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Nov 26, 2009


* Germany - The Nigerian beverage logistics company Nnabugwu Transport Ltd. and 50 Inca-yellow Mercedes-Benz Actros 2031 S semitrailer trucks

Sttugart,Germany -Tachoblog -26 Nov 2009: -- So hearing that another 50 Inca-yellow Mercedes-Benz Actros 2031 S semitrailer trucks have been handed over to the owners of the Nigerian beverage logistics company Nnabugwu Transport Ltd. in the Mercedes-Benz truck plant in Wörth meant a post had to happen... The transport company Nnabugwu Transport Ltd is based in Enugu in south-east Nigeria and is the main forwarding agent for Nigerian Breweries Plc., a Heineken group company, which operates the largest and most state-of-the-art brewery in all of Africa, located near Enugu... The key distributors are selected carefully to ensure that the beverages can be shipped reliably throughout Nigeria... The leading Nigerian brewery group Nigerian Breweries Plc. has formed a partnership with the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) to work towards safe road use in Nigeria in cooperation with its forwarding agents – with Nnabugwu Transport Ltd right up front. This will be achieved partly by ensuring that the fleet is always based on the latest technology and is optimally serviced. With Daimler’s Fleetboard telematics system, the condition and location of the truck fleet can be called up at all times... (Photo: Merceds Actors Nnabugwu Transport)

* UK - Get Fresh and Isuzu Truck

Bicester,UK -Tachoblog -26 Nov 2009: ... Fresh Direct’s latest vehicle order, Isuzu Truck UK successfully clinched the deal for 20 new vehicles with an all-round package... The order for 20 new Isuzu N75.190 7.5t rigid trucks, all fitted with the popular Easyshift transmission, represents a move by Fresh Direct to the Isuzu marque for the first time as they were impressed by Isuzu’s overall approach to their specific vehicle requirements... With the combination of the Isuzu 7.5t chassis cab, the single compartment RVL refrigerated body and the Carrier Transicold Xarios refrigeration system, Fresh Direct are achieving a 3 tonne payload with these new trucks, which represents a significant improvement over their predecessors... (Photo: Isuzu Truck Fresh Direct)



* Australia - Moving A Tree By Truck

tree truck. from palaisdementhe on Vimeo.

Australia -Video from -25 Nov 2009: -- So, if you have a 37 tonne Boab tree that you want moved, here’s how you shift it by road... !!!

* Sweden - Rubbish Disposal Powers Mercedes Econic Rubbish Collection

Stockholm,Sweden -Tachoblog -26 Nov 2009: -- The Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT is an environmentally friendly vehicle designed specifically for municipal operations, rubbish collection, and short-range distribution. Thanks to its low-emission drive system it helps to keep inner cities clean and quiet... Operation with biogas is particularly environmentally friendly, because it is CO2-neutral... The biogas used is obtained primarily from sewage sludge disposal systems, although garbage disposal facilities also now serve as a source. The Econic thus costs nearly nothing to drive. In any case, it is completely independent from petroleum, and thus free of the associated emissions and costs. The biogas used is collected in large containers that are then hooked up to gas pumps at filling stations... The Mercedes-Benz Econic’s natural gas drive makes the vehicle’s emissions lower than those allowed by the EEV standard, currently the most stringent in the world. Its engine produces neither CO2 nor particulates and is also extremely quiet. The M 906 LAG natural gas engine generates 205 kW (279 hp) from a displacement of 6.88 liters. Power is transferred by a six-speed automatic transmission... EEV stands for ‘Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle’. (Photo: Mercedes Econic NGT 1)

* Germany - Beer And A Volkswagen T1 Splittie

Wolfsburg,Germany -Tachoblog -25 Nov 2009: -- In November and December, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is celebrating two significant anniversaries at the AutoMuseum in Wolfsburg, Germany... It’s 60 years since Heinrich Nordhoff presented the first prototype Transporter van to the press, and 30 years since the third generation Transporter was launched... Both anniversaries come at a time when Volkswagen is preparing to celebrate the launch of the latest versions of the Transporter van and today’s people carrier and camping derivatives, the Caravelle and California, in the new year... The first generation of Transporter prototype, a Dove Blue panel van, is on show, together with memorabilia from all generations of Transporter. del range. Only in 1984 was the engine changed for a water-cooled unit... The Transporter is Volkswagen’s best-selling model in the UK and worldwide. Over one million of the current model have been sold since introduction in 2003, making a total of over 10 million since production started in March 1950... (Photo: VW T1 Splittie Becks: For more information on the exhibition you can visit


