dock planning management tool, a reinforcement of the support capacities with regard to transit, import and export declarations, or tariff management facilitated transport . Finally, with Logistics Adapter (available through Oracle Integration Cloud Services) Oracle promises an integration of its tools with your ERP also facilitated and accelerated... 
(Image: Transportation Management by Oracle: FEMSA Logistica Manages 4000 Trucks a Day with Oracle Transportation Management Cloud) -- Maisons-Alfort, Paris, France -- Supply Chain Magazine - 17 May 2017

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May 19, 2017


* Kenya - Volvo says to start assembling trucks in

--- Swedish truck maker AB Volvo is to start assembling vehicles in Kenya, part of a series of investments aimed at boosting the company's presence in the region, the company said on Thursday... The East African nation undermined what was a thriving local assembly industry in the 1990s with policies that encouraged cheap secondhand imports. It is now seeking to attract manufacturers back to help create jobs and support growth... Volvo is only the latest vehicle maker to announce plans in recent months to start assembling locally, following moves by Volkswagen, PSA Peugeot and CNH Industrial's Iveco... Volvo will also open an office in Kenya to serve East Africa, open 20 workshops around the region and a parts warehouse, it said in a statement... The company said it was partnering with local firm NECST in the plan, which will create about 300 direct jobs...
(Photo: Volvo to start assembling trucks in Kenya)  -- Kenya - Reuters - May 18, 2017


VOLVO's AUTONOMOUS TRUCKS * Sweden - Testing ones in northern mines

* Stockholm - Volvo Trucks & Renova testing autonomous garbage trucks

--- Volvo Trucks and the Sweden-based waste management company Renova have begun testing autonomous refuse/garbage trucks, with the intent of improving the safety of such vehicles, according to a new press release from the companies... The autonomous refuse/garbage truck uses GPS and LiDAR, but also relies on previous manual operation along its work route for data — in other words, when a route is being traveled for the first time, it is done manually, providing the system with the knowledge of where to stop, etc. ... The first time the automated refuse truck is used in a new area, it is driven manually while the on-board system constantly monitors and maps the route with the help of sensors and GPS technology. The next time the truck enters the same area, it knows exactly which route to follow and at which bins it has to stop... Since the automated systems optimise gear changes, steering and speed, fuel consumption and emissions can also be reduced... Vehicles with varying degrees of automation will probably be introduced earlier in other applications, where transport assignments take place within strictly confined areas such as mines and cargo terminals, the company said...
Stockholm, Sweden - Clean Technica, by James Ayre - May 17th, 2017

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GREEN NEW TRUCKS * Europe - Required to certify the CO2 emissions

* Belgium - All new trucks to have CO2 emissions certified by 2019

--- Truckmakers will be required to certify the CO2 emissions of all new trucks they sell in Europe from using a test procedure known as VECTO. The tool, which was was endorsed by EU member states and the European Commission last week, is designed to make figures for the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from new heavy-goods vehicles available for truck buyers... The system will require truckmakers to supply information on key vehicle parameters, including weight, aerodynamics performance and engine efficiency. Using this data, the simulator will generate reference CO2 emission values that customers can read on labels placed on new vehicles... These fuel figures could also be the basis for the CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles that the Commission is expected to propose early next year... But campaigners have cautioned that while this new test procedure will increase transparency, it will not deliver the emissions cuts Europe needs to meet its climate targets or prevent truckmakers from exploiting test loopholes – as carmakers routinely do... The second package should also include on-road fuel consumption testing, T&E added, as the Commission is planning to do for cars and vans... 
Brussels, Belgium - Transport & Enviroment - May 17, 2017

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KEEPTRUCKIN * USA: Digitize the long-haul trucking industry

* California - KeepTruckin raises $18 mln as Silicon Valley eyes trucking industry
--- Venture capitalists have poured $18 million into a startup that is helping to digitize the long-haul trucking industry, the latest sign that Silicon Valley is eager to take a piece of a $700 billion-a-year sector that has long relied on pencil and paper... San Francisco-based startup KeepTruckin said on Thursday it raised $18 million in a funding round led by Scale Venture Partners, alongside previous investors Index Ventures and GV, the venture arm of Alphabet Inc... KeepTruckin joins a crowded and competitive field of young companies all vying for a place in the trucking industry. Startups including Convoy and Transfix, and ride-services behemoth Uber Technology Inc, are all aiming to unseat traditional freight brokers...
(Photo: ELD ratings)   --  San Francisco, CAL, USA - Reuters/NASDAQ, by Heather Somerville - May 18, 2017

