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May 21, 2010

TRUCKING INDUSTRY * USA - Cost control top fleet concern

Detroit,MICH,USA -Fleet Owner -May 20, 2010: -- Cost containment is now the top priority for most fleet managers and the executives above them, according to a recent survey conducted by GE Capital Fleet Services... Almost half – some 48% – of the 75 fleet managers polled by GE Capital at the annual NAFA Institute & Expo in Detroit said cost savings is the main focus for fleet management in 2010, vs. 36% from a year ago... Specifically, 36% found meeting the company’s goals for cost savings to be the highest priority, up from 28% in 2009, while 21% were most concerned about driver safety, up from 12% in 2009... He said that to reach cost and operational efficiency goals, fleet managers are turning to fleet management analytics... Consistent with last year’s survey results, fleet managers said real-time asset data, such as miles driven and fuel consumption, are the most important metrics for managing their operations. Of those polled, 21% indicated workforce productivity metrics, such as jobs per day, travel time and deliveries per day, were other important data points that allows them to most efficiently manage their fleets... (Photo from curb-a-peal: fleet trucks)


Economy Improvement * USA - EPA Says Fuel Practices Can be Outdated

EPA fuel economy estimates on new car window are estimate based on rigorous certification process for vehicle

Detroit,MICH,USA -The Detroit Bureau -May 13, 2010: -- Conventional fuel economy wisdom often wrong says EPA, tasked w/ regulating mileage under CAFÉ standards. Says some of most knowledgeable enthusiasts / experts may get it wrong because of changing technology... Modern engines regulate air-fuel mixture so well that dirty air filter does not decrease fuel economy... Manual did better than automatics, but latest automatics lighter and more efficient... W/ lock-up torque converters that reduce losses, especially at highway speeds... 2011 Ford Mustang V6 is notable example, rated at 31 mpg highway w/ automatic gearbox, 29 mpg w/ manual... Among other misconceptions, EPA notes that idling cold car only wastes fuel...


Connected Vehicles * USA - Vulnerables to Computer Network Attack

Cars’ Computer Systems Called at Risk to Hackers

New York,NY,USA -The New York Times, by JOHN MARKOFF -May 13, 2010: -- Automobiles will be increasingly connected to the Internet in the near future. Car industry running risk of repeating security mistakes of PC industry... Connection could make vehicles vulnerable to hackers just as computers are now. Computer scientists successfully remotely controlled braking and other functions. Also demonstrated inserting malicious software and then erase any evidence of tampering after a crash... University of WA and University of CA, San Diego, researchers tested vehicle network security. National Science Foundation financed researchers attempting to head off problem... Says, "Taken together, ubiquitous computer control, distributed internal connectivity, and telematics interfaces increasingly combine to provide an application software platform for external network access. There are thus ample reasons to reconsider the state of the vehicular computer security." Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile report... (Photo from duhabin: Realtor desk PC)


Distracted Driving * USA - Looking for Larger Solutions to

Detroit,MICH,USA -The Detroit News -May 13, 2010: -- Ban on texting while driving only part of distracted driver problem... Selecting songs on iPod, eating and personal grooming are also distracting... Aftermarket navigation systems don't have lockouts to prevent programming while driving as do OEM systems... Voice control seems a valid solution as demonstrated by Ford Sync and GM OnStar. Passengers may control devices while vehicle is moving arguing against banning... Only sensors requiring both hands on steering wheel will thwart driver use of gadgets... (Video from YouTube, by koattv —7 Feb 2008: Driving experiment shows the dangers of texting while driving. Studies show you are 5 times more likely to get in an accident)


MEXICAN TRUCKS * USA - President Calderon Urges End to Trucking Dispute

Washington,DC,USA -Bloomberg /Transport Topics -19 May 2010: -- Mexican President Felipe Calderon, visiting Washington this week, said that Mexico and the United States must work toward resolving the dispute between the two nations over allowing Mexican trucks access to U.S. highways... Calderon, speaking to reporters after meeting with President Obama, said a resolution that will allow cross-border trucking is vital to ensuring trade and commerce between the two countries... He said the two countries will “continue to work to solve this quickly,” Bloomberg reported. About 80% of Mexican exports go to the United States... (Photo from mexicotrucker: Reynosa. Mexican trucks traveling north on Mexico 85 from Monterrey into Nuevo Laredo)


May 20, 2010

TAX POLICY * Australia - Industry will abandon B-doubles due to rego rise

Annual registration costs for the combination will hit $15,340 – $4,000 more than a double road train and almost $2,000 more than a triple road train

Trucks, B-Doubles & Caravans from Joy Cooper on Vimeo.

