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Nov 29, 2014

TRUCK SALES * South Africa: MAN's

Focus on MAN Truck and Bus 

-BDLive -Nov 27, 2014: -- Imperial Cargo, a division of JSE-listed Imperial Group, has procured 60 MAN TGS 26.440 truck-tractors to service its line-haul operations in southern Africa. The new vehicles will join the 44 MAN TGS 26.440 units currently operating in the Imperial Cargo fleet which now numbers a total of 360 trucks... Established in 1997, Imperial Cargo fields a mix of truck brands and deployed its first MAN trucks in 2012 following successful in-fleet trials on the TGS 26.440... The 60 new trucks have been procured on a 36-month/ 600,000km rental agreement and are each expected to travel about 16,000km per month...



* California - Vision Industries announces request to prototype 32 Tyrano trucks

(Photo: The Tyrano, 1st hydrogen fuell cell porwered class 8 truck)
Long Beach,CAL,USA -Accesswire/Stockhouse -November 28, 2014: -- Vision Industries received an official request from a Canadian Energy Solutions Company to prototype 32 Tyrano trucks at a remote mining site in Northern Canada. The mining site has a massive wind turbine facility which can produce hydrogen through an electrolyzer. With the capability to produce on-site hydrogen, the mining company hopes to eliminate the need for shipping large quantities of diesel fuel (to the remote site) before onset of winter. During the winter season, the shipping lanes are usually frozen... Powered by a 536 HP engine creating 3,300 ft./lbs. of torque. The Tyrano is the superior drayage vehicle. With the standard H2 fuel tank configuration, the Tyrano can cover 200 miles (400 miles on an extended configuration) over an 8 hour shift. No internal combustion engine means no carbon footprint, no carcinogenic particulates and no noise pollution. Absolutely "Zero Emissions" with an electric engine. VIIC heavy-duty Class 8 trucks are substantially less expensive to operate on a per mile basis than diesel and natural gas powered trucks. The cost savings on a per mile basis versus diesel and natural gas, is expect to be around 35% to 45%. Debtor's hydrogen/electric drive system offers almost double the pulling-power of a conventional diesel truck...

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* Michigan - GM down to 1 million cars that need ignition switch fix

(Photo: Bill Pugliano / Getty ImagesDetroit GM's headquarters) 
Detroit,MICH,USA -The Detroit News, by Melissa Burden -November 28, 2014: -- General Motors Co. says it has less than 1 million cars left to fix with a deadly ignition switch defect, in part because the automaker believes a few hundred thousand cars it originally recalled have been scrapped and are no longer on the road... The Detroit automaker says as of Nov. 24, GM dealers have repaired 1.36 million ignition switches globally out of 2.36 million the automaker believes are still in use, or 57.8 percent. That 2.36 million figure is down from the 2.59 million older Chevrolet Cobalts, Saturn Ions and other small cars it initially sought in recalls in February and March...

* Michigan - Chrysler must expand air bag recall, speed repair

(Photo: Chrysler headquarters) 
Dearborn,MICH,USA -The Detroit News, by David Shepardson - November 25, 2014: -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told Chrysler Group LLC Tuesday it must expand its recall of 371,000 vehicles announced in June for risk of exploding airbags to a broader geographic area — and must alert owners by Dec. 1... It's the latest demand by the auto safety agency that the unit of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV do more to address safety concerns. It comes just days after the agency told Chrysler to move faster to fix 1.56 million Jeep SUVs at risk for rear fires... In a letter to Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne, obtained by The Detroit News, NHTSA deputy chief David Friedman criticized the limited "geographic scope and the slow pace of the recall" ...

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WEATHER TROUBLES * USA: State problems

* New York - Truck restrictions for 3 interstates

Albany,N.Y.,USA -The Associated Press/The Trucker -26 Nov 2014: -- Tandem trucks are being banned from the Thruway in the Hudson and Mohawk valleys because of the storm expected to dump more than a foot of snow parts of eastern New York... State transportation officials say starting at 7 a.m. Wednesday, tandem trucks are banned from Interstate 87 from New York City to Exit 24 at Albany and on I-90 from Exit 24 to Exit 32 at Westmoreland, just west of Utica... Also effective at Wednesday at 7 a.m., all commercial vehicles including large trucks, tractor-trailers and buses won't be permitted along the entire stretch of I-84 from the Pennsylvania state line to the Connecticut state line. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state is prepared to close I-84 as early as 7 a.m. Wednesday... 

