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May 31, 2013

RECALLED: 841,000 Nissan's cars * Japan

* Japan - Nissan recalls 841,000 cars worldwide

(Photo: The Micra compact car) 
Tokyo,Japan -Reuters, by Yoko Kubota -May 23, 2013: -- Nissan Motor Co. will recall about 841,000 vehicles worldwide including the Micra compact car, also known as the March, as a result of a steering wheel glitch, Japan's No.2 automaker said on Thursday... Nissan is recalling certain models of the Micra compact car produced in Britain and Japan between 2002 and 2006, as well as the Cube, produced in Japan around the same period... It is pulling back vehicles in Japan, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East... The bolt used in the steering wheel of these cars may not have been properly tightened and at worst the steering wheel may not function, Nissan said in a statement filed to the Japanese transport ministry...

* USA - Ford issues 3 recalls, including one for 465K vehicles. Potential leaky fuel tanks, fire risks cited in largest of 3 issued

(Image by Bryan Mitchell/The Detroit News: 2013 Ford Fusion) 
Dearborn,MICH,USA -The Detroit News, by Karl Henkel and David Shepardson -May 31, 2013: -- Ford Motor Co. issued three recalls for 2013 models Friday, including calling back 465,000 vehicles for fire risks after 600 complaints of fuel leaks... The new recalls are the latest in a series of quality issues facing the Dearborn automaker during the last year as it has issued repeated recalls for many of its most popular new vehicles. It also announced Friday small recalls of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ because insulation on the engine block heater cord could catch fire and of 2013 Ford Fusions that could have improperly assembled steering gears, which could cause loss of steering ability... The first recall, for potentially leaky fuel tanks, affects 465,000 vehicles — 390,000 of them in the U.S. — including 2013 Ford Explorer, Taurus, Flex, Fusion and Police Interceptor utilities and sedans, and Lincoln MKS, MKT and MKZ vehicles. Ford said it received 600 fuel leak complaints as of March 31...



* UK - Drayson Racing sets sights on EV land speed record

(Photo: The B12 EV/69 hopes to power its way into the FIA record books) 
Kidlington,Oxfordshire,UK -Gizmag, by C.C. Weiss -May 30, 2013: -- When Drayson Racing Technologies and Lola Cars introduced the B12 69/EV last year, the electric race car promised to be one of the fastest of its kind. Six months later, it set a record at the Goodwood Hillclimb, and it's now gunning for an even bigger record. Drayson announced this week that it plans to make an attempt at an FIA electric land speed record within a month. It will try to best the 175 mph (282 km/h) mark that was set back in 1974...



* France - Norbert Dentressangle acquires logistics Fiege Italy, Spain and Portugal

Saint-Vallier,Drôme,France -WK Transport Logistics, by Michele Longour -28 May 2013: -- Norbert Dentressangle has announced May 27, 2013 acquisition of Fiege logistics activities in Italy, Spain and Portugal...  In Italy, Norbert Dentressangle acquires activities Fiege Borruso spa and FLI (Pharmacy), which represents 510 employees, 11 locations and 264 000 m2 of warehouse space, for a turnover of 95 million euros... The transaction will enable Norbert Dentressangle to double in size. The group claims to be the fourth largest logistics player in the country... In the Iberian Peninsula, Norbert Dentressangle acquires the Spanish and Portuguese companies Fiege Iberia and Iberia Operador Fiege... With 342 employees, 5 syndicated platforms (69,000 m2), 4 dedicated platforms (67,000 m2), 20 cross-docking platforms (73,500 m2), they generated in 2012 a turnover of 34 million euros... It will generally generate 450 million euros in sales in the Iberian Peninsula, with 458,000 m2 of warehouse space in room, 1,800 vehicles and 1,700 employees...


* Australia - Introducing new VOLVO FH truck

* Queensland - Volvo FH tailored for the tough Australian market

(Picture: The roll out of the new Volvo FH series outside Europe has started with its launch to the Australian market)
Brisbane,QNL,Australia -Irish Truckers News (Ireland) -28 May 2013: -- Volvo make a number of alterations to their trucks for the Australian market, where drivers spend an average of five nights in their cab... The roll-out of the new Volvo FH series outside Europe has started. The first stop is Brisbane, Australia. Volvo Trucks’ ambition is to further strengthen the brand’s already strong market position in the country. Due to the exceptionally tough operating conditions in Australia, this launch also sends a clear message about just how high the new trucks’ quality standards really are... Since 2009, Volvo Trucks' market share has grown from 9.5 per cent to 12.9 per cent...

