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Nov 15, 2016


* DC - 'Quiet cars' rules to prevent injuries will cost makers $52 million a year

--- The US government on Monday completed long-delayed rules that will require "quiet cars" like electric vehicles and hybrids to emit alert sounds at speeds of up to 18.6 miles per hour (30 km/h) to help prevent injuries among pedestrians, cyclists and the blind... The rules, which were required by Congress, will require car makers like Tesla, Nissan and Toyota to add alert sounds to all vehicles by September 2019... The US Transportation Department said it expects the rules would prevent 2400 injuries a year in 2020 and would require the addition of alert sounds to about 530,000 2020 model vehicles... The US National Highway Transportation Department said the rules will cost the car industry about $US39 million ($51.67 million) a year because car makers will need to add an external waterproof speaker to comply. But the benefits of the reduced injuries are estimated at $US250 million to $US320 million a year... The new rules apply to hybrid and electric cars, SUVs, trucks and buses that are up to 10,000 pounds and are aimed at preventing crashes at intersections or when electric vehicles are backing up... 
(Photo TESLA pickup - Car makers like Tesla will need to add a costly external waterproof speaker to their models)  --  Washington, DC, USA - Financial Review (Australia), by David Shepardson - 15 Nov 2016



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