STRIKE * Canada - Teamsters hands CN strike notice

Montreal,QUE,CAN -Canadian Transport & Logistics -25 Nov 2009: -- CN Rail has received a 72-hour strike notice from the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) of its plan to strike the company at 12:01 a.m. Nov. 28... CN said the TCRC's decision is unfortunate because a strike is in no one's interest – not the locomotive engineers, CN's other employees, its customers or the Canadian economy... CN is urging the TCRC to resume negotiations immediately to reach a settlement. If that is not possible, CN believes the union should agree to submit issues in dispute to binding arbitration before the Nov. 28 strike deadline...



* California - Port drayage enforcement extension isn’t for all truck owners

Sacramento,CAL,USA -Land Line Magazine, by Charlie Morasch -November 25, 2009: -- The California Air Resources Board will begin to enforce its restrictive port drayage rule on tens of thousands of trucks beginning on New Year’s Day, including interstate trucks that enter certain California ports and rail yards... Trucks approved for state-funded grants that have been frozen in the wake of the state’s budget crisis, however, will be exempt... On Jan. 1, 2010, CARB’s port drayage rule bans trucks with 1993 model year engines and older from entering California ports. Trucks with 1994 through 2003 model year engines must be retrofitted with particulate filters that eliminate 85 percent of diesel particulate matter... CARB recently announced it was extending the enforcement date until April 30, 2010, for a “limited subset” of drayage trucks, including trucks that are scheduled to be replaced by port and state grant monies. The agency said the postponed enforcement is needed because “delays in the availability of expected state bond funds” have slowed grant awards... (Picture from images porttruck)

* Indiana - Trucking conditions slowly improving in US

Nashville,IND,USA -Canadian Trnsportation & Logistics (CAN) -17 Nov 2009: -- Trucking conditions in the US are improving, but still remain below ‘neutral,’ according to the latest Trucking Conditions Index (TCI) by FTR Associates... The industry forecaster provides a monthly index of overall industry health based on five key trucking industry statistics. A neutral reading is zero... In October, the FTR index read -16.4, marking the highest reading since November 2008 and the third consecutive month of gains, however still anchored in negative territory... (Photo from orange trucking)



Briefing Weekly News

from Freight Forwarding

* A solid quarter sees CEVA considering growth
- John Pattullo, CEO of CEVA, has spoken to Transport Intelligence following the release of interim figures which show signs of recovery in the freight forwarding business and increased financial stability. Read Full Brief Here

* Panalpina announces wins in the Oil & Gas industry
- Panalpina has been awarded new business from two major global players in the Oil & Gas industry. Read Full News Here

* CEVA certified by TAPA in Thailand
- CEVA Logistics has announced that it has been certified by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) for its Finished Goods Hub in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Read Full News Here

* Oil equipment manufacturer selects Kuehne + Nagel
- Weatherford International Ltd has awarded Kuehne + Nagel a two-year contract to manage its North American export activities. Read Full News Here

from Contract Logistics

* DHL expands its Oil & Energy operations in Singapore
- DHL has unveiled its global strategy to expand its service offerings and infrastructure for the global Oil and Energy logistics industry. Read Full News Here

* CEVA wins contract with Retailcorp
- CEVA Logistics has signed a one year agreement with Retailcorp Brands South Africa. Read Full News Here

* DHL wins contract extension for Heathrow Consolidation Centre
- London’s Heathrow Airport has extended its contract with DHL Supply Chain for the operation of the Heathrow Consolidation Centre (HCC) Read Full News Here

from Express & Mail

* USPS records $3.8 billion loss
- The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has filed its 2009 fiscal year-end financial results, showing a net loss of $3.8 billion for the year. Read Full News Here

