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Jul 6, 2016

VOLVO 's news * USA: The VHD with I-Shift crawler gears

* Pennsylvania - Volvo’s crawler gears offer better control when even 1 mph is too fast

--- The new 14-speed I-Shift with two crawler gears was demonstrated in several Volvo VHD 200 dump trucks at Volvo Construction Equipment’s sprawling customer center in Shippensburg, Pa. The facility boasts an off-road course with grades of up to 21%. The trucks were loaded with 26 tons of gravel. The crawler gears allow the truck to creep at speeds as low as 0.6 mph – even up and down that 21% grade – providing the operator with exceptional control of the vehicle... The new I-Shift offers better low-speed maneuverability and control while also offering efficient performance at highway speeds. This also makes it ideal for heavy-haul applications in the VNX, where loggers, for instance, may want the low-speed precision offered by the crawler gears while in the bush but also demand efficiency at highway speeds... The I-Shift is rated for gross combination weights of up to 220,000 lbs, and possibly more, with special permission... When spec’d with a 2.47 rear axle ratio and the XE powertrain package, the new D13 with turbo-compounding will allow a driver to cruise down the highway at 1,050 rpm. The D13 with turbo-compounding will enter production in mid-2017...
Shippensburg, PA, USA - Truck News (CAN) - 4 July 2016



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