Brisbane,QNLD,Australia -ATN, by Brad Gardner -May 19, 2010: -- The Bligh Government is being urged to review it support for higher truck registration fees after claims they could jeopardise road safety... Along with all jurisdictions, Queensland agreed to increase fees by 4.2 percent from July 1 this year due to a 10.7 percent rise in government expenditure on the road network... Toowoomba South MP, Mike Horan, says the increase will force trucking operators to stop using safe vehicle combinations such as B-doubles...


TRUCKING MARKET * USA - Wal-Mart Asks Suppliers to Give Up Control of Their Deliveries

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer, is seeking to take over U.S. transportation services from suppliers in an effort to reduce the cost of hauling goods

New York,NY,USA -Bloomberg/Businessweek, by Chris Burritt, Carol Wolf & Matthew Boyle -May 21, 2010: ... The company is contacting all manufacturers that provide products to its more than 4,000 U.S. stores and Sam’s Club membership warehouse clubs, said Kelly Abney, Wal-Mart’s vice president of corporate transportation in charge of the project. The goal is to take over deliveries in instances where Wal-Mart can do the same job for less and use those savings to reduce prices in stores, he said... Under the program, Wal-Mart is increasing the use of contractors, as well as its own private fleet of trucks, to pick up products directly from manufacturers and transport the goods to its distribution centers and stores. The retailer currently moves most goods only from its distribution centers to stores... The plan allows Wal-Mart’s fleet of 6,500 trucks and 55,000 trailers to carry more per truck and improve on-time delivery rates, said Leon Nicholas, a director at consulting firm Kantar Retail. Wal-Mart would also have more sway in negotiating fuel prices, he said... (Photo from matternetwork: Wal-Mart trucks fleet)

* Brokered Truck Rates Slip - Sequential drop in brokered load revenue points to sluggish pricing

Washington,DC,USA -The Journal of Commerce Online, by William B. Cassidy -May 18, 2010: -- Trucking yield and rates aren't rising as quickly as demand despite a surge in freight volume on highways in the first quarter, according to new figures on the trucking market... The average revenue per highway load brokered by intermodal marketing companies increased year-over-year in February and March, according to the Intermodal Association of North America. But the same revenue figure dropped month-to-month in February and March, suggesting trucking companies are having trouble raising rates off last year's price floor despite stronger demand for their services... The average revenue per highway load brokered to truckers by intermodal marketing companies was up 3.2 percent from a year ago in March, according to IANA... Average revenue per highway load slid from $1,247 in January to $1,168 in March...


DRIVERS' SHORTAGE * Canada & USA - So, where will transportation employers find skilled workers in the future?...

Trucking needs new ideas to fix pending worker shortage

Calgary,ALB,CAN -Today's Trucking -19 May 2010: -- As the economy continues to trend upwards, it’s predicted a qualified driver shortage will reappear in the trucking industry, but attracting new workers isn’t a problem isolated to transportation... A variety of sectors will face the prospect of a minimal workforce and, according to the Alberta Motor Transport Association, Alberta alone can expect to see a shortage of about 92,000 workers by the year 2018 due to the aging workforce and declining birthrate... The challenge for carriers won’t be isolated to the driver pool either. Trucking companies could face growing competition in finding employees to fill gaps throughout their operations... The AMTA has partnered with Viable Calgary to develop a workplace inclusion plan designed to provide transportation employers with helpful information for hiring and retaining disabled workers... This has resulted in the development of a plan tailored to the road transportation industry that is filled with practical tips and an extensive list of resources... (Photo from comps.fotosearch: logging truck northern Canada)

* USA - Driver Pay Falling as Demand Rises, Study Shows. Morgan Stanley warns falling pay could hobble carriers in expansion

New York,NY,USA -The Journal of Commerce Online, by William B. Cassidy -May 19, 2010: -- Trucking executives may get the driver shortage they fear unless they reverse wage trends in the industry, an investment research firm warned today... Truck driver pay dropped 6.6 percent from late 2008 through the first quarter of 2010, and continued to decline in April, according to Morgan Stanley Research... That's twice the decline in pay truck drivers suffered during the 2001-2003 downturn, according to Morgan Stanley's Truckload Wage Index... In April, the gap between wages and salaries for all private industry workers and truckers widened to almost 20 percentage points, according to the Truckload Wage Index... The survey shows driver pay falling even as trucking companies report surging freight demand and concerns over a potential shortage of truck drivers later this year... Transportation analysts called "aggressive" driver pay reductions "counterintuitive," suggesting they may be responsible for the "shortage" some carriers are experiencing... Driver shortages that tighten capacity may be "good for pricing," but hefty pay increases could cut into profit margins, offsetting pricing gains, Greene and Longson said... Driver pay shot up by as much as 12 percent in that period, they said...