* UPS gives details of expected holiday volumes
- UPS has stated that it believes Monday, Dec. 21, will be its busiest day of the year when it anticipates delivering approximately 22 million packages worldwide. Read Full News Here

from Road Freight

* Volvo truck deliveries down 41%
- Total deliveries from the Volvo Group’s truck operations in October amounted to 13,050 vehicles, down 41% on last year. Read Full News Here

* ABX Air Pilots ratify bargaining agreement
- ABX Air, DHL’s main air carrier in the US, has announced that its employees have voted in favour of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Read Full News Here

from Warehousing

* Gazeley to construct new facilities in Germany and Italy
- Warehouse property developer Gazeley has announced that construction has started on two key developments in Europe. Read Full News Here

* ProLogis develops distribution centre leading retailer in California
- ProLogis has announced that it will develop a new, 667,000-square-foot distribution facility in Southern California for one of the world's largest home improvement specialty retailers. Read Full News Here

from Shipping/Ports

* Ports stays profitable despite falling volumes
- In stark contrast to container shipping, ports and container terminals remain profitable despite the recession in the container sector. Read Full Brief Here

* Port of Los Angeles reports strongest volumes this year
- Containers shipped through the Port of Los Angeles in October increased 10.9% compared to September. Read Full News Here

* The New World Alliance announces capacity reduction
- APL, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) and Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) have announced service and capacity changes effective in early 2010. Read Full News Here

* APM Terminals boss says “customers bleeding”
- APM Terminals Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Christian Moller Laursen has made a speech emphasizing the “new reality” of global container transportation Read Full News Here

from Intermodal

* Wincanton and Malcolm’s Logistics launch intermodal service
- UK logistics companies Wincanton and Malcolm’s Logistics created a UK rail freight solution for drinks manufacturer, Britvic. Read Full News Here

(Picture from CN red pass bc)


Nov 25, 2009


* Russia - Daimler may buy further 15 percent of Kamaz

Moscow,Russia -Reuters, by Gleb Stolyarov -Nov 24, 2009: -- Daimler may raise its stake in truckmaker Kamaz to 25 percent, sources familiar with the matter said, in a move that would ramp up the German carmaker's influence on Russia's vast autos market... Daimler, which already holds 10 percent of Kamaz, may buy an additional 15 percent from Troika Dialog if it can agree a price with the Moscow investment bank, the sources told Reuters on Tuesday... Analysts have said greater involvement from Daimler would boost Kamaz' performance and save Russia's largest truckmaker from relying on state help... Kamaz employs just under 60,000 people and is based in Naberezhnye Chelny, Central Russia. It sold around 45,000 vehicles in 2008 and aims to sell 25-28,000 this year...

* Europe - Oct. Heavy Commercial Vehicle Sales Plunge: ACEA

New York,NY,USA -RTTNews/FOREX TV -25 Nov 2009: -- Registrations in the European heavy truck segment plunged 56.8% annually in October, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association reported Wednesday. The decline in Western Europe was 55.4% and that in new EU Member States was 65.1%... Ten months into the year, new registrations of heavy trucks totaled 145,833 units, down 47.7% from the same period last year. According to ACEA, Germany remained the largest market despite a 41.8% drop, closely followed by France with 40.6% fall... Further, the association said new commercial vehicle registrations in Europe declined for eighteenth month in a row in October. Registration decreased 30.7% in October from the previous year and declined 35.3% during January to October...

* Australia - Tough trucking task

Australia -etruck -November 26, 2009: -- It can be hard working in the trucking industry and today etruck is getting a taste of reality for truckies in the city. Today’s test drive is of a Fuso Canter with a 6 speed auto box around the mean streets of the Gold Coast... This truck is easy to drive and it has enough power and torque to get the job done safely and swiftly. Another vast improvement has occured in steering both in terms of power assist and turning circle...


Deadly Driving Distractions * USA - Include More Than Texting

Over 37K lives are tragically lost each year on US roads

Washington,DC,USA -PRNewswire/Automotive Digest -November 20, 2009: -- Distractions can cut reaction time in half w/ vehicle still moving toward crash... Driver fatigue leads to driver inattentiveness and 100K crashes/yr... Phone conversations, even hands free, or daydreaming take attention from road... Adjusting radio or MP3 player demands attention... Lazy lane changes w/o checking over both shoulders lead to crashes... Texting is just latest in long line of distractions that are having deadly consequences...