* Sweden - Volvo Trucks presents Euro-6 offer 

Stockholm,Sweden -HGV UK -May 28, 2013: -- Volvo Trucks has introduced new trucks with Euro-6 engines ranging from the smallest medium-duty 5-litre engine to the heavy-duty 13-litre variant. Beginning in the spring 2014, Volvo trucks will also be available with a 16-litre Euro-6 engine and with the I-Torque driveline for the 13-litre engine... For the heavy-duty engine range, the D11, D13 and the upcoming D16, Volvo Trucks has retained its tried and tested catalytic emission control, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction). SCR has proved to be extremely effective in the after-treatment of emissions and it is also the ideal match for Euro-6 requirements. In addition, Volvo Trucks has improved the catalytic coating of its SCR unit and the AdBlue injection system...

* Germany - Mercedes-Benz opens up a large warehouse at its site in Molsheim

(Photo from Mercedes-Benz - 610 employees work at this location specializes in the transformation of trucks and commercial vehicles)
Molsheim,Alsace,France -Logistics Magazine, by Philippe Bohlinger -31 May 2013: -- To improve its logistics processes, the Mercedes-Benz Molsheim (Bas-Rhin), has invested three million euros in the construction of a large warehouse shelving height... In early May, Mercedes-Benz has launched a new high-rise warehouse shelving its Molsheim, Bas-Rhin (610 employees). Three million investment and nine months of work were necessary for the development of 3,500 m2 storage... Over 4000 parts for different vehicles can now be stored in this building consists of fourteen rows of shelves that rise over seven floors up to thirteen meters. These raw materials, parts from subcontractors, but also parts directly manufactured by Mercedes-Benz Molsheim factory... Eight people were assigned to the warehouse equipped with cranes for the transfer of ordered parts to assembly lines...



* Australia - Recall for UD Condor PK 

Canberra,ACT,Australia -ATN -May 28, 2013: -- Product Safety Recalls Australia, part of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, has issued a recall on the UD Condor PK series of trucks... The recall applies to almost 200 vehicles fitted with Allison 3000RDS automatic transmissions... “Under certain circumstances the snap-ring connecting the oil hose at the transmission oil cooler is missing,” the recall notice says... “This may cause oil to leak onto the road and pose a hazard to other road users” ...



* Report: “Understanding the truck driver supply and demand gap and implications for the Canadian economy”

(Picture: Hell on the Highway)
Mississauga,CAN -The Mississauga Business Times, by Mike Beggs -31 May 2013: -- That’s the title of a comprehensive new Conference Board of Canada Report, commissioned by the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), which throws this longstanding issue into high relief – suggesting the driver shortage could reach 25,000 to 33,000 by 2020, with dire consequences for the trucking industry, consumer goods, and the economy... Consider that in Ontario 90 per cent of consumer goods and food items are moved by truck, and the trucking industry supports almost 480,000 jobs in Canada, resulting in almost $24 billion in personal income... The supply of truck drivers is predicted to nosedive over the next decade – between older drivers nearing retirement, and young people not wanting to get into the industry. Sixty per cent of truck drivers are now over the age of 45, and almost 25 per cent are 55 or older. Meanwhile, only 12 per cent of truck drivers are under the age of 30, far lower than in other occupations... The Report cites such dissuading factors as: employment opportunities in other sectors; poor compensation for drivers; rising operational costs; the demanding lifestyle and working conditions; increased traffic congestion and delays; and heightened border controls and safety requirements...



* Virginia - New study shows heavy trucks boast better safety record than medium-duty trucks

Arlington,VA,USA -Truck News (CAN) -May 30, 2013: -- A new report from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) suggests that combining medium- and heavy-duty truck crash statistics drags down the true safety record of the US heavy truck fleet... The study separated and evaluated a decade’s worth of crashes for medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, identifying notable crash trends for each vehicle population... The analysis revealed noticeable differences in safety trends between the two vehicle types, with medium-duty trucks generally performing worse than heavy-duty trucks, ATRI reported...