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FREIGHTFRIEND * USA: Logistics fundamentally a relationship business

* Illinois - FreightFriend is not the Uber for trucking — and that's by design

--- While technology has a definite role to play in streamlining communication in the shipping industry, logistics is fundamentally a relationship business... At least, that is the thesis behind FreightFriend, a relationship-based exchange for the logistics industry founded by Echo Global Logistics veteran Noam Frankel... FreightFriend is an online platform where shippers and carriers can match up with each other. But unlike a public “load board,” where equipment availability and requests can be accessed by anyone, FreightFriend only displays postings to contacts the poster has already worked with... The company has been bootstrapped since 2011, and Frankel said it has more than 15,000 users and an established revenue stream... 
 Chicago, ILL, USA - Built in Chicago, by Andreas Rekdal - May 17th, 2017

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UBER's freight system * USA: Trucking industry question rates

* California - Independent truckers eye Uber Freight app

--- Truckers are intrigued by the launch of Uber Freight, but they want a lot more details about pricing and how the cloud-based, on-demand, full truck-load freight brokerage will work before signing up... Independent truckers told they would like to be able to negotiate rates – something Uber doesn’t allow for now – and they want to know if the division of the ride-hailing service will expand beyond traditional trailers to include flatbed and step-deck freight... Jimmy Nevarez, an owner-operator from Chino, Calif., said he believes using apps like Uber Freight to book loads will help keep his two-truck operation running... When truckers open an account on Uber Freight, they’re added to a database of freight haulers. When shippers need a load moved that matches a driver’s equipment and location, details about the load show up in the driver’s Uber Freight account. The driver can then click a button on the mobile app to accept... 
 (Photo by Jimmy Nevarez - Jimmy Nevarez of Angus Transportation signed up for Uber Freight’s new load matching app)  --  Chino, CAL, USA-, by CLARISSA HAWES - MAY 19, 2017


May 18, 2017

MAN TRUCKS * India - Rolls out 25,001st truck

* New Delhi - From MAN Trucks Pithampur plant

--- MAN Trucks India, a 100% subsidiary of MAN Truck and Bus AG, Germany, has rolled out its new CLA EVO range. The initial trucks were delivered to customers at an event at the company’s facility at Pithampur, Indore, according to a company statement. The new CLA EVO series comprises tippers, long haul and special application trucks ranging from 16T to 49T... MAN Trucks also crossed the 25,000 milestone including vehicles sold in India as well as in the export markets... The market introduction of the new range also coincides with the BS-IV emission norms that came into effect on 1st April, 2017... The series includes tippers, rigids and tractors, besides special application trucks that address diverse customer requirements... The trucks are designed to operate in tough operating conditions with high performance and efficiency levels claims the company...
(Picture: Manufacturing Facility, MAN Trucks India, vehicle assembly) -- Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, India - ETAuto - May 16, 2017


TRUCK SLEEPERS * Australia - With very high fitout standards

* NSW - Sleeping in cab comfort

--- What are the truck makers offering in the line of sleepers? Quite a bit it seems... In the Kenworth T409 and T609 series there are five sleeper options... For Western Star's 4800 FXB there are options of a 34 inch Starlight low roof sleeper or a 34, 40 or 54 inch Stratosphere walk through sleeper... Freightliner's Century Class CST112 offers a 34 or a 48 inch mid roof sleeper... Mack's Trident has all the same options as the Titan except for the 60 inch sleeper option but it boasts options for a 46 inch high rise and a 52 inch high rise as well. The Granite has four sleeper options with the 28 inch Super Cab... Iveco's Powerstar range doesn't miss out on a choice of sleepers either with the both Powerstar 6400 and the 7200 series...  All, every sleeper mentioned offer very high fitout standards with the range of fitout options in terms of finish and possible equipment installations, almost limitless... 
Sidney, NSW, Australia - Big Rigs, by Bob Riley - 12th May 2017

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CARRIERS COMPENSATION * Europe: By European truck manufacturers