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TRUCKING INDUSTRY NEWS * UK - Stobart boss calls for industry to unite on fuel duty lobbying

Appleton Thorn,Warrington,UK -Road Transport, by Christopher Walton -17 May 2010: -- Stobart Group chief executive, Andrew Tinkler, has called on the industry to work together and ensure that the new government understands the impact that the high level of fuel duty is having on the road transport industry... Speaking shortly after the coalition government between the Conservative and Liberal Democrats was formed, Tinkler said it was up to the transport associations to make sure that the government knew the real-world impacts of high fuel costs... At the same time the Road Haulage Association has welcomed reports that the new transport minister, Philip Hammond, could consult on the introduction of a fuel duty stabiliser...

* New Transport Secretary will bring in fuel stabiliser

London,UK -Transport Engineer, by Joihn Challen -20 May 2010:
-- Phillip Hammond, the newly appointed Transport Secretary, has wasted no time in setting out his own agenda for the future of the UK's transport and logistics sector... Hammond has said that the new government will seek to bring in a fuel price stabiliser, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in taxes, should the price of oil rise. He also ruled out the introduction of road pricing, a key point in the Liberal Democrats' manifesto... However AA president, Edmund King, is more measured in his acceptance. "We have had 13 transport secretaries in 22 years, so on average they have served only about 20 months each," says King. "Perhaps we need a fixed term Transport Secretary as well as a fixed term parliament."...


Cowboy Operators * UK - TC Brown warns hauliers over law-breaking foreign drivers

STC Brown says it will continue to punish cowboy operators using foreign drivers to break the law...

London,UK -Road Transport, by Chris Tindall -19 May 2010: -- The Senior Traffic Commissioner (STC) says operators using drivers of any nationality who flout the law will continue to be hauled to public inquiries, despite an admission by the Scottish TC that it is powerless to act against foreign drivers... Philip Brown's comments come amid growing anger at the lack of action taken against at least four foreign drivers employed by Kilsyth haulier McLanachan Transport... The company has had its licence suspended, its directors have been warned, one driver disqualified and 12 others suspended. The fleet has also been cut from 28 vehicles to 12 following a five-day public inquiry... However, when concerns were raised by the UK drivers' solicitor that foreign drivers had not been called to public inquiry, TC Joan Aitken was forced to acknowledge the legal loophole... (Photo from Lorry drivers)


TRUCKING INDUSTRY NEWS * USA - Hazmat truck ban extended in Boston

Vehicles cannot cut through city during the day

Boston,MASS,USA -The Boston Globe, by Michael Levenson -May 19, 2010: -- The City of Boston yesterday received a 45-day extension of its daytime ban on trucks carrying hazardous materials, a restriction the federal government had just lifted Monday after city officials repeatedly failed to justify the ban as required by law... North End residents and elect ed officials, who were outraged that loads of hazardous materials would be rolling through one of the neighborhood’s main thoroughfares, said the extension would give them a respite... But trucking industry officials condemned the decision to grant the extension, saying Boston’s daytime ban on hazardous materials trucks cutting through the city would force haulers to waste fuel and time driving out of the way. Industry officials also said city officials have had four years to make their case for the ban formally and have failed to do so...


HOS * USA - Truck collisions down 11.7%, most wrecks in first 8 driving hours

Arlington,VA,USA -The Trucker, by BARB KAMPBELL -19 May 2010: -- An Hours of Service safety impact analysis was released today which used an online formatted survey for carriers to answer questions regarding safety performance data for 2009 which was then compared to data from 2004... The survey was in response to the upcoming Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Hours-of-Service (HOS) rulemaking process. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) commissioned the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) to examine HOS safety impacts on the trucking industry. ATRI previously studied this relationship using 2003 and 2004 motor carrier and government data... The majority of commercial vehicle collisions (87 percent) occurred within the first eight hours of driving. A similar trend was found in an analysis of fatal truck collisions using the Trucks Involved in Fatal Accidents (TIFA) database. A review of 2007 TIFA data showed that 80 percent of fatal truck collisions occurred within the first eight hours of driving... (Photo from farrislaw: truck accident)

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TRUCKING MYTHS * USA - Study confirms it's not necessary to 'warm up' diesel engine

Winnipeg,MAN,Canada -Truck News -May 18, 2010: -- A study by FPInnovatrions-Feric in partnership with Bison Transport has confirmed that it's not necessary to idle a diesel engine to warm it up... A series of tests were conducted as part of Project Innovation Transport (PIT), which proved it was more efficient to idle the engine for a short period after a cold start and then to drive the vehicle at moderate load while it warms up to normal operating temperatures... The findings debunk the myth that a diesel engine must first be idled for a lengthy period to bring it up to temperature... The study also tested a coolant energy recovery system and found that it was effective in maintaining cab warmth with the engine turned off. The cabin remained a comfortable 17 degrees C two hours after engine shut-down, with the system turned on... In another test, FPInnovatios measured the effectiveness of Tire Pressure Control Technologies on hard-packed, snow-covered roads. Tom Fischer Logging in Huntsville, Ont. participated in the test... The tests with loaded vehicles showed no significant impact on fuel consumption when the tire pressure was decreased from 100 psi to 75 psi on snow-packed roads...