* Georgia - 1.3 million bound for Georgia roads, airport

Atlanta,GA,USA -The Associated Press/The Trucker, by Kathleen Foody -26 Nov 2014: -- More than 1.3 million Georgians are expected to travel on state highways and use the world's busiest airport through Sunday for Thanksgiving, and officials say they're prepared for the rush with extra staff to monitor roads and help people move through security lines1.3 million bound for Georgia roads, airport... Nationally, travel volume is expected to be at its highest level since 2007, and low gas prices are part of the reason, according to AAA, which also gave the prediction for Georgia... 

* Connecticut - Commercial truck ban on I-84 has truckers sitting tight, losing money

(Photo by Frank Becerra Jr./The Journal News - A tractor trailer travels westbound on Interstate 84 in Southeast Nov. 26, 2014) 
Danbury,CONN,USA -Lohud, by Terence Corcoran -26 Nov 2014: -- Several tractor-trailers sat in the rest area off Interstate 84 North Wednesday thanks to a commercial truck ban Gov. Andrew Cuomo instituted on Interstate 84 in New York during the pre-Thanksgiving snowstorm... Truckers forced to sit and wait. Costly delay in job... Some truckers, like Rogerio Pinto of Kearny, New Jersey, who was scheduled to make a delivery in nearby Danbury, Connecticut, were going to avoid I-84... But others, like Keith Killen, who was headed to Massachusetts, had no choice but to sit tight until the weather cleared or the truck ban was lifted...

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DRIVERS' STORIES * India: Truckers' life

* The lives of Indian truckers speaks volumes about their difficult jobs

(Photo from Reuters: Around 1500 trucks were stuck on the way to Kashmir)
Mumbai,India -Rushlane, by Nabanita Singha Roy -November 26, 2014: ... About 80% of freight in India is roadways based rather than rail, and trucks are responsible for most of the carriage. While road activity is optimum, unfortunately road accidents in India is more than that of other countries. NCRB data reveals about 39,000 people die in road accidents each year. Of them, 26,678 people die because of sleep deprivation. Drowsy driving by truck drivers during transit is oft discussed... A sample survey of drivers by Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) in 2013 points to 29% drivers enduring sleep disorder. Globally, about 20% accidents occur due to ‘driver fatigue’... The lives of Indian truckers speaks volumes about their difficult jobs. Drivers don’t get uninterrupted sleep for more than 2:40 hours/day, and die at least 10 years before normal human life span. About 22% of drivers remain unmarried, and 26% of total trucks. And about 2,300,000 vehicles remain halted each day due to unavailability of truck drivers... Ramesh Agarwal, President of AITWA, and Chairman – Agarwal Movers Group has established the 1st ‘Driver Seva Kendra’ in India at Jaipur – Kishangarh highway (NH-8). Spread over 50 acres, it houses a building with 500 cots and fans so drivers can rest uninterrupted. The CSR initiative includes barber services, large bathrooms and toilets, and parking for trucks free of cost... Motels/dhabas operating at Driver Seva Kendra provide good and hygienic food at zero profit. A retail stop makes available daily need commodities at reasonable rates. A truck repair centre caters to vehicle repairs at nominal charges. Facilities are being used by 450-500 truck drivers each day reaching about 15,000 trucks a month. In data terms, this single Driver Seva Kendra is responsible for saving 41 lives each month through its ‘Nidra Daan’ concept. Ramesh Agarwal is devoted in trying to make this profession more dignified so drivers may get their due place in society. It is only when drivers have a respectable life and get due benefits, more people will join the profession. Policy implementations in this regard would take a while to reap benefits, so it needs to be put into gear at the earliest...



* England - Guardian reporter Gina goes trucking for a day as haulage industry appeals for new drivers

(Photo: Gina Bebbington in the hot seat. Just climbing into such a high cab caused a challenge)
Cheshire,EN,UK -The Northwitch Guardian, by Gina Bebbington -27 November 2014: -- The thought of me driving a lorry is, quite frankly, hilarious... As a dainty 5ft 1in woman I could not be further away from the image of a stereotypical trucker – but this is exactly what made me ideally suited to clamber up into the cab and try my hand behind the wheel... LGV driver training provider Horsepower teamed up with independent haulier Mark Thompson Transport to offer a taster day at Oulton Park racing circuit on Saturday... It was aimed at men and women who would never have considered a career driving trucks in an industry which is facing a serious shortage of manpower – and womanpower for that matter... Figures from the Road Haulage Association (RHA) show there is already a 45,000 driver shortage with 35,000 drivers due to retire within 12 months and only 17,000 drivers joining the industry...

