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Mar 27, 2017

TRUCKER BLOCKADE * Brazil - Are demanding higher pay from ports terminals

* SC - Trucker blockade adds to Brazilian meat shippers' woes

--- Truckers are demanding higher pay from terminals in the ports of Itapoa and Itajai. Brazilian meat shippers reeling from the shock of bans on their products in key markets have suffered another blow as truckers blockaded Porto Itapoa, an important gateway for chicken exports... Independent truck drivers blocked the entrance to the port with 40 trucks for several hours on Wednesday, and Itajai — some 50 nautical miles away — was also affected by demonstrations, although not as much. The ports of Itapoa and Itajai handled around 115,000 twenty-foot-equivalent units (TEUs) of chicken in 2016... A spokesperson for Porto Itapoa confirmed to that the truckers’ blockade had affected operations for “between four and five hours on Wednesday,” but everything was back to normal Thursday... The truck drivers are demanding a 30 percent pay increase, but the three box terminals in the ports have only offered 15 percent increases. Inflation in Brazil currently runs at around 5 percent after hovering around 9 percent for most of last year, and fuel prices have been rising steadily, adding to the truckers’ ire... 
(Photo: Port Itapua, SC, Brazil)   --  Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil - JOC, by Rob Ward - Mar 23, 2017

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