TRUCKER'S STORY * USA - Highway Angel Rescues Two Children From Horrific Accident

Alexandria,VA,USA -Layover -19 May 2010: -- Andrew Burkhart, a driver for FFE Transportation Services of Lancaster, Texas, has been named TCA’s latest Highway Angel for helping two children who lost most of their family in a horrific accident... At 5:15 a.m. CT on March 26, 2010, it was still dark and quite cold as Burkhart traveled toward his home in Michigan. He was driving northbound on I-65, near mile marker 63 in Munfordville, Kentucky, when a van built to hold 15 people passed him. Moments later, he saw a tractor-trailer heading southbound cross the median and slam head-on into the van before striking a cliff and bursting into flames... Burkhart dialed 911, then approached the grisly scene, searching through many dead bodies for survivors. Two young boys, held in place by car seats, were still alive and appeared unharmed. Burkhart brought them to his own truck, keeping them warm for more than half an hour until authorities arrived... The police determined that eleven people died that day: the driver of the tractor-trailer and ten occupants of the van, most of whom were members of a Mennonite family on their way to a wedding. They had only been on the road for a few minutes... For the kindness he showed that day, Burkhart received a Highway Angel lapel pin, certificate, and patch...


TRUCK'S MARKET * Philippines - Truck makers press for 2013 deadline for tariff reduction

Manila,Philippines -The Business World, by E. N. J. David -May 19, 2010: -- Truck and auto parts makers oppose the proposal of the Japanese government to bring tariffs of trucks, buses and other motor vehicle parts down to zero percent by next year, pushing instead for a 2013 deadline... During a hearing yesterday of the Tariff Commission on tariff cuts for large motor vehicles under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), truck manufacturers and parts providers said the government must insist that tariffs be brought down in 2013, the maximum deadline on this requirement under the pact... Current tariffs stand at 10% for buses and 20% for trucks... But an annex to the agreement allows the Philippines to postpone tariff cuts on various automotive products -- currently slapped duties ranging from 10% to 30% -- to as late as 2013 as long as negotiations are initiated this year and investments sunk into the domestic vehicle industry are deemed sufficient... The Japanese government proposed that the tariffs for trucks and buses be brought down starting next year... (Photo from relief center)



* China - JAC light-duty truck sales to break 1 million-unit mark

Shanghai,SH,China -Gasgoo, by George Gao -May 18, 2010: -- Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. (JAC) sold 62,500 commercial vehicles in the first quarter, including 53,000 light-duty trucks, up 70% from a year earlier, and the company is set to sell its one millionth light truck ahead of schedule this year, media reported today... Sales of light-duty trucks in China totaled 490,000 units for the first quarter, up 45.3% year on year. The JAC brand has been one of the best sellers in the country's light-duty truck sales... This year Jianghuai has offered three series of light-duty trucks to meet different budgets and needs of customers, with much improvement in its product line-up and competitiveness in the light-duty truck segment... (Photo from chinatrucks)

* India - Tata Motors may take Mexico road to North America

Mumbai,India -TWSJ/LiveMint, by Shally Seth -May 18 2010: ... In a move that will enable Tata Motors Ltd to establish a beachhead in North America and a few other emerging markets, India’s largest auto maker by revenue is in talks with Mexico-based Metalsa SA de CV for a contract manufacturing arrangement, two people familiar with the development said... Metalsa, a subsidiary of Grupo Proeza, manufactures components for the passenger car and commercial vehicle makers. Grupo Proeza is a privately-held Mexican group with diversified interests in automotive, foundry, juices and fruits, information technology and healthcare... Analysts said a manufacturing presence in Mexico is a significant step forward for Tata Motors that has in the past expressed ambitions to enter the Latin American markets... Whether the proposed agreement with Metalsa will extend to all areas it is present in is not clear as yet, but Metalsa’s diversified presence in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, the US and the UK bodes well for Tata Motors as it can have its footprints in these markets, analysts said... (Photo from Tata's tractro trailer)