* Australia - New braking requirements for trucks

* Australia - Changes to heavy vehicle braking requirements

(Picture: Australian heavy metal trucks amidst Perth and Pilbara) 
Canberra,ACT,Australia -ATA Friday Facts -31 May 2013: -- The ATA has supported proposed changes to the Australian Design Rules (ADR) for heavy vehicle braking systems in its submission to the Department of Transport and Infrastructure today... The changes would introduce mandatory ABS braking systems for heavy vehicles and ABS/load sensing technology for trailers as part of the National Heavy Vehicle Braking Strategy... The ATA submission sets out a number of technical recommendations to improve the proposed ADR, including specific load settings and policies to support trailer interchange during the introduction of advanced braking systems... ATA Policy Manager, David Coonan, said the recommendations followed extensive consultation with the ATA's Industry Technical Council, with input from leading brake testing and certification engineers, experienced combination designers and and a range of operators with real experience in environments across Australia...


Aston Martin's Vantage S: A ANNIVERSARY CAR for James Bond * UK

* Gaydon - Ad-Vantage: Aston Martin's V12 Vantage S takes over

(Newly restyled V12 Vantage S is fantastically dynamic, especially when placed in dramatic pose against a monochromatic industrial backdrop) 
Gaydon,Warwickshire,UK -Gizmag, by Angus MacKenzie -May 29, 2013: -- One hundred years Aston Martin has provided car collectors and now as part of its centen Vantage Sry celebrations, the bespoke company from the UK has gone ahead and increased its Vantage’s advantage with the new 565 hp V12 Vantage S... The key bits of the already fantastic Vantage reside not in the open but under that beautifully proportioned skin... The new Vantage S start with an improved 6.0 liter V12, the new S now lays down power to the tune of 565 horsepower (573 PS), an increase of 11 percent from the outgoing model. Torque figures, have also increased. Twisting of the rear axle is upped from 570 Nm (420 lb.ft) to a very healthy 620 Nm (457 lb.ft )... Inside the new V12’s mechanical DNA, Aston Martin has implanted a new steering system, new suspension bits and a very angry exhaust system...  To manage lateral weight transfers and overall stability, the S has adopted 3-stage adaptive damping. This new suspension system, a first for the Vantage family, allows the driver to tailor the ride to the situation. Normal, Sport and Track mode, like other manufacturer’s suspension offerings, affects suspension rates and lateral rolling, depending on the level of performance or comfort required... Lightweight forged alloy 10-spoke wheels shod with serious rubber, plus new carbon ceramic brakes, and the addition of a “track-mode” setting with delayed anti-lock braking technology finishes out the performance part of the S package...


May 30, 2013


* Canada - More proof that hands-free devices are distracting

Alberta,CAN -The Car Connection, by Richard Read -May 29, 2013: -- If you enjoy using Bluetooth headsets or making calls through your dashboard, we have some bad news: a recent study suggests that using hands-free devices can be a major distraction for drivers... The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Alberta, and it's one of several that have made the debate over distracted driving increasingly tense over the past year... For their project at the University of Alberta, professor Yagesh Bhambhani and a graduate student, Mayank Rehani, not only made note of participants' driving errors, they also used infrared spectroscopy to survey the subjects' brains during the experiments. When all was said and done, the two found that "drivers who talk using a hands-free cellular device made significantly more driving errors—such as crossing the centre line, speeding and changing lanes without signalling—compared with just driving alone. The jump in errors also corresponded with a spike in heart rate and brain activity" ...



* Virginia - Trucking continues as dominant freight mode, ATA Report says

Arlington,VA,USA -Transport Topics -29 May 2013: -- Trucking continues to be the dominant U.S. mode of freight transportation, hauling 68.5% of freight last year, according to an American Trucking Associations report released Wednesday... “American Trucking Trends” said the trucking industry moved 9.4 billion tons of freight last year, equaling $642.1 billion, or 80.7%, of the nation’s total freight bill... The report also found that: 
There are 6.9 million people employed in trucking-related industries. 
The majority of trucking companies are small businesses, with 90.5% operating six or fewer trucks. 
Only 2.8% of fleets operate more than 20 trucks. 
Classes 6-8 trucks traveled 137.2 billion miles in 2011, up 4.7% from the previous year. 
The trucking industry paid $36.5 billion in federal and state highway user fees and taxes in 2011, a 10.3% increase from 2009. 