* India - Trucking industry will have 480 drivers per 1000 trucks in 2022

(Photo: Indian truck drivers walk past parked trucks in Mumbai August 27, 2004)
Mumbai,India -Rushlane, by Nabanita Singha Roy -November 26, 2014: -- Indian trucking industry plies about 5.6 million vehicles and is in need of about 700/800,000  new truck drivers a year as per an Indian Foundation of Transport Research and Training (Delhi) survey... A survey has revealed that over time drivers available per 1000 vehicles has reduced. In 1982 this number was 1310. In 1992, 1000, in 2002, 890, and in 2012 it was 750. Projections put this number at a low of 480 drivers per 1000 trucks in 2022... In 2007 when Ramesh Agarwal became National President of All India Transporter’s Welfare Association (AITWA), he pledged to work towards for upliftment of drivers with focus on reviving this class and re-establishing its identity in society. While drivers are responsible for the major section of transportation, they’re treated shabbily and with disrespect even in the face of delivering in dire situations. Policemen’s apathy is a major concern says Rajender Agarwal, who has himself travelled in trucks to get an insight into issues faced by the trucking industry...


Nov 28, 2014

* USA / Pakistan - Art on wheels:

* Michigan - Celebrating the creativity of Pakistani trucks

(Photos Courtesy: Osman Khan - The Pakistani-style truck explores the country) 
Ann Arbor,MICH,USA -Global Michigan, by Mandira Banerjee -November 24, 2014: -- At a time when much of the news about Pakistan seems to involve drone attacks, bombings and jihadist groups, a University of Michigan professor is trying to change the conversation to the vibrant art and culture scene that exists in the country... Osman Khan is doing it by decorating a truck—Pakistani style. The vehicle is covered with a collage of floral patterns and pictures of Pakistani leaders, poets and activists such as Malala Yousafzai, the recent Nobel Peace Prize winner...
The back of Khan’s vehicle is ornately decorated with buraq, a creature with wings which according to legend travelled with prophets to heaven. The front of the truck will soon be decorated with calligraphy, ornamental shapes and patterns in shiny metallic and colored foil...
Truck art is found in regions of South America and South Asia, but few are as elaborate as the moving canvasses that rumble down the roads of Pakistan, hauling bags of sugar, lumber and other cargo... Khan wants to make a decorated truck part of the visual landscape as it crisscrosses through all the states...



* France and Sweden delay the introduction of safer trucks

[Photo by Richard Clark/Digimist - The new EU law will allow truckmakers to design new vehicles] EurActiv -28 Nov 2014: -- France and Sweden are trying to delay the entry into force of an EU law that will make trucks safer and more fuel-efficient, according to a document seen by EurActiv... Up to now, the maximum length of trucks in international traffic was limited to 18.75 meters and the weight must not exceed 40 tones. Having the same specifications helped ensure fair competition for trucks in different member states... The new bill allows manufacturers to build heavier and larger trucks as long as they are safer on the roads and contribute to saving fuel... The design, as proposed in the law, gives carmakers the chance to turn a brick-shaped truck into a rounded front cab. It also allows the producers to install aerodynamic flaps at the back of the vehicle... As far as safety is concerned, the rounded cab will have bigger windscreens reducing the drivers' blind spots. That will enable drivers to spot a cyclist or a pedestrian more easily. Adding aerodynamic flaps, according to the Commission, will also reduce fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions... The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) criticised the new rules...


TRUCKERS' SHORTAGE * USA: The youngest truck driver

* Illinois - Moweaqua native is ADM Trucking's youngest-ever driver

(Photo, by Danny Damiani - Hardeman stands next to an ADM Trucking semitruck) 
DECATUR -The Herald & Review, by RACHEL RODGERS -November 25, 2014: -- Nathan Hardeman, 20, drives through the Archer Daniels Midland Trucking yard in Decatur. Hardeman, hired when he was 19, is ADM Trucking's youngest driver... He doesn't quite remember what sparked his desire for a career behind the wheel, whether it was playing with toy trucks as a child or absorbing his family's passion for all things automotive, but he is sure of one thing... The Moweaqua native was hired at Archer Daniels Midland Co. Trucking last November at age 19, making company history as its youngest driver... At the time, an individual would have to meet the minimum age requirement of 23 before being considered to join the fleet of drivers, which has about 100 local-area and 50 city-bound, said Debbie Sarko, ADM Trucking terminal manager... Hiring candidates age 23 or older was preferable because an individual must be 21 to haul products across state lines or to transport hazardous materials, and applicants needed at least two years' prior experience, she said... However, because of the growing demand for truck drivers nationwide, Sarko said they can now evaluate younger applicants on a case-by-case basis and provide them with additional training...