* China - Foton plans India vehicle plant in 2011

Mumbai,India/Shanghai,SH,China -Reuters/The Economic Times -19 May 2010: -- Major Chinese truck maker Beiqi Foton Motor Co, a Daimler AG partner, is considering building a manufacturing plant in India, making 100,000 vehicles annually, three sources familiar with the situation said on Wednesday... The company aims to start manufacturing in India as early as 2011 and may bring its entire range of products including light and heavy trucks as well as sport utility vehicles to the country, another source said... (Photo from plm.automation.siemens: Beiqi Foton large tcm)

* Australia - Hanson chooses Iveco for new trucks

Sydney,NSW,Australia -ATN -May 19, 2010: -- Construction company Hanson is boosting its fleet of agitator trucks by signing a new deal with manufacturer Iveco... The company, which runs more than 225 concrete plans and 55 quarries throughout Australia, has ordered 76 new trucks to add to its fleet of 1500 vehicles... Under the arrangement, Hanson will purchase 76 Iveco ACCO 8 x 4 ultra light-weight agitators... The vehicles will be delivered during the third quarter of 2010, with deliveries going to most of the capital city areas... (Photo from truckworld)


TRUCKERS' HEALTH * USA - FMCSA’s Ferro: Addressing apnea part of ‘silver buckshot’ approach

Washington,DC,USA -Land Line Magazine -May 18, 2010: -- FMCSA Administrator, Anne Ferro, doesn’t see treating sleep apnea as being the silver bullet to improving highway safety among commercial drivers... But she believes it could be part of a “silver buckshot” approach as FMCSA looks at sleep apnea as one of several possible culprits among highway crash causes. Ferro said that apnea screening, testing and treatment should be affordable and implementable... Ferro said the industry needs to do three things: Raise the bar for those entering the industry, ensure those within the industry maintain a high standard to remain in trucking; and “we need to make sure that law enforcement, our own inspectors, and employers have the tools they need to get a high-risk operator with high-risk behaviors off the road”...


TRUCKS PRODUCTS * USA - IdleAire to Reopen at 23 Locations

Knoxville,TEN,USA -Transport Topics -17 May 2010: -- IdleAire Inc. said that it will reopen its idle-reduction facilities at 23 truck stops after ceasing operations in January... It is unclear from the statement who currently owns the company. When it restructured in 2008, its owners included clients of Airlie Group, Kenmont Investments Management, SV Special Situations Fund, Whitebox Advisors, Wayzata Investment Partners and Wilfrid Aubrey LLC... IdleAire ceased operations Jan. 29, saying it was unable to find a buyer for its assets. Its product included air conditioning and electric outlets, which allowed truck drivers to avoid idling while at truck stops... (Photo from idleaire: Dallas Black truck first)


TRUCKMAKERS' NEWS * USA - * Penske Orders 1,350 New SCR Tractors from Freightliner, Volvo

Company Cites Rising Demand

Reading, PA,USA -Transport Topics, by Frederick Kiel -18 May 2010: -- Penske Truck Leasing Co. said that it has ordered 750 new Freightliner Cascadia tractors and 600 VN670 tractors from Volvo Trucks North America, all with 2010 selective catalytic reduction emissions technology, partially because of growing freight demand... "We’re also seeing increased demand for commercial rental trucks, and this it’s part of our planned regular refreshment of our truck rental fleet,” Randy Ryerson, spokesman for parent company Penske Corp., Reading, Pa., told Transport Topics... (Photo from gpsobsessed: Freightliner Cascadia)

* Navistar wins Boyd Bros. business

Warrenville,ILL,USA -Truck News (CAN) -20 May 2010: -- Navistar has announced it has closed another major deal, having received orders for 325 International ProStar+ trucks from US carrier Boyd Bros... The tractors will be equipped with Navistar's EPA2010-compliant International MaxxForce 13 engine, the company announced... Boyd Bros. operates more than 1,000 trucks in its fleet and was named winner of this year's Truckload Carriers Association/CarriersEdge 'Best Fleets to Drive For' competition... The carrier currently operates more than 60 International ProStar tractors with the EPA07 MaxxForce 13... (Photo from trksls: Prostar trucks)

* Daimler renews Allison transmission deal

Portland,OR,USA -Fleet Owner -May 19, 2010: -- Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has crafted a multi-year extension of its long-term partnership with Allison Transmission, making Allison’s product the exclusive automatic transmission installed in all DTNA product lines, including Freightliner, Western Star, Freightliner Customer Chassis and Thomas Built Buses... Freightliner and Western Star are also releasing special “Allison Optimized” automatic transmission packages across a variety of vocational vehicles – bundling Allison’s best “feature content” with application specific vehicle integration...

