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Jul 5, 2016

Drivers' survey * USA: Perquisites and other intangible benefits

* Indiana - 'Perk' preferences vary by age demographics

--- Preferences among professional truck drivers regarding perquisites or “perks” and other intangible benefits vary by age demographics and understanding how these preferences vary can improve recruiting and retention efforts... So says the results of a recent survey released by EpicVue during the Truckload Carrier Association’s three-day WorkForce Builders Conference that ends here Thursday... EpicVue provides premium in-cab satellite TV packaged exclusively for the trucking industry... 
(The Trucker file photo - An EpicVue official said the small percentage of millennials in the survey accurately reflects the population of drivers in that age bracket and shows how important it is for trucking companies to focus on millenials when attracting new drivers by addressing the issues that are most important to them) -- Indianapolis, IND, USA - The Trucker News Services - 30 June 2016



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