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Jul 6, 2016


* Bogota - Truck-driver strike in Colombia continues, riots reported

--- Several disturbances were reported due to road blockages in different parts of the country as the truck-driver strike in Colombia continued today... The strike, which has brought cargo transport to a halt for 25 days, has led to the Transportation Ministry announcing, first thing in the morning, that the Government had lifted restrictions on cargo vehicles moving during the holiday that will last until Monday... Transportation Minister Jorge Eduardo Rojas said that the measure would allow vehicle movement along the main roads in Colombia, without any difficulty, during the truck-driver-strike... Rojas recognized the most important areas that are still disputed are the economic conditions that set the value of freight and delimitation of some routes... Yesterday, trucks drivers clashed with the Police Mobile Riot Squad on the Duitama-Tunja road, in the sector of Higueras. Media outlets said the number of people wounded during the riot was still to be determined... Cargo Truck Drivers' union leader, Freddy Alvarado, clarified that the strike was continuing peacefully, but when they were about to stop a heavy truck that was passing, riot forces attacked the strikers... 
Bogota, Colombia - Prensa Latina - Jul 1, 2016



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