* Peterbilt makes Cummins ISX11.9 widely available

Denton,TX,USA -Truck News (CAN) -May 19, 2010: -- Peterbilt has announced the widespread availability of the new Cummins ISX11.9 engine... The newest offering from Cummins is available for immediate order across Peterbilt's entire vocational and conventional truck line-up, including the Models 320, 365, 367, 384, 386 and 388... The EPA2010-compliant Cummins ISX11.9 boasts strong pulling power, excellent throttle response and high fuel economy numbers, Peterbilt claims. It shares technology with the ISX15, such as the XPI common rail fuel system and electrically-actuated VGT turbocharger. It's available in horsepower ratings from 310-425 with maximum torque of 1,650 lb.-ft... (Photo: The Cummins ISX11.9 is now available in Peterbilt trucks)

* USA - PACCAR engine gets EPA approval

Washington,DC,USA -HGV Ireland -May 18, 2010: -- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States has certified the PACCAR MX 12.9-litre diesel engine to 2010 emission standards... The PACCAR MX engine certification and compliance with EPA 2010 emission regulations allows the PACCAR MX engine to be installed in Kenworth and Peterbilt vehicles in North America, effective immediately... The PACCAR MX engine is available with a horsepower range of 380 to 485 h.p. and torque up to 1,750 lb-ft. MX engine production in North America begins this summer at PACCAR’s new engine facility in Columbus, Mississippi. The PACCAR MX engine has completed over 50 million miles in an extensive testing program. In addition, the MX engines have successfully completed evaluation in hot and cold temperature extremes, high altitudes and difficult vocational applications...



Strategic Buyers

* USA - 7 May: Midwest Refrigerated Services, Inc. announced the pending acquisition of High Track LLC. Based in McFarland, WI, High Track provides refrigerated warehousing, distribution and logistics services in North America and internationally. Terms were not disclosed.

* Malaysia - 11 May: HPI Resources Bhd announced the pending acquisition of Sierra Selections Sdn Bhd for $468,000. Based in Malaysia, Sierra Selections provides trucking services.

* Malaysia - 11 May: HPI Resources Bhd announced the pending acquisition of Kempas Teknik Sdn. Bhd. for $343,000. Based in Malaysia, Kempas Teknik provides trucking services.

* Malaysia - 11 May: HPI Resources Bhd announced the pending acquisition of Parit Raja United Transport Sdn. Bhd. for $156,000. Based in Malaysia, Parit Raja provides trucking services.

* USA - 11 May: GSI Commerce Inc. announced the acquisition of VendorNet Inc. Based in Boynton Beach, FL, VendorNet provides multichannel e-commerce supply chain solutions to more than 100 retailers and brand marketers. Terms were not disclosed.

Private Equity Backed

* USA - 11 May: RedPrairie Corporation, a portfolio company of New Mountain Capital, announced the acquisition of SmartTurn, Inc. Based in San Francisco, SmartTurn provides web-based warehouse and inventory management software solutions. Terms were not disclosed.

* China - 11 May: China Leason Investment Group Co., Limited announced the pending acquisition of 75.0% of Shanxi Wanzhi Logistics Co Ltd. Shanxi Wanzhi transports liquefied natural gas from its base in China. Terms were not disclosed.


May 18, 2010

TRUCKMAKERS * USA - General Motors to offer natural-gas versions of vans to fleets

Detroit,MICH,USA -DriveOn, by GM, Wieck -15 May 2010: ... Now General Motors is returning to natural gas when it comes to vans for fleet customers. It will offer compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) versions of the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana full-size vans starting later this year. But not anyone can get one: They will only be available only to commercial fleets... To make the van work on natural gas, GM's Vortec six-liter V-8 engine receives hardened exhaust valves and intake and exhaust valve seats for improved wear resistance... (Photo: A 2010 GMC Savana G2500 cargo van)


TRAILER MAKERS * USA - The new NFI Intermodal RoadRail state-of-the-art refrigerated container

Cherry Hill,NJ,USA -Refrigerated Trans -17 May 2010: -- NFI RoadRail is the proud owner of state-of-the-art refrigerated containers that will keep your products frozen up to -20F from the start of its journey to the end... Each insured container can ship finished product or raw materials. The products are kept frozen by a refrigerated unit fueled by a 120 gallon fuel tank that is mounted on the front of the container. Each container is monitored by NFI through an installed alarm device that provides inside and outside ambient temperature, fuel level, and global positioning, giving NFI full visibility during the entire length of haul. In the rare case of an event happening, NFI has back-up services to make certain your product is kept safe...