* Siberia - World’s biggest dump truck goes electric

(Photo: BelAZ Trucks: A massive vehicle that can haul loads weighing more than 500 metric tons—the equivalent of 350 VW Golfs—just hit the work site in Siberia, claiming the title of the world’s largest dump truck) 
Siberia,Russia -IEEE Spectrum, by Katherine Tweed -24 Nov 2014: -- But Belaz's one truck, it has another claim that makes it even more impressive: an electric drive motor. Electric-powered vehicles have been around to do heavy lifting in mines for years, but those trucks, known as trolley trucks, received their electricity from overhead power lines... The Belarusian truck manufacturer BelAZ wanted the efficiency of the trolley trucks, but in a free-moving behemoth suitable for open pit mining... BelAZ turned to Siemens to develop a truck in less than two years that could carry enormous loads at a lower cost per ton than previous models and reach speeds of up to 64 kilometers per hour when not carrying any load...


TRUCKMAKERS NEWS * South Africa: CNHI and IVECO Trucks

* CNHI and IVECO Trucks born in 

  (Video from YouTube: IVECO South Africa invited several journalist to their new plant in Roslyn, Pretoria on Wednesday 19 November 2014) 
Pretoria,Gauteng,South Africa -3D Car Shows, by Gerald Ferreira -November 24, 2014: -- CNH Industrial N.V., held its first event series at the new Iveco South Africa Works facility in Rosslyn, Pretoria, Gauteng province. The event “Born in South Africa” treated guests to a 360-degree CNH Industrial experience... Along with guided tours of the new facility, CNH Industrial hosted guests on the site’s test track, giving them the chance to drive 4×4 “Tested by Dakar” vehicles: a Daily from the light range, a Eurocargo from the medium range and a Trakker from the heavy, off-road range... The establishment of this facility in Pretoria it is the result of a successful partnership between the company’s commercial vehicles brand, Iveco, and Larimar Group, a leading South African public transport operator and bus bodybuilder... The Iveco and Iveco Bus brands have established production assembly lines for medium, heavy duty and extra heavy duty trucks as well as front engined and low floor city buses...



* USA - Nissan offers peek at 2016 Titan

   (Video by worldcarfans -Nov 26, 2014)
Pickup Trucks, by Mark Williams -November 26, 2014: -- In advance of Nissan's debut of its all-new full-size pickup truck at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, Nissan let us know this is a big deal. To emphasize the importance of the pickup, the truckmaker will be sharing videos that provide behind-the-scenes looks at the kind of testing and priorities it has in mind for the new pickup. So we're sharing the note we got from Rich Miller, director of product planning for trucks and SUVs at Nissan North America, explaining what Nissan is doing and why. We've posted the letter in its entirety here, along with the first "truckumentary" video...


Nov 26, 2014


* Sweden - Truck maker Volvo sets aside funds for EU cartel probe

Stockholm,Sweden -DPA/Europe Online -25 Nov 2014: -- Swedish heavy vehicle maker Volvo said Tuesday it had made a provision of 400 million euros (497 million dollars) for a possible fine by the European Commission, which is investigating truck makers suspected of cartel activities... The EU executive last week said it was investigating several truck makers over a suspected cartel in violation of EU competition law. The firms risk sizeable fines... Volvo on Thursday said it was one of the firms that had been notified of the probe, which opened early 2011... As part of the process, the truck makers will have a chance to respond to issues raised by the EU in statements of objections - letters informing companies of the complaints against them... Volvo said Tuesday proceedings were "still at an early stage", adding that the provision will affect fourth quarter operating income...

* Germany - MAN says not making provision for EU antitrust probe

Frankfurt,Germany -Reuters -Nov 26, 2014: -- German truck maker MAN said on Wednesday it would not set aside any money to cover potential costs related to an antitrust investigation into the industry by the European Commission... Earlier, German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said the Volkswagen-controlled company would not be fined in connection with the cartel investigation... MAN would gain antitrust immunity as it approached authorities in 2010 with information that triggered the investigation, FAZ said, without citing sources...


