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Jun 24, 2016

NIKOLA TRUCKS * USA: Electric range-extended trucks

* Utah - More than $3 billion worth of pre-order for zero-emissions tractor unit

--- Nikola Motor Company, an American manufacturer that wants to build electric range-extender semis, has announced it has raised $2.3 billion in the first month since they opened pre-sales... The company will unveil its first electric truck prototype on December 2, 2016, in Salt Lake City, but has over 7,000 reservations for the production model... They announced the intention to launch such a vehicle last month. The model is classified as an electric class 8 semi-truck, and it is called the Nikola One... Instead of diesel or gasoline, the truck uses compressed natural gas (CNG). However, it is not a hybrid, as the CNG utilized by this vehicle does not go to a motor that is linked to the wheels... The truck is powered by six electric motors, which are backed by a 320 kWh Lithium-Ion battery. The latter is charged by a range extending turbine, which will only operate when the battery pack requires it... A major selling point of this semi is the leasing program, which will only cost between $4,000 to $5,000 per month, depending on chosen configuration and options... The coolest part is that Nikola provides its customers with the first million miles of fuel included for every truck sale, a move which offsets 100% of the monthly lease for each owner. According to the truck maker, a diesel truck would have used around $400,000 in fuel for the same mileage, along with maintenance bills of over $100,000 for the distance, and Nikola includes those as well... 
Salt Lake City, UTH, USA - Autoevolution, by Sebastian Toma - 14 June 2016



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