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Jun 10, 2016

SCANIA's news * Europe: Flexible truck maintenance takes root in

* Sweden - Maintenance programs tightly connected to telematics data

(Video by Scania Group - 12 jul. 2013: An ergonomics training programme for service technicians to reduce risks of strain-related disorders. The training, which is available in 23 languages, combines e-learning with on the job training by supervisors) 
 -- It’s one of the many “holy grails” being sought after in trucking, right up there with maximizing fuel economy: pulling a truck off the road for service only when needed, which is something often referred to as condition-based maintenance or predictive maintenance... Such maintenance programs are tightly connected to telematics data and rely on what’s coming to be known as the “connected truck.”.. In Europe, however, those strategies are being lumped under the moniker “flexible maintenance” and Swedish truck maker Scania – part of Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH – is now formally introducing such “flexible” maintenance plans to its customers; servicing trucks when operating data indicates that maintenance is needed, instead of set mileage schedules...
Södertälje,Stockholm, Sweden - Fleet Owner/Trucks at Work, by Sean Kilcarr - Jun 7, 2016



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