* California - Strong SoCal Port activity boosts trucking, economy

(Photo by Larry Smith/Trans Pixs) 
Bloomington, Ind.,USA -Bloomberg/Transport Topics -29 May 2013: -- More goods entering Southern California ports signals optimism about the U.S. economy and the trucking industry, Bloomberg News reported Wednesday... Combined inbound-container volume at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports rose 3.5% in the first four months of 2013 from a year earlier... That follows total imports through the sister ports that rose 0.9% last year from 2011. The two facilities make up the largest U.S. port complex... The activity suggests that an increase of 3% to 5% — consistent with modest consumption growth — is attainable this year... An index of U.S. truck loadings rose 3.9% in April from a year ago, following a 4.2% gain the prior month, Bloomberg reported, citing data from FTR Associates...


TRUCK CONGESTION: Brazil & Bulgaria / Turkey border

* Brazil - 50 kms. parked trucks on the Anchieta highway

(Photo: Truck line of up to 50 km reported at Santos Port)
Santos,SP,Brazil -Reuters/The Canadian Cattlemen, by Laiz de Souza/Brian Winter and Caroline Stauffer -May 28, 2013: -- A new ordinance that prohibits trucks from parking at Brazil's main Santos port at night caused what may be the worst traffic jam of a busy season on Tuesday, slowing delivery of the country's record soybean crop...  Lines of parked trucks extended as much as 50 km on the Anchieta highway leading to the Santos coast, according to highway operator EcoVias. Congestion was later reduced after lanes for return traffic were reversed, but afternoon rains made for slow passage... The new regulations took effect on Monday and were meant to pressure authorities to find a solution for the massive number of trucks that have been bothering nearby residents for months as Brazil exports record amounts of soy, sugar and corn... But Tuesday's chaos on the highways was enough to persuade the municipality of Cubatao to suspend temporarily the ordinance limiting the hours for truck parking and search for another solution... As much as two-thirds of Brazil's new investments in the first quarter were likely related to construction of heavy trucks...

* Turkey - To Restore Restrictions for Bulgarian Trucks June 1

(Photo by BGNES - In mid-May, Bulgarian freight road carriers blocked the Kapitan Andreevo-Kapakule and the Lessovo border crossing points between Bulgaria and Turkey in protest against restrictions on the other side of the border) 
Sofia,Bulgaria -Novinite -May 28, 2013: -- The restrictive measures against Bulgarian freight road carriers will not only be restored effective June 1, but even upped, as this is the position of the Turkish haulers association UND... The Bulgarian Focus news agency cites Tuesday Koycho Rusev, member of the Managing Board of the Association of Bulgarian Enterprises for International Road Transport and Roads, AEBTRI, in saying the decision has been made after 8 hours of negotiations... He says that the only way to deal with the issue now, is to impose the same restrictions for Turkish haulers entering Bulgaria... Bulgarian drivers and truck owners are outraged by the hurdles for their business on the other side of the border and by unfair competition. They complained from unfounded restrictions such as not allowing into Turkish territory trucks carrying over 500 liters of fuel or making drivers wait at the Turkish border for days... 

* New Zealand - Truck fatality sparks call for industry wide probe

(Photo by Peter de Graaf - A transport union has called for a thorough investigation of truck crashes after a man died when these two trucks collided at Kerikeri on Tuesday) 
Kerikeri.New Zealand -The Northern Advocate, by Peter de Graaf -30 May 2013: -- A transport union is calling for a thorough investigation of the causes of truck accidents after a fatal crash near Kerikeri... The accident occurred when a truck turning out of a packhouse driveway collided with a truck and trailer on Kerikeri Rd at 6.20am on Tuesday. The truck and trailer cab bore the brunt of the collision, leaving the driver trapped. He died despite determined efforts to free him... FIRST Union transport and logistics secretary Karl Andersen said road transport, alongside mining and forestry, was a major contributor to workplace deaths... In 2011, the most recent figures available, road crashes involving trucks caused 50 deaths. While truck accidents resulting in fatalities had fallen since a peak in the 1990s, 50 was still too high, Mr Andersen said...  The Labour Party has also called for an inquiry into wider issues in the trucking industry, including contracting and remuneration issues...