Road Tax * Holland - Changing to Discourage Driving

Traffic jams are a constant problem in the Netherlands

La Halle,The Netherlands -NRC Handelsblad/Automotive Digest - November 16, 2009: -- Dutch plan aimed at eliminating chronic traffic jams and cutting carbon emissions. Dutch currently paying annual road tax which will be abolished. Currently paying 600 euros per year for a mid-sized car. Will pay few cents instead for every kilometer on the road... New car prices will drop about 25% in 2012 w/ abolition of purchase and road tax... Singapore has similar scheme for charging according to amount of travel. London created congestion charges to control traffic in downtown areas only... (Photo from i39.tinypic: A28 near Zwolle during a traffic jam)


Engine Ecology * USA - "Making your engine run greener"

Modifications enforcing a cleaner burn inside the engine. The result is a reduced carbon footprint exiting your engine

Glendale,CA,USA -Engine Ecology (PR), by Dan Renner -18 Nov 2009: ... Engine Ecology brings about greenhouse gas pollution reduction very simply with our engine air intake system modifications... Burn more fuel inside of your engine rather than spitting it out of your exhaust with Engine Ecology's modifications to your engines air intake system. This creates:

* Less unburned fuel particles exiting the engine
* A reduced carbon footprint
* A cleaner burning engine
* A more powerful engine

"We simply make your engine burn its fuel more completely"... Better performance is simple if your engine sends 1/4 ounce of fuel into a cylinder to burn, but only 3/4 of that burns -- and it has to burn for you to get power, are you getting the performance you are already paying for? Right! ... Better mileage is a normal side effect of Engine Ecology's modifications to your engine air intake system, however, we will not state any results regarding this to you due to the wide variety of engine and vehicle sizes and condition that can effect these numbers. We will state that the most dramatic mileage result we have had reported to us was with a turbo-diesel engine... (Photo from ironmax: Mitsubishi's Dry Cargo-Delivery)

* This it's one test - Thanks to Dan Renner, Founder Engine Ecology

Hello Santiago: I would like to tell you that we are now undergoing testing of our product in the Philippines on diesel-engined trucks from Mitsubishi delivery vans to Isuzu tractor-heads with 10PD & 10PE V10 engines... All drivers with our unit installed stated that they have more power and better acceleration... The owner of the company has impeccable records for maintenance, fuel and emissions on all of his trucks for the last 3 years... We expect to run the test for 2 months before gathering data for comparison and final reports... I will let you know when the results are tabulated if you wish... Cheers !!!
( Photo from dodongflores.multiply: A Isuzu Water Tanker Truck in Philippines)


Trucking Markets * Australia - Last straw for container transport industry

After a number of weeks of problems, the situation at the port reached a crisis point over the weekend, with in temperatures hovering around 38.5 degrees

Sydney,NSW,Australia -Transport & Logistics -25 Nov 2009: -- New South Wales’ peak trucking industry body, ATA NSW has urged the State Government to act on landside reforms at Port Botany, following another week of delays at DP World’s terminal... Chair of ATA NSW’s Container Section Sub-Committee, Mike Moylan, said the weekend’s situation was the final straw for the trucking industry... Despite several requests, the stevedores refused to make today a storage-free day because of the maritime union’s stop-work meeting, which stopped all deliveries for hours this afternoon... But just to add insult to injury, after bringing the matter up last week of storage applying today with the MUA stoppage... (Photo by Greg Wood/AFP, from The TWU wants Patrick to set up facilities for waiting truck drivers to offload their deliveries)

* Germany - DHL Eyes Sale of French Parcel Business

Francfurt,Germany -The Journal of Commerce Online, by Bruce Barnard -Nov 24, 2009: -- Unit to lose $90 million in 2009; two French groups seen as likely buyers... Deutsche Post DHL, the global mail and logistics company, is seeking to sell its loss-making French parcel delivery business... The parcel unit, which employs around 3,500 of DHL's 14,000 strong French payroll, is expected to book an operating loss of around $90 million this year on revenue of $525 million... Unions, which revealed DHL's plans, said a sale likely will result in 1,000 to 1,500 job losses and could have a negative effect on the German company's other operations in France, including express and freight transport... Mory Groupe, a leading French logistics company with 7,000 employees and 2008 revenue of $1.35 billion, and Caravelle, a Paris-based private investment group, have emerged as the most likely buyers for the business...


