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Apr 25, 2013

* France - The environmental tax heavyweights

* Parliament finally adopted the environmental levy heavy

Paris,France -AFP / WK Transport Logistics, by Anne Kerriou -25 April 2013: -- Parliament finally adopted the bill establishing the environmental tax heavyweights... Key measure of the law, the environmental tax trucks, decided under the former majority in 2009, during the Grenelle environment should finally enter into force. The date is October 1, 2013, even though there are rumors about the possibility of a further extension... The principle is well known: "HGVs over 3.5 tonnes taking the non-paying national roads and some areas of the local network will have to pay this tax, the scale depends on the size and environmental performance vehicle, and the number of kilometers traveled" ... The French Confederation of Business to Business (CGI), which represents the wholesale distributors, immediately heard his displeasure: "The CGI has made several amendments to the establishment of a system of compensation for transport on own account, and a request for exemption if no device in this direction was not passed. These amendments, co-signed by many MPs have been widely supported in the meeting on April 11, but the government and the majority are deaf to any change in the text, "   laments the confederation, while reiterating his doubts about the constitutionality of the text...

* Paris - Hazardous materials and 44 tons: expected clarification

(Picture: European leader in the transport and logistics of hazardous materials, Groupe Samat UK Ltd.'s, new Renault Premium 460.25 6x2 tractor units)
Paris,France -The Official Carriers, by Erick Demangeon -25 April 2013: -- The implementation of 44 tonnes for the transport of hazardous materials appear to face a number of regulatory obstacles... Professionals expect quick clarification to avoid being penalized... Limited for technical and security reasons, the transition from 40 to 44 tonnes in the transportation of hazardous materials could simply be impossible ... under paragraph of ADR. Dedicated to vehicle stability, it provides that "the weight on the axles of the carrying unit of the semi-trailer must not exceed 60% of the total weight load of the complete articulated vehicle" ... With this rule, the load up to 43 tons would be a maximum in the first simulations... With the UFIP oil, chemical industry gathered in the UIC has mobilized its side to get a clarification on the border crossings with sets of more than 40 tons...

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