* Australia - More than 100 trucks defected, 200 fines in police blitz

(Photo: Police stopped nearly 3,000 trucks as part of a national operation) 
Kimba,South A-The Herald Sun -May 29, 2013: -- A Police heavy vehicle blitz has led to 132 trucks being defected and almost 200 fines issued... More than 1400 trucks have been inspected at sites at Kimba, Yunta and Port Augusta over the past week... As a result of the inspections, 132 trucks were defected, 192 expiation notices were issued, one driver was arrested and 27 were reported for various offences... Most of the offences were related to the driver's work diary, vehicle defects, general compliance and speed... The blitz is part of Operation Austrans, a national operation aimed at improving safety for heavy vehicle companies and drivers...

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May 29, 2013


* Illinois - Navistar begins shipping International TerraStar 4x4 models 

(Photo: International TerraStar 4x4) 
Warrensville,ILL,USA -Transport Topics -28 May 2013: -- Navistar International Corp. said it has begun shipping International TerraStar in a 4x4 configuration, one of its newest in its Class 4-Class 8 portfolio... The TerraStar launched in 2010 in a 4x2 configuration and the truck and engine maker said the new model positions the company to “participate in a significant piece of the market where we haven’t previously had a presence” ... The truck has additional commercial duty capability for construction, utility, emergency, oilfield and other vocational applications, Navistar said...


"It's been an awful year", STA * Canada

* Saskatchewan - Spring floods costs trucking industry time and money

(Photo from Discover Moose - Semi going through flood water on Highway #2 south of Moose Jaw)
Saskaton,Saskatchewan,CAN -CJME, by Kelly Malone -May 27, 2013: -- A long winter and flood filled spring has cost the province's trucking industry time and money... Al Rosseker, the executive director of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association said, that this year's flooding has caused the trucking industry a lot of problems... Detours are taking more time because a lot of drivers have switched to driving a turnpike double, which is two 53-foot trailers connected and pulled by one tractor. In regular conditions, the turnpike double is more cost and energy efficient...
Waiting for the road conditions to allow them through will have other consequences as well... The flooding delays have reduced productivity... Yet trucking is an essential service in the province, bringing anything from water, bank notes, truck parts, fuel, or even medicine to the people of Saskatchewan... The busy season for trucking has already started and Rosseker said they see a light at the end of the tunnel...


* Germany - BMW and Pininfarina = Gran Lusso Coupé

* Germany - BMW and Pininfarina team up for one-off Gran Lusso Coupé

(Photo: Gran Lusso Coupé. Is not set for production but its design elements could influence future generations)
Munich,Germany --Gizmag, by Angus MacKenzie -May 26, 2013: -- The Gran Lusso Coupé, a first time collaborative effort of two houses: Pininfarina stands as one of the most influential and iconic names in the business, so what happens when you put designers from this legendary firm in the same room as their counterparts over at Bayrische Motoren Werke, was shown at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy this past Friday... While clearly working off 6-series architecture, the Gran Lusso is wider and longer than its production brethren with long sweeping lines evident throughout, including a flaring hoodline that carries over and through into the windscreen. This singular detail then flows up and over a swept roofline and narrows down around the inset rear window and onto the shortened decklid... 

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May 27, 2013


* DC - US investigates 400,000 Ford F-150 trucks for engine problems

(Photo from Ford Motor Co: 2011 Ford F-150)
Washington,DC,USA -The Detroit News, by David Shepardson -May 27, 2013: -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Sunday it is opening a preliminary investigation into 400,000 of Ford's best-selling F-150 trucks for acceleration problems... NHTSA said it received 95 reports of incidents of reduced engine power during hard accelerations in 2011-2013 Ford F-150 trucks equipped with 3.5L EcoBoost gasoline turbocharged direct injection engines, the agency said in a notice on its website... Some complaints allege unexpected sharp reductions in engine power during hard accelerations at highway speeds, such as attempted merging or passing maneuvers... NHTSA said Ford has issued three technical service bulletins related to intermittent stumble/misfire on acceleration from highway cruise in humid or damp conditions in some of the 2011 and 2012 F-150 vehicles...