Nov 25, 2014

SNOWMAGEDDON * USA: “It was the storm from hell” ...

* New York (USA) - The haul from hell for Belleville trucker

(Photo submitted by Mike Benson: View from Belleville, Ont. trucker Mike Benson's tractor trailer cabin as he is stranded in Buffalo's snowmageddon at a truck stop in the area of Cheektowaga -east of Buffalo- earlier this week) 
Buffalo.NY,USA -The Intelligencer, by Jerome Lessard (canada) -November 22, 2014: ... That’s how truck driver Mike Benson described his experience of living in the cabin of his tractor trailer since Wednesday morning — stranded in Buffalo’s snowmageddon — just hours before he was allowed to hit the road again bound for his Belleville home... “Im pissed off,” he said on the phone Friday morning, while sitting inside a Buffalo-area truck stop along with two fellow Ontario truckers from Trenton and Barrie... Though the last two days have been filled with sunshine in the area of Cheektowaga (east of Buffalo) the 16-year experienced trucker said state police would not let truckers move, facing a $1,000 fine if they did, still as of Friday morning... There were more than 250 trucks estimated to be stranded in the immediate area where Benson found temporary refuge... With the highways slowly re-opening that afternoon and Friday traffic heading east, Benson was hoping to be back at his College Street home “sometime tonight”...

* Connecticut - Plows and heavy equipment from Hudson Valley headed to Buffalo to help with massive snowstorm

(Photo by Alfred Branch - DOT staffers from Harrison among those headed to area where 13 died and more than 30 roofs collapsed so far in extreme weather)
Riverside,CONN,USA -Harrison Patch -November 21, 2014: -- Snow removal and other heavy equipment from Westchester and around the state is headed to the Buffalo area to help clean up after the massive snowstorms that have ravaged that region...

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TRUCKING INDUSTRY NEWS * Australia: 25 years of ATA

* ACT - Trucking Australia will use its annual gathering to celebrate its 25-year milestone

(Photo: ATA CEO Stuart St Clair says a gala dinner will be held at Trucking Australia 2015 to celebrate the ATA's 25th birthday) 
Canberra,ACT,Australia -Fully Loaded -24 Nov 2014: -- Next year’s Trucking Australia conference will be used to celebrate the Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) 25th birthday... The event, to be held in Hobart, will run from March 19 to 21 and will include a gala dinner on the final evening that will focus on the ATA’s milestone... Trucking Australian 2015 will also bring to an end St Clair’s tenure as ATA CEO. He will hand over his responsibilities to Chris Melham, who is currently the CEO of NatRoad...



Tata Motors plans to launch trucks with auto gear shift 

Jamshedpur,Jharkhand,India -Profit NDTV -November 23, 2014: -- Tata Motors plans to introduce several new technologies including the automated manual transmission (AMT) in its commercial vehicles in a bid to consolidate its position in the segment... The company, which has a market share of over 60 per cent in the domestic commercial vehicle sector, is currently developing on its own the AMT technology. AMT has recently been introduced in various passenger cars, including its sedan Zest as well as Maruti Suzuki's small car Celerio...Tata Motors executive director-commercial vehicles, Ravi Pisharody, told that "Tata Motors is working to develop the technology indigenously in order to keep the costs down"...


TRUCKS MARKET * Viet Nam: Truck sales

* Chinese trucks dominate Vietnam market thanks to cheap prices, domestic supply deficit

(Photo: Chinese trucks are on display at a car dealership in Ho Chi Minh City)
Ho Chi Minh City,Viet Nam -TUOI TRE NEWS -22 Nov 2014: -- Low prices combined with a failure by Vietnam’s domestic automobile industry to meet demand have enabled Chinese-made vehicles, mostly trucks, to flood the Southeast Asian country’s market... Vietnam’s imports of automobiles posted strong growth in both volume and value in the January-October period, according to newly released data from the Vietnam Customs... The Southeast Asian country imported 51,600 complete automobiles from all markets in the year to October, a steep increase of 79 percent year on year, whereas the import value rose 96 percent from the same period last year to US$1.14 billion...

