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Jun 6, 2016

DANGEROUS ROAD * USA: The Smugglers Notch Resort in Cambridge

* Vermont - Stuck trucks could face hefty fine

(Photo: No Truck Notch) 
-- On a map or a GPS navigation unit, the trip from the Smugglers Notch Resort in Cambridge, Vermont, to the Stowe Mountain Resort is only about 5 miles — a trip that for most vehicles takes just over 10 minutes... But for truckers trying to drive a big rig through the winding pass by Vermont’s largest peak, the route can be like a Vise Grip, stopping them between rocks on corners that are so tight that it sometimes requires expensive efforts to free them... In most cases, the pass — a key summer shortcut on a road that’s closed in the winter — is blocked while the truck is moved. But in one recent case, a trailer had to be cut up to get it off the highway...

(Photo: A car weaves through a tight "S" turn a curvy portion of Vermont Route 108, which is off-limits to tractor trailer trucks, in Cambridge, Vt., Friday June 3)
... Most truckers who get stuck in Smugglers Notch are from out of state, are unfamiliar with the area, and they’re not paying attention to the signs... “A lot of people are just paying attention to the GPS and basically kind of putting blinders on and not taking in their surroundings and paying attention,” he said... 
Cambridge, Vermont, USA - The Times Argus - June 05,2016



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