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May 3, 2007

NEW TRUCK * Netherlands - The DAF XT105

An exclusive picture of the new Daf XT105
The Netherlands -Biglorryblog (UK) -1 May 2007: -- ...Daf's new bonneted flagship tractor---and it's 'exclusive'... has come from Tim de Jong "DAF XT 105 torpedo. What ARE the Dutch up to? I wouldn't know, but it won't be conquering the States with this beauty and blowing away Paccar's hometeam consisiting of Peterbilt and Kenworth. Pity really?"... Tim adds: "Imagine the new 560hp MX-engine, which is pretty late in coming, but which will certainly find its place under this good looking bonnet... The Super Space Cab roof makes it look even better, especially with the typical toplights." ...



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