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BORDER TROUBLES * Europe: Lithuania/Russia - Turkey/Armenia

* Lithuania - Russia barring Lithuania cars, trucks

(Photo: Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania: Cars from Lithuania to Russia fall 90% in a month) Vilnius,Lithuania -Press TV -Nov 24, 2014: -- Lithuania says Moscow is preventing the entry of Lithuanian commercial and private cars and trucks into Russian territory... On Monday, Lithuanian Interior Minister, Saulius Skvernelis, said, "Lithuanian cars and trucks are virtually not allowed into Russia" ... Russia has suspended customs procedures for Lithuanian trucks, which are now stranded at either the border or customs points, according to Lithuania’s National Road Carriers' Association... “There are verbal instructions to stop all procedures for cargo from Lithuania and cargo transported by Lithuanian vehicles," said association’s president, Algimantas Kondrusevicius... Lithuanian President, Dalia Grybauskaitehas called Russia a "terrorist state" over Moscow’s alleged involvement in the conflict that has been going on in Ukraine since November 2013...

* Turkey - Indirect diplomacy: Turkey’s plan of third border crossing point with Armenia

Ankara,Turkey -APA (Azerbaijan) -24 November 2014: -- Turkish-Armenian relations are entering into a new stage. The main factor in this stage is the psychological pressures on Ankara regarding the 100th anniversary of so-called Armenian genocide. Turkey, which was unable to predict the increase of pressures on the eve of 2015 and has no A, B, C plans against it, is gradually losing its positions on the relations with Armenia... The cards that Ankara has on this issue are the dividends caused by closed borders, lack of diplomatic relations, the psychological advantage gained by failure of implementation of the Zurich Protocols due to refusal by Armenia, and Yerevan’s unwillingness to establish a joint commission on history... Unfortunately, these resources have not been used over the past years, on the other hand, we regret to observe how Turkey, which takes a defeatist positions, is still obeying the pressures regarding the opening of border with Armenia...



* Missouri - Cass Linehaul Index up 7.3% over 2013 as rates rise

St. Louis,MO,USA -The Trucker News Services -21 Nov 2014: -- In October, the Cass Truckload Linehaul Index rose 7.3 percent year-over-year as rates continue on their upward trajectory... The combination of increasing demand and capacity shortages will continue to push the index higher as effects from this year’s new contract pricing are filtering into the market, according to a news release... Total intermodal pricing, as reflected in the Cass Intermodal Price Index, rose 3.9 percent year- over-year in October. This was a 4.8 percent increase over September levels and it appears that intermodal rates could increase at a low single-digit pace in 2014 because of a continuing tightening of the truckload environment...


OS/OW TRUCKS * USA: Exemption requested

* DC  - SC&RA seeks 30-minute break exemption for OS/OW loads

(Photo - There are between 50,000 and 75,000 oversized/overweight load permits issued in the United States each week)
Washington,DC,USA -The Trucker News Services -21 Nov 2014: -- The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has received an application from the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC & RA) for an exemption from the 30-minute rest break provision of the agency’s Hours of Service regulations for all permitted loads... The requested exemption would apply to specialized carriers and drivers responsible for the transportation of loads that exceed normal weight and dimensional limits — oversize/overweight (OS/OW) loads — and require a permit issued by a government authority... Because of the nature of the operation of OS/OW loads, the SC & RA said in its request that the association believes compliance with the 30-minute rest break rule is extremely difficult, primarily because of the limited (usually daylight) hours in which an OS/OW load can be transported as restricted by state permit requirements. There are thousands of OS/OW loads moving on the nation’s highways every day, data show... Steven Todd, SC&RA vice president, called the 30-minute rest break requirement a serious problem for the association’s members...

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* California - Two firms partner to promote tire self inflation product

(Courtesy: APERIA TECHNOLOGIES - Halo Tire Inflator is a self-powered, bolt-on inflation technology that uses a wheel’s rotation to maintain optimal tire pressure in dual and wide-based tires on drive and trailer axles used on trucks, tractors, trailers and buses) 
Riverside,MO., and Burlingame,CAL,USA -The Trucker News Services -21 Nov 2014: -- Velociti Inc., a global provider of technology deployment services, and Aperia Technologies, makers of the Halo Tire Inflator, a versatile, self-powered, bolt-on tire inflation technology, have entered into a partnership... Under the agreement, Aperia will make Velociti’s project management and deployment services available to its customers for the installation of its Halo... The Halo Tire Inflator can be used on drive axles of medium- and heavy-duty trucks and on trailer axles...