* DC - In wake of lawsuits, NHTSA investigates Ford EcoBoost engine 

(Photo: Ford F-150 EcoBoost Engine Teardown) 
Washington,DC,USA -The Car Connection, by Richard Read -May 28, 2013: -- Earlier this month, we told you about three Ohio motorists who are suing Ford over its six-cylinder EcoBoost engine. As with a similar lawsuit filed in Louisiana, the drivers claim that the EcoBoost's problem goes far beyond mere turbo lag, leaving their vehicles with reduced power for extended periods of time... In the Ohio lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received more than 100 complaints about the EcoBoost engine. In Louisiana, lawyers for the plaintiffs even point to technical service bulletins that Ford issued to fix the problem... Now, NHTSA is finally paying attention: according to a notice posted to the agency's website, an investigation into the matter has officially been launched. It appears that the probe will focus on the Ford F-150, which sits at the center of the Louisiana lawsuit, though presumably any findings would translate to other Ford vehicles with the 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost...

* DC - 2013 Cadillac SRX recalled due to loose wheel nuts

(Photo: 2013 Cadillac SRX) 
Washington,DC,USA -The Car Connection, by Suzanne Kane -May 28, 2013: -- General Motors is recalling certain 2013 Cadillac SRX luxury crossovers for a problem with wheel nuts that may be loose... A notice on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website puts the number of vehicles potentially affected in the U.S. at 18,871... According to Motor Authority, the number of SRX crossovers affected worldwide is around 27,000. Besides the 18,871 in the U.S., another 913 units are affected in Canada, while the remaining cars were sold outside North America... According to documentation from General Motors, the defect only relates to certain 2013 Cadillac SRX crossover vehicles with 18-inch wheels that have not had service that required wheel removal and reinstallation. Vehicles in the recall population may experience loosening of the wheel nuts... If this occurs while the vehicle is in motion, a crash could result without any prior warning...


US$ 15,000 2 TON TRUCK * UK

* England - OX: the flat-pack truck designed for developing nations

(Photo: Billed as the world's first flatpack truck, OX can be assembled by three people in under 12 hours once it reaches its destination)
London,EN,UK -Gizmag, by Adam Williams -May 21, 2013: -- OX is a lightweight, high-payload truck invented by toymaker, adventurer, and philanthropist Sir Torquil Norman with the aim of providing a simple, robust and cost-effective work-horse in developing nations. The 1,500-kilogram (1.6-ton) truck can be assembled from a flatpack package within a day and is capable of transporting 13 people, eight 44-gallon oil drums, or a total of 2,000 kilograms (2.2 tons) in weight... Manufactured by UK-based Global Vehicle Trust (GVT) – a charitable subsidiary of the inventor’s own Norman Trust charity the OX was designed from scratch to be amenable to quick-and-easy repairs. Most of the truck’s panels are interchangeable from one side to the other, and the fewest possible components were used to speed up the time needed for assembly from flat-pack... OX will reportedly cost £10,000 - £15,000 (roughly US$15,000 - $22,000) when it reaches market...


* Europe - EMISSIONS PROPOSED CO2 MAXIMUM of 95 grams per km

* EU - Proposes tougher emissions levels 

Brussels,Belgium -Fleet Europe, Tim Harrup -17 May 2013: -- The European Parliament has taken another step in its mission to improve air quality by reducing emissions from cars. The Environment Committee has voted in favour of tighter emissions levels to come into force by 2020...  These would see manufacturers’ average CO2 emissions limited to a maximum of 95 grams per km from that date. Further reductions for the period beyond 2025 are said to be under consideration, with 68 to 78 grams being talked of... Along with the measures being proposed, the Environment Committee has passed a ‘super credits’ provision which would encourage the manufacture of extremely low emitting cars – below 50 grams. The proposal currently on the table has to be ratified by the EU Parliament, Council and Commission... On top of these initiatives for passenger cars, MEP’s have just approved a draft law for small vans, reducing emissions from their current level of 203 grams to 147 grams in 2020. This represents a substantial decrease of some 25%...