Fuel Purchases * USA - Show where economy is headed

Los Angeles,CAL,USA -Today's Trucking -17 May 2010: ... Folks in trucking have known for years that the business is a leading indicator, but now a group of researchers in California based out of University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)’s Anderson School of Management has figured out how to use that very information to make money... What’s more, they’re using your fuel purchases to do so... The researchers learned they can predict the ups and downs of the national economy, by tracking credit-card fuel purchasing patterns the way a hunter reads bear spoor... In partnership with the fuel-card people Ceridian, the researchers produce the Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index (PCI), which can anticipate and track the federal economy by tracking OTR fuel purchases... On an hour-by-hour basis, the PCI captures data about movement in the construction, farming, development and retail sectors... The online magazine Slate wrote about the new index, and described the discovery of the tool thusly...


DRIVERS FATIGUE * Australia - Exploding truck death fatigue related

Wedderburn,VIC,Australia -ATN, by Samantha Freestone -May 17, 2010: -- A fatal truck crash that caused the vehicle to explode was believed to be caused by driver fatigue... The truck driver died when his B-double collided with a tree on the Calder Highway in the early hours of the morning. Diesel leaked, causing it to catch fire... Police say the 31-year-old man was travelling south near Wedderburn in Victoria when the truck crossed to the northbound lanes... Senior Constable Peter Bullock from Bendigo Police station says no brake marks were found on the road, which makes the case “appear” to be fatigue related... Bullock says the truck was empty and on its way to the sale yards when the crash occurred...


ALTERNATIVE FUELS * Australia - Synthetic oil benefits transport industry

Australia -ATN -May 18, 2010: -- Amsoil 100 percent Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Oil benefits for transport operators looking to rise above continual cost pressures... Amsoil, which produced the world’s first API-qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972, says oils such as its (DEO) are an ideal solution for API CJ-4 emission-quality diesel oil required by model-year 2007 and newer diesel engines... A low-sulfated ash formulation is claimed to exceed the requirements for low-emission quality diesel oil. It is compatible with all exhaust treatment devices and is designed to extend the service life of diesel particulate filters (DPF)... Other benefits include lower volatility (burn-off) than conventional petroleum oils; natural resistance to soot contamination and a heavy fortification of detergent/ dispersant additives that keeps soot particles suspended independently, helping prevent the formation of larger wear-causing particles... Amsoil DEO, DME and AME lubricants are supplied in 208 litre drums and 19 litre twin pack cartons, holding two 8.5 litre containers...


TRUCKERS SHORTAGE * Australia - Freight Council to build on success of Road Ahead

Adelaide,SA,Australia -Supply Chain Review -May 18, 2010: -- The South Australian Freight Council will push for government cooperation to develop solutions to attract young people to the transport and logistics industry... The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) recently finished its three-week tour of more than 30 South Australian secondary schools to educate students about careers in transport and logistics and how to act around trucks while on the road... Freight Council Chairman, John McArdle, says the organisation received positive feedback from the students and teachers about the tour. About 1500 secondary school students were given an insight into the trucking industry from the ATA’s mobile education unit, The Road Ahead... The vehicle is fitted with interactive displays and educational games to highlight the importance of road safety and careers in the transport industry... He says students now have a clearer picture of careers in the industry and the Road Ahead is an important initiative in attracting young people... (Photo from exhibitionstudios: Mobile Education Centre, Australia trucking


MEXICAN TRUCKS * USA - DOT May Release Mexican Trucking Plan Within Week

Agency is expected to have plan ready for May 19 Calderón visit to White House

Washington,DC,USA -The Journal of Commerce Online, by William B. Cassidy -May 14, 2010: -- The Department of Transportation is expected to brief members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on a plan for cross-border trucking with Mexico before Mexican President Felipe Calderón visits Washington next week, according to a report today from Inside U.S. Trade... President Obama may present a trucking plan to Calderón when they meet at the White House May 19, anonymous sources told Inside U.S. Trade, but the same sources said immigration and Mexico's drug war could bump trucking from the meeting's agenda... Cross-border trucking with Mexico is required by the North American Free Trade Agreement, however, and supporters of a new program say opponents are concerned with the potential loss of U.S. jobs, not highway safety... Any such program may face strong opposition in Congress. Last month a group of 78 members of Congress, mainly Democrats, demanded the Obama administration renegotiate NAFTA to eliminate its Mexican trucking mandate... (Photo from runoftheworld: Tijuana border traffic)

