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Nov 26, 2016

TRUCKERS' SHORTAGE * India: New comfort for truck drivers

* Delhi - AC trucks set to roll out from 1 April 2017

--- Starting 1 April 2017, drivers of new Indian trucks won’t have to suffer the experience of driving in an open cabin, braving the intense cold of Ladakh or the extreme heat of Rajasthan... The government, has made it mandatory for manufacturers and truck body-builders to fit air-conditioners in the cabin in all new trucks sold from the start of the next financial year. It’s perhaps the first conscious effort made to offer a degree of physical comfort to people engaged in an otherwise punishing profession, carrying cargo year-round in often harsh weather and terrain... India is already reeling under a shortage of truck drivers, which could become a major issue amid expanding interstate highways and the creation of a seamless national market after the proposed introduction next year of the goods and services tax that is expected to make it easier for companies and distributors to ferry industrial inputs and finished goods across states... 
(Photo: This is perhaps the first effort made to offer a degree of comfort to truck drivers) -- New Delhi, India - Live Mint - Nov 23 2016 

* But ... Truck makers ask Govt to keep decision on hold 

--- Truck manufacturers in India are not ready to introduce air conditioned cabins in India from mid-2017, as mandated by the government early this month. The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (Siam) has written to the government to keep the decision on hold...
ND, India - Drive Spark - 23 Nov 2014

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