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May 25, 2013


* Washington - I-5 closed after bridge struck by truck collapses

Seattle,WASH,USA -Transport Topics -24 May 2013: -- A section of the Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River north of Seattle collapsed after it was struck late Thursday by a heavy-duty truck, closing the West Coast’s main north-south highway in both directions... The bridge — about 60 miles north of Seattle and 40 miles south of the Canadian border — was hit by a flatbed truck operated by Mullen Trucking, Alberta, Canada, that was carrying an oversize load, a Washington State Patrol spokesman said... Three other motorists were injured in the incident, which state transportation officials said will disrupt freight routes between the U.S. and Canada, forcing traffic onto smaller roads, Bloomberg reported... 

* Washington - Collapsed I-5 bridge had a history of vehicle strikes, investigators say

Seattle,WASH,USA -Land Line, by David Tanner -28 May 2013: -- The federal agency investigating the bridge collapse on Interstate 5 north of Seattle says the bridge had a history of being struck by over-dimensional vehicles. The National Transportation Safety Board says the overhead structure of the Skagit River Bridge had visible damage from strikes that occurred through the years... The 60-year-old Skagit River Bridge carried 71,000 vehicles, including 6,500 commercial trucks, per day prior to a section collapsing on Thursday evening, May 23... The collapse occurred seconds after an over-height load guided by a pilot car struck bridge supports. The trucking company, Mullen Trucking of Aldersyde, Alberta, Canada, had a legal permit to haul the load on a designated route that included the I-5 bridge. The truck was piloted by William D. Scott, age 41, of Spruce Grove, Alberta... NTSB Chairman, Deborah Hersman, said the overhead bridge supports were 18 feet above the bridge deck toward the center of the two-lane southbound span, but arched down to a 14-foot, 6-inch overhead clearance at the narrow right shoulder... The truck load was permitted at 15-foot 6-inches, giving it clearance toward the middle of the double lane but not enough clearance at the right shoulder...

 * Washington -  Temporary fix planed for collapsed I-5 span

(Photo from WSDOT)
Seattle,WASH,USA -Fleet Owner, by Sean Kilcarr -May 28, 2013: -- A temporary replacement span for the I-5 highway bridge that collapsed last week could be in place relatively soon, according to a plan released by Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee, over the Memorial Day holiday weekend... “We will install a temporary span on the bridge that will restore traffic while we build a safe and durable permanent span adjacent to it,” the Governor noted in a statement, adding that if the remaining inspections of the bridge structure find no additional damage, the temporary bridge could be in place within weeks... The State’s Department of Transportation (WSDOT) added that it’s completed an examination of the still-standing southern section of the I-5 bridge spanning the Skagit River near Mt. Vernon, WA, and determined it will not need to be replaced...

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* New Zealand - Truck Drivers' Union: "Dangerous work practices putting drivers at risk"

(Photo by Alan Gibson) 
Tolaga Bay,North Island,New Zealand -The New Zealand Herald -21 May 2013: -- The truck drivers' union has blamed dangerous work practices for putting drivers at risk. The comment comes after yesterday's collision between two logging trucks near Tolaga Bay which killed one driver and left the other seriously injured...   Transport and logistics secretary for FIRST Union, Karl Andersen, said the industry was structured in a way that encouraged unsafe practices. "Many truck drivers are owner-operators and their margins are constantly squeezed, leading to drivers taking short cuts, running bald tires, breaking driver regulations, and in some cases using stimulants to get through. Fatigue is a very real issue for many drivers'' ...  Mr Andersen said Australia's road safety law was stronger, and a recent law change had stopped drivers' pay systems from incentivising dangerous practice... He said drivers worked long hours, and shouldn't also have to work in an unsafe environment...

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* India - New FUSO trucks produced in

* India - Daimler rolls out FUSO range of trucks

(Photo: Bijoy Ghosh - Albert Kirchmann (left), head Daimler Trucks Asia, and President and CEO, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, and Marc Llistosella, Managing Director and CEO, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, with the new truck at company's Oragadam manufacturing facility near Chennai on Thursday) 
Tamil Nadu,Chennai,India -The Hindu -23 May 2013: -- German truck maker Daimler AG rolled out from the company’s plant near here, the FUSO trucks with a local content of over 80 per cent... The FUSO range of trucks, which was produced by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, Japan (MFTBC), consists of five models that span medium/heavy-duty and light/medium-duty... These trucks will be exported and sold through the FUSO network to 15 countries across Asia and Africa... The Oragadam plant, near here, will now complement Mitsubishi Fuso Truck’s Kawasaki plant in Japan, and the combined target of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and DICV is to double the annual sales of Fuso trucks to 290,000 units by 2020. Company officials, however, refused to divulge the expected geographic contribution of this target...

