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Feb 7, 2012


* UK - Retrofit emissions reduction technology beats Euro 6

(Photo: A Eminox's diesel particulate filter -top left-)
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England -Transport Engineering, by Brian Tinham -7 Feb 2012: ...  The data from a Euro 3 bus retrofitted with Eminox SCRT (selective catalytic reduction – continuously regenerating trap) technology has demonstrated emissions results that not even today's Euro 5 vehicles are expected to achieve...  This development of SCRT is the technology now being applied to London's buses as part of a pilot project run by TfL (Transport for London)...  SCRT has already been used to reduce emissions of particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), as part of clean-up programmes in Spain, Belgium, Edinburgh and Oxford...  The system combines diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction technology and was designed for retrofit to heavy duty vehicles...

* USA / Iowa - Maker of 200-mpg car turns sights to trucks

(Photo by Valerie Boateng/Times Recorder - Heinz-Gustav Reisser, a Conesville-area resident and chief executive officer of Niama-Reisser, LLC, said his company is breaking new ground in the world of internal combustion engines with ceramic piston technology)
Conesville,Muscatine County,IOW,USA -Zanesville Times Recorder -Feb. 5, 2012: -- A Conesville-area resident has developed technology he thinks can save companies money, which in turn will benefit consumers and job seekers. Heinz-Gustav Reisser recently demonstrated the running ability of a 16,000-pound 10-wheel road tractor with its engine converted to new mechanics...  The savings is possible because of the patented ceramic piston technology developed at Niama-Reisser in the past four years... Typical aluminum or steel pistons are replaced with patented ceramic pistons and polymer-based rings that enable the engine to run with significantly less abrasion, boosting power capability in excess of 25 percent and extending the life of the engine...  The ceramic pistons now are marketed as a component that can be included in the original manufacturing process of the engine, whether it be an engine for a lawn mower, an over-the-road vehicle or the regular Caterpillar 3406, which Reisser has developed as a show truck to take on the road and demonstrate its capabilities...

* UK - BAE systems teams with QinetiQ for hybrid combat vehicle drive

(Photo: An Army Ground Combat Vehicle -GCV-)
London,UK -Transport Engineer, by Brian Tinham -7 Feb 2012: -- BAE systems and QinetiQ are working together to deliver the hybrid electric drive for the US Army ground combat vehicle (GCV) programme... QinetiQ is providing its E-X-Drive transmission to the BAE Systems-Northrop Grumman team that was recently awarded a $449.9 million contract for the technology development phase... The QinetiQ transmission, which is for electric drive tracked vehicles, is being seen as marking a significant step forward from conventional hydro-mechanical transmissions, in terms of efficiency, size, weight, reliability and flexibility...



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