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TRUCKERS END STRIKE * USA: Los Angeles & Long Beach Ports

* California - Drivers end strike against two trucking companies

(Photo by John Schreiber)
Los Angeles,CAL,USA -My News LA, by John Schreiber -Nov 21, 2014: -- Port drivers ended their picketing Friday against a pair of trucking companies serving Los Angeles and Long Beach ports and rail yards, after the two firms agreed to engage in dialogue with the drivers to resolve ongoing labor disagreements... The picket lines were dispersed and drivers returned to work this morning after Pacer Cartage and Harbor Rail Transport officials promised to “continue discussions to resolve outstanding issues between them” ... Port driver Fidel Gonzalez, who works for Harbor Rail Transport, celebrated the agreement to begin talks, and said: “We are asserting our rights as employees and we won’t stop until we get them" ... Humberto Canales, a driver for Pacer Cartage, said the “days of driver misclassification are numbered” thanks to recent court rulings that sided with the drivers... Port drivers in recent days and weeks also ended strikes against six other trucking companies serving the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, after the promise of similar talks were made. These previous detentes were brokered by Mayor Eric Garcetti...


Nov 24, 2014


* DC - The Military just finished testing its truck prototypes of the future

(Photo: Lockheed Martin's JLTV prototype)
Washington,DC,USA Inside, by Brendan McGarry -Nov. 21, 2014: -- The U.S. Army and Marine Corps have finished testing prototypes of the Humvee replacement known as the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle... But results of the evaluations haven’t been released and manufacturers are still waiting for the program office to issue a request for proposals — initially expected this month — to begin the next round of competition... Defense contracting giant Lockheed Martin Corp., truck-maker Oshkosh Corp. and Humvee-maker AM General LLC each delivered 22 JLTV prototypes to the Army for testing under engineering and manufacturing development contracts signed in 2012. Now, the companies are competing against each other to build 17,000 of the vehicles under a much bigger low-rate initial production contract...


ENGINE MAKERS NEWS * USA: Cummins & Paccar

* New York - Truck market improvements and capital investments can take PACCAR higher 

NY,USA -Seeking Alpha -Nov. 22, 2014: -- PACCAR investors can expect a better financial performance, as strong truck orders should lead to more deliveries next year... The truck market is improving in key economies such as the U.S.A. and Europe, and to tap this, PACCAR is launching improved trucks... PACCAR has also outlined a considerable amount to invest in research and development, which should allow it to attract more customers with better products... The truck market in the U.S.A. has been improving at an impressive pace. This is not surprising considering that economic improvements and lower fuel prices have led to strong demand for trucks. As a result, truck makers are seeing robust order inflow. This clearly reflects in PACCAR's latest third-quarter results as its revenue grew 15% year-over-year and earnings jumped 20%... 

* New York - This engine maker is on track to deliver sustained growth 

NY,USA -Guru Focus -November 22, 2014: -- Diesel engine maker Cummins (CMI) recently reported strong results for the third quarter... Cummins is seeing good growth opportunities from the North American market. With the steady economic growth, Cummins is expecting to gain much in the key markets including buses and medium-duty trucks. In addition, the heavy-duty truck market also looks in a good shape and Cummins is expecting this market to increase by 22% which will give Cummins splendid opportunities in this segment also. It is also seeing good response from the North American acquisition strategy. The company has already made four acquisition and it is expecting another three to be completed by the end of the year. Cummins is expecting these acquisitions to add incremental revenues by the end of the fiscal year... Cummins is expecting strong performance by the global high horsepower engines as the company, after a continued two year weak performance is now seeing good growth in the segment. Cummins has also achieved certification for high horsepower generator sets and four engines from for rail and oil gas application. With such momentum, Cummins well is geared up for meeting the rising demands of the customers in this regard...


TRUCKERS' COMPLAIN * USA: NY / NJ tariff charges

* New Jersey - NY / NJ truckers complain about tariff change

(Photo: NY/NJ Aerial View)
Newark,NJ,USA -JOC, by Joseph Bonney -Nov 21, 2014: -- Truckers are complaining about a tariff change that restricts their ability to collect detention payments for excessive wait times and subjects them to $50 fees for avoidable trouble-window visits at most Port of New York and New Jersey container terminals... Jeff Bader, president of Golden Carriers and of the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers, said he has asked the Federal Maritime Commission to look into recent revisions to the New York Terminal Conference tariff. The revised tariff adds delayed ship arrivals and chassis shortages beyond terminals’ control to the list of reasons terminals may refuse to pay truckers’ claims for detention penalties... John Lair, assistant to the president of the terminal conference noted, that terminals incur heavy costs from off-schedule ship arrivals, and that charges for unnecessary trouble tickets have been discussed for years. He noted that terminals now provide information technology that allows motor carriers to use to pre-check and pre-clear shipments and minimize trouble tickets, which have long been identified as a leading contributor to congestion at marine terminals...