 * Russia - Truckmaker Kamaz triples 2012 net profit and will pay first dividend in 20 yrs

(Photo: A Kamaz truck on route) 
Moscow,Russia -Reuters, by Gleb Stolyarov; Maria Kiselyova; and Douglas Busvine -May 23, 2013: -- Russian truckmaker Kamaz said on Thursday it would return around 500 million roubles ($16 million) to shareholders in its first dividend payout in 20 years... Kamaz, in which German autos group Daimler has an 11 percent stake, said in a statement it would pay 10 percent of last year's net profit in dividends... The company earlier reported a tripling of earnings for 2012 to 5.8 billion roubles. Under Russian Accounting Standards that are used to calculate dividends, the net profit totalled 4.9 billion roubles. ($1 = 31.2910 Russian roubles)...

* Chinese truck maker eyes parts centre in Nigeria 

Lagos,Nigeria -The Business Day, by Mike Ochonma -22 May 2013: -- With Nigeria as the most promising destination to make investment, CC Auto FZE, is making plans to establish a trucks spare parts centre... With October this year slated as the date for the commissioning, the spare parts centre will be located in the Calabar Free Trade Zone (CFTZ), Calabar, the Cross River State capital... The automobile company is devoted to the manufacturing of heavy duty equipments and special automobile vehicles ranging from highway trucks, trailer, off-road dumper, evacuation dump truck, cross country truck.self loader, fueltanker, Pick-up truck, mini truck, Minibuses and auto Chinese series. All these are based on Chinese Changchun Automotive industry cluster, which is the manufacturer of the first Chinese truck...


May 24, 2013

MAC LAREN limited edition: ONLY 100 CARS * UK

* UK - McLaren celebrates 50th anniversary with limited edition 12C

(Picture: Only one hundred of the limited edition 12C and 12C Spiders will be available ... 50 12C Coupes and 50 12C Spiders)
-Gizmag, by Angus MacKenzie -May 24, 2013: -- McLaren is looking to make the wanting and the owning of a 12C even more enticing as part of its ongoing 50th Anniversary celebrations...  Featuring a tidy list of anniversary upgrades, the McLaren 50 12C and 12C Spider are available as part of a special one hundred car run... McLaren’s Special Operations (MSO), the division responsible for bespoke projects, the design team went about implementing a number of technical and aesthetic upgrades to the limited edition 12C and 12 Spider... Fitted out with a carbon ceramic brake upgrade, the McLaren 50 12C comes equipped with 394 x 36mm discs up front while the aft section receives discs in a 380 x 34mm configuration. Surrounding the carbon ceramic brakes and holding the rubber in place is another upgrade in the form of satin black ultra-lightweight wheels. These high performance rims, set at 19 inches forward and 20 inches rearward, not only save 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of unsprung weight but also assist in managing the 12C’s 625 horsepower... Retail price for the limited edition McLaren 50 12C is pegged at £196,000 for the coupe and £215,500 for the open aired 12C Spider...

* Texas / USA - Garage-built Bailey Blade XTR sports car coming to SEMA

(Photo: BXR Motors - The Bailey Blade XTR from BXR Motors)
Fort Worth,TX,USA -Gizmag, by C.C. Weiss -May 23, 2013: ... A hot rod and kit car enthusiast, Neal Bailey had more than a decade of experience tearing down, rebuilding and racing cars...  For the five years and change since, Bailey has worked out of his own Texas garage, building and refining his car... He's also founded BXR Motors and hired a small team of professionals to help see his dream through... Bailey has envisioned several engines under the curvy, vented hood, and the latest specifications list on BXR's website shows it as a 5.0-liter "Coyote" V8 from the Ford Mustang GT. Bailey imagines offering the engine with supercharger and twin-turbocharger options that give it anywhere from 550 to 750 horsepower and over 570 lb-ft (772.8 Nm) of torque... BXR expects the car to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 4.5 seconds before reaching speeds of up to 175 mph (281 km/h)...