TRUCKING INDUSTRY * USA - YRC Sells Contract Carriage Business to Greatwide Logistics

Overland Park,Kansas,USA -Transport Topics -24 Nov 2009: -- YRC Worldwide said Tuesday it sold its dedicated contract carriage business to Greatwide Logistics Services for $34 million... The transaction includes customer contracts, trucks, trailers and about 600 employees, all of which were part of the contract carriage unit within the YRC Logistics segment, YRC said... YRC said its clients have been “very supportive” of the sale and that Greatwide is working with YRC to simplify the transition for the employees involved... YRC will use the money from the purchase to pay down its revolving credit facility...

* Kansas - Jim Palmer Trucking sold to Chicago businessmen; company emerges from bankruptcy

Missoula,MT,USA -The Missoulian, by BETSY COHEN -November 24, 2009: -- Jim Palmer Trucking, a Missoula-based national trucking company that has been fighting its way out of bankruptcy, has been sold to a pair of Chicago-based businessmen with plans to expand the company... On Monday, the new owners were at work in the company’s headquarters on Derby Drive near the Wye interchange... The company’s new owners are Milan Kangrga, 53, and Blazo Gjorev, 31 – who are American residents originally from Croatia. The men currently operate a small flatbed truck service out of the Chicago area and are partners in other businesses, but did not elaborate on the nature of those businesses... (Photo by hopewalk1.files.wordpress)


Ignition Interlocks * USA - Days numbered on New Jersey bill mandating

Trenton,NJ,USA -Land Line Magazine, by Keith Goble -November 23, 2009: -- As state lawmakers put on a final push in New Jersey to approve bills before the regular session ends in about seven weeks, an effort to toughen the penalty for driving under the influence could draw consideration... Awaiting clearance to the Assembly floor for a vote, one bill is intended to increase the use of ignition interlock devices for drunken drivers. The measure was approved by the Assembly Judiciary Committee during the spring but has since remained in the Appropriations Committee... Interlocks are hooked up to the ignition of vehicles. Once such a device is installed, a driver must blow into a mouthpiece, which measures the amount of alcohol on a person’s breath. If the driver blows clean, the car will then start; if not, it won’t budge... (Photo from fashion-res: Ignition Interlock)


Security * USA - Expert warns of smuggling via prescreened trucks

Austin,Texas,USA -Land Line Magazine, by Reed Black -November 23, 2009: -- Prescreened Mexican trucks account for 6 percent of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism traffic, but account for half of all the security violations. One homeland security analyst says that the CT-PAT program that expedites Mexican border crossings for prescreened companies and drivers is being exploited by drug traffickers... David McIntyre, director of Integrative Center for Homeland Security at Texas A&M University, says drug trafficking, illegal immigration and Mexican border gang violence are just symptoms of a bigger problem. He is quoted in an Associated Press story on Monday that says drug gangs are sometimes targeting the prescreened trucks, then intimidating or bribing the drivers and loading the trailers with tons of marijuana... He told OOIDA’s radio show, Land Line Now on Sirius-XM,that that problem is corruption...

* New Jersey - Bill seeks help of truckers in reporting suspicious activity

Trenton,NJ,USA -Land Line Magazine, by Keith Goble -November 24, 2009: ... A bill awaiting a floor vote before the full Senate would make an exception from the state’s cell phone law for truck drivers to assist in national security efforts. Assembly lawmakers already approved a similar version... However, with a little more than six weeks remaining in the legislative session, time is running out for the bill to advance to the governor’s desk, which would exempt the use of CBs and two-way radios from the state’s ban on hand-held communication devices while behind the wheel. They could be used by truck drivers to assist law enforcement efforts and communicate vital information while on the job. Operators of emergency vehicles also would be granted special privilege... (Photo from background suspicious)


Nov 24, 2009

The Edge Of The Road * USA - Critics Say Roads Still Dangerous Despite Safer Design

Traffic fatalities hit a 40-year low last year, partly due to the recession — less money can mean fewer trips — and safer cars