* Opinion: Considering the cross-border issue - The Other Side of the Border

USA -Blog4Truckers, by Timothy Brady -19 May 2010: -- With the upcoming visit of President Calderon of Mexico to Washington, I thought it wise to look at the Mexican view of the Cross-Border trucking issue. In this article I’m going to report the facts... The different sides on the immigration issue are polarized. So it is not surprising that same division exists discussing the US allowing Mexican trucks to deliver freight to destinations within our borders and pick up loads from the US with destinations in Mexico... Keep in mind, these are the same arrangements we have with Canadian truckers... The message I’d like to pass on is that the U.S. should depoliticize the transportation element of the Free Trade Agreement because the only thing that has resulted is uncertainty between businesses of both countries... Unfortunately, this topic has been politicized in the U.S. and has been used as an election issue since 1995 when the border should have begun to open, and each election cycle is vulnerable to the pressures exhibited by the Teamsters. This causes the U.S. government to breach its treaty obligations with the government of Mexico...


May 17, 2010


Briefing Weekly News

(Photo from thewallpapers: Boeing-787)

from Freight Forwarding

* Corruption allegations made against Panalpina and EGL
- The American Department of Justice has entered a case against Panalpina, EGL (now part of CEVA) and the defence contractor Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) alleging corruption in forwarding contracts for logistics serving US forces in Iraq. Read Full Brief Here

* GAC opens new office in Kuwait
- Middle East based shipping and logistics service provider GAC Kuwait has announced the opening of its latest branch at Kuwait International Airport. Read Full News Here

* DHL launches customs brokerage in South Korea
- DHL Global Forwarding has announced the launch of Customs Brokerage services in South Korea. Read Full News Here

* GAC opens Oslo Airport office
- The GAC Group has opened its newest logistics office at Oslo International Airport in Norway. Read Full News Here

from Contract Logistics

* Global Logistics industry still left with acquisition 'hangover'
- New research contained in Ti’s recent report ‘Financial Ratio Analysis and Benchmarking of Global Transport & Logistics Sector Leaders 2010’, reveals that the industry is still suffering the hangover from its acquisition binge of the past ten years. Read Full Brief Here

* Marco's Pizza chooses Ryder in Midwest
- Ryder System, Inc. has announced that it has been awarded a Dedicated Contract Carriage transportation contract with Marco's Pizza Distribution in the US. Read Full News Here

* Stobart reports strong figures
- Stobart Group, a leading UK logistics provider, has announced its preliminary results for the 12 months ended 28 February 2010. Read Full News Here

from Express & Mail

* Deutsche Post DHL's profits soar in first quarter
- Deutsche Post DHL, has published its first quarter results, showing a sustained improvement in its profitability as the economy rebounds. Read Full Brief Here

* TNT and Con-way open new US gateways
- TNT and Con-way Freight have announced the expansion of intercontinental connections between the USA and Europe. Read Full News Here

from Road Freight

* Con-way reports loss in first quarter
- Despite Con-way’s revenues soaring in the first quarter of 2010, the company recorded a net loss. Read Full News Here

* Kuehne + Nagel signs deal with Boehringer Ingelheim
- Boehringer Ingelheim, a leading pharmaceutical company, has chosen Kuehne + Nagel for the management of its temperature controlled transport in five East European countries. Read Full News Here

* Militzer & Münch opens joint venture in Libya
- M&M Militzer & Münch has signed a joint venture agreement with Tegerhy International Shipping Co., Tripoli/Libya. It is the first joint venture of its kind. Read Full News Here

* Aramex expands road services to Scandinavia
- Aramex, the Middle East based logistics and transportation solutions provider, has launched a specialist road freight service to and from Scandinavia. Read Full News Here

from Air Cargo

* FedEx to buy more air freighters
- FedEx Express has announced agreements to purchase six additional B777F air freighters for its fleet. Read Full News Here

from Warehousing

* ProLogis leases space to Japanese internet shopping company
- ProLogis has signed a new lease for 269,000 square feet (25,000sqm) to Rakuten Inc., the largest internet shopping mall and related internet service company in Japan. Read Full News Here

from Shipping/Ports

* Container shipping resurrected as Maersk shows a profit
- A string of improving results from shipping lines confirms the effect of the remarkable bounce in freight volumes. Read Full Brief Here

* ‘Mathilde Maersk’ becomes largest vessel ever to call Vietnam
- The largest vessel ever to visit Vietnam, the ‘Mathilde Maersk’, has made its inaugural call at the SP-PSA International Port in Vung Tau. Read Full News Here

from Intermodal

* Pacer increases revenues and returns to profit
- Pacer International, Inc., the asset-light North American freight transportation and logistics services provider, has reported encouraging results in the first quarter. Read Full News Here

from IT Solutions

* Damco ramps up investment with Kewill
- Kewill, a leading global trade and logistics software provider, has announced it is delivering its forwarding system globally for Damco. Read Full News Here