INFRASTRUCTURES * USA: Former DOT Secretary LaHood:

* DC - "Some 70,000 roads, bridges need repair"

(Photo: Bridge in Minnesota) 
Washington,DC,USA -The Trucker News Services -24 Nov 2014: -- A fund that subsidizes transportation projects across the country is nearly broke, former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in an interview that aired Sunday evening... “Our infrastructure's on life supports right now. That's what we're on,” LaHood said... LaHood is co-chair of Building America’s Future, a bipartisan coalition of current and former elected officials who want increased spending on the nation’s infrastructure... Nearly 70,000 roads and bridges need to be repaired, he said, and the U.S. needs the Highway Trust Fund to do it... The fund is financed through the federal gas tax, which is about 18 cents per gallon. But it hasn’t been increased in two decades. Congress recently extended the fund through May, 2015, but LaHood said improving infrastructure hasn’t been a priority for lawmakers...


TRUCKS' SALES * USA: October 2014

* Indiana - Class 8 truck orders up 76 percent year-over-year

Columbus,IND,USA -The Trucker News Services -20 Nov 2014: -- Medium- and heavy-duty Classes 5-8 orders were placed at very healthy levels in October, with Class 8 nearly breaking the all-time record for the industry, according to ACT Research Co. ... Total net orders for Class 8 were 45,978 units, up 76 percent year-over-year and the second best in the history of the industry, bettered only by March 2006, when fleets demanded 52,146 net orders. For the entire year, the industry set an all-time sales record for Class 8 trucks at 284,008 purchased, the result of a healthier economy and pre-sales before the 2007 emissions standards were implemented... Classes 5-7 net orders for October were at 22,453, their strongest level since early February 2008...


TRUCKS' TECHNONEWS * USA: O.C.'s Quantum Technologies

* California - QT rides clean tech rollercoaster 
(PHOTOS: NICK AGRO - Brian Olson, CEO of Quantum Technologies in Lake Forest, poses between rows of back-of-cab truck storage systems for compressed natural gas) 
Lake Forest,CAL,USA -Orange County Register -Nov. 21, 2014: -- In a placid industrial park framed by rolling hills of chaparral, Brian Olson, CEO of Quantum Technologies, strides through his factory with a certain swagger. They makes natural gas fuel systems for big trucks... The factory has high-precision machines which spin carbon fiber around giant tanks which will hold compressed natural gas... “What we make is unique,” Olson boasts, gesturing toward high-precision machines spinning carbon filaments in intricate patterns around polymer cylinders... The tanks, to be filled with compressed natural gas for 18-wheelers, are the “lightest, most efficient CNG storage vessels in the world,” Olson said. They enable trucks to travel up to 1,000 miles without refueling... Quantum says its strategy is paying off: The firm has begun to sell not just tanks, but whole CNG systems with multiple components. Contracts are signed with major trucking firms such as Ryder... The Lake Forest company is an innovative player in what looks to be a revolution in the way goods move across the United States (of A.)...


TRUCKER'S STORY * Canada: ‘The truck comes first’

* Ontario - Owner/Operator of the Year George Sutherland built his business by running it like a business

(Picture: George Sutherland is the 2014 Owner/Operator of the Year)
Toronto,ONT,CAN -Truck News -November 20, 2014: -- He has a new one to his name. Sutherland has been named the 2014 Truck News Owner/Operator of the Year, for his industry advocacy, safe driving, willingness to help others and his business acumen. Sutherland had an interest in big trucks since childhood and decided in 1994 to obtain his A/Z licence. He went to a driving school and after about 40 hours behind the wheel, passed his driving test and was ready to embark on his new career. He applied for a job and the owner handed Sutherland the keys to a tractor hooked to a tridem trailer... Sutherland asked which driver would be accompanying him and the owner said, “You’re on your own,” he recalled. “They said ‘If you can make it back by the end of the day, no accidents, you’ve got the job.’ So off I go in this single-axle truck, no idea how heavy the load was because, you know, it didn’t really mean anything to me” ... 20 years later: ... Asked what would attract more drivers to the industry, Sutherland doesn’t hesitate. “More money,” he said. “I think that’s one of the key issues. Flexibility of home time and having a company that’s honest” ...