Washington,DC,USA -NPR, by Brian Naylor -November 24, 2009: ... Better-designed highways also played a role in reducing those road fatalities. Straightforward safety improvements such as rumble strips warn drivers that they are running onto the shoulder. Caps on the ends of roadside guard rails prevent cars from running up on them and vaulting into the air. Cable guard rails, installed on many divided highways, keep cars from crossing medians... Safety advocates say that despite all the improvements, however, the road is still a dangerous place... Gerald Donaldson, senior research director for Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, says that leaving the Interstate Highway System increases the chances for accidents because "you get down to some undivided four-lane highways and two-lane two-way rural roads," which often means narrow lanes and severe curves... According to Donaldson, a two-lane rural road is six to eight times more dangerous than an interstate... (Photo by Brian Naylor/NPR - This simulator at Virginia Tech's Center for Automotive Safety Research allows engineers to test how drivers will react to changes in the road such as road signs or different pavement markings)


TRUCKERS' CLAIM * Australia - Carriers fed up by Port Botany delays 'crisis'

Port Botany,Australia -ATN -24 Nov 2009: -- BOTANY BLUES: Tensions between truckers and stevedores heat up another another week of delays



* USA - How The Trucking Industry Reproduces

Salisbury,MF,USA -SBYNews, by Joe Albero -November 23, 2009: ... I always wondered where new trucks came from, now we know... But see the comments:


2) BackinBerlin said... This can't be right, those trucks have no driveSHAFTS!

3) Anonymous said... haha joe these freightliners are brand new and this is how they transport them to the freightliner dealer. these went to barr freightliner this morning then they call us (simpsons towing) to undeck them.

* Serbia - FAP and China’s Dongfeng sign deal to manufacture trucks

Belgrade,Serbia -Balkans Business News, by Marko Subotic -23 Nov 2009: -- Truck maker FAP and China's Dongfeng motors signed a business cooperation pact for the production of heavy-duty trucks, which could lead to privatization of the Serbian company... Cooperation could lead either to the privatization of FAP or creation of a joint venture. The Serbian government has expressed a willingness to help, Stojovic added... Under the initial agreement, the two companies will begin manufacturing and technical cooperation that will eventually lead to assembly by FAP of four of the Chinese company’s “Dongfeng” truck models, Dinkic told Novosti... (Photo from chinatruck: Dongfeng products)

* Japan - Hino to Build 3 Bln Yen Truck Factory in Indonesia

Tokyo,Japan -Bloomberg, by Makiko Kitamura -Nov. 23, 2009: -- Hino Motors Ltd., Japan’s biggest maker of heavy-duty trucks, is building its largest overseas factory in Indonesia to meet rising demand in Southeast Asia, the Nikkei newspaper reported... The company, 50 percent owned by Toyota Motor Corp., will spend 3 billion yen ($34 million) on the plant to produce 25,000 compact trucks a year in West Java, Nikkei said, without saying where it obtained the information... Hino may eventually export the trucks to other countries in the region, the newspaper said...

* UAE - Mitsubishi Fuso expanding into international markets with hybrid trucks

Oman,UAE -AME Info -November 23, 2009: -- Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, announced that it is expanding its business with hybrid trucks into international markets worldwide... MFTBC now delivers on its first commercial orders for Canter Eco Hybrid light-duty trucks to customers in Ireland and Australia. In Europe, these will represent the first commercially sold series-production hybrid trucks by any manufacturer... In addition, MFTBC announced it will begin regular sales of hybrid trucks in targeted export markets in 2010...


STRIKE * Canada - DriveTest strikers protest during commercial road tests

Caledonia,ONT,CAN -Truck News -19 Nov 2009: -- Yesterday morning, Serco driver examiners, lead by United Steelworkers Union 9511 president Jim Young, protested at KRTS Transportation Specialists headquarters to oppose Serco management conducting road tests on site... The drivers being tested yesterday were clients of KRTS and have been waiting for up to 12 weeks for tests. Examiners were not testing the general public... The strike is entering its 13th week and it is estimated to have affected 300,000 people in the province... (Photo: About 50 strikers arrived at KRTS headquarters just after 8 a.m. to protest Serco management testing commercial drivers on site)