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Nov 26, 2016

60-tonne mega-trucks * Europe - Allowed in Germany

* Berlin - Campaigners angry as Germany looks set to allow cross-border trials of 60-tonne mega-trucks

--- Campaigners against longer, heavier vehicles (LHVs) – so-called mega-trucks – on Europe’s roads have reacted with dismay to a speech by Germany’s federal minister of transport on Friday, in which he indicated that the country will allow trials of the vehicles to go cross-border next year... Transport minister Alexander Dobrindt informed the Federal Association of Road Transport Logistics (BGL) of the government decision... Only Berlin and Saarland remain off limits to mega-trucks now... The German government has been preparing to relax restrictions on the LHVs making cross-border journeys, principally from the Netherlands and Denmark where LHVs can weigh up to 60 tonnes, compared with the 44-tonne restriction in Germany... However, the BGL said that data gathered from five years of tests show that LHVs with an additional semitrailer reduced fuel consumption by 15-25% compared with existing HGVs... 
Berlin, Germany - The Loadstar, by Gavin van Marle - 21 Nov 2016

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