* France - Carriers begin to look at the contours of compensation

--- The heavy fine of 2.93 billion € imposed in July 2016 by DG Competition builders European heavyweights (Daf Daimler, Iveco, Volvo / Renault) who agreed on prices gradually encourages carriers to study the Compensation for the damage suffered... One law firm begins collecting data to assess the damage suffered by French carriers and privileges the transaction with the manufacturers and gives itself until September before considering a legal proceeding. The Carving firm , on the other hand, tried to seek redress from the French courts, without excluding amicable solutions... The data analysis work has begun. The firms specialized in international litigation and competition law gives itself four months before considering its judicial strategy. "We will decide in September whether we are going to litigation, "... The carriers are also approached by the firm Carving, specialized in mergers and acquisitions, which advocates compensation measures before the competent courts in France (it targets fleets of more than 100 vehicles)... 
(Photo credit DR: The € 2.93 billion fine imposed by DG Competition on European truck manufacturers encourages carriers to investigate the contours of compensation for the damage suffered) -- Paris, France - ACTU Transport et Logistique, by BENOÎT BARBEDETTE & LOUIS GUARINO - 18 May 2017

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* Ohio - Unsafe trucking companies change identities to dodge inspections

--- It's an 18-wheel con game. Trucking companies with horrible safety records that dodge inspectors by changing their names and so-called DOT numbers, as in the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)... It's happening so often in northeast Ohio and across the country that they have a name for it. They're called 'chameleon carriers' and safety watchdogs say they're putting all drivers at risk... One such example involved Anthony Costello, of Lorain. He was about to retire when the truck he was driving suddenly crashed on I-90 in Lakewood, killing him. His family later learned the vehicle was too dangerous to drive... The family sued and won a $2.5 million settlement. But in a sad twist, they've so far collected nothing because the name change by the company left the truck uninsured, their attorney said... The government issues DOT numbers to identify companies and to monitor their safety records. But when safety scores go south, some companies obtain new numbers and change their names... The GAO also found that 18 percent of chameleon companies were involved in severe crashes. That's three times as many companies that have not changed their identities... 
 Lorain, OH, USA - WKYC, by Tom Meyer - May 17, 2017


TRAFFIC CONGESTION * USA: Costs trucking industry $63 Billion annually

* Virginia - Congestion costs $63.70 per every hour a trucker drives

--- Traffic congestion on U.S. highways annually cost the trucking industry more than $63 billion in operating expenses, including wasted fuel, labor costs and vehicle wear and tear, according to a study by the American Transportation Research Institute... In its report, the “Cost of Congestion to the Trucking Industry: 2017 Update,” the research arm of the American Trucking Associations, calculated that congestion delays on U.S. highways are for more than 996 million hours of lost productivity. That’s the equivalent of having 362,243 commercial truck drivers sitting idle for an entire year... Broken down, congestion costs $63.70 per every hour a trucker drives... The most congested state in the U.S. is Florida, accounting for 8.4 percent of the total cost, or more than $5.3 billion. Texas was second at $5.1 billion. It was followed by California with $4.1 billion, New York with $3.9 billion and New Jersey with nearly $3 billion in total congestion costs. The figures are calculated for 2015, ATRI reported... 
 Arlington, VA, USA -, by CLARISSA HAWES - MAY 17, 2017

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TRUCKING e-COMMERCE-DRIVEN * USA: Or final, mile sector

* Nebraska - Werner makes entrance into last, or final, mile market

--- Global freight transportation and logistics services provider Werner Enterprises is the latest company to get on board in the e-commerce-driven last, or final, mile sector, with the introduction of Werner Final Mile... Company officials said that this service will provide nationwide delivery and related services to residential and business locations and leverage its large network of delivery teams with operations in nearly 200 locations. And they added that through this service Werner will mainly deliver large or heavy goods and items with two uniformed associates operating a 24- or 26-foot lift gate straight truck. Types of deliveries this service will provide include: curb or porch delivery; a threshold delivery, where an item is delivered to the first dry area, or a white glove delivery to a room of choice, dunnage is removed, and whehre light assembly may be provided... Werner Vice President of Global Logistics Craig Stoffel told LM there were a few big drivers behind Werner’s decision to enter this market... 
(Photo: Werner Enterprises Trucks and Trailers loading in Terminal)   --   Omaha, NEB, USA - Logistic Management, by Jeff Berman · May 16, 2017