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Jul 12, 2016

MINI TRUCK MAKER * China: Reaches $2 Bln

* China - Mini truck maker's Fortune reaches $2 Bln as new listing climbs again

--- The fortune of Zhang Xinghai, chairman of Chinese mini truck maker Chongqing Sokon Industry Group reached $2 billion after the company’s high-flying listing closed at its upper daily trading limit for the 18th consecutive trading day on Friday at the Shanghai Stock Exchange... Zhang entered the motor vehicle industry in 2001 with his two brothers Zhang Xingming and Zhang Xingli, who cofounded the predecessor of the listed company in 2007. Sokon opened a U.S. subsidiary, SF Motors Inc., in January... Zhang, 52, together his wife Yan Min, own 37% of the listed company. The wife has no role in the business... 
(Photo: CHONGQING SOKON INDUSTRY GROUP, LTD - Vehicle type:DFSK C37, is the brand new economic widened mini truck with larger body, higher power and better loading)   --   SHAPINGBA, CHONGQING, CHINA - Forbes, by Russell Flannery - 10 July 2016



Blogger Satvik Mishra said...

This is good to see the mini truck business is doing well in china. Here in India we have the new mini truck that is achieving new heights each day.

9:04 AM  

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