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Jun 7, 2016

WEATHER TROUBLES * France - Floods on the Centre-Val de Loire

* Loiret - Carriers on the front of floods. Inefficiency of the motorway concession ?

--- Detours, traffic bans, blocked vehicles, premises under water: the weather penalized - or even paralyzed - the activity of many transport companies. Loiret particularly "toasted"... On the A10 motorway, cut off by floods in the north of Orleans and after six days of detention, removal of the some 200 vehicles - about a third of trucks - blocked since May 31, ended last Monday, June 6, 2016 in the morning. The Orléans-North route - Artenay remains possible in both directions of movement... The establishment of a "dry corridor" ended on the night of June 4 to 5, allowing tow trucks to access the morning to the area between the junction of the A10 / A19 and Saran. VL were identified before the truck drivers will find, too, their material... Vinci Autoroutes will assume some responsibility in this episode, not having allowed vehicle access on this axis while there was still time, it is too early to tell. If it was not open an investigation to demonstrate the inefficiency of the motorway concession understands Elisabeth Charrier, the Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal , called a "feedback" (sic) on RTL, two days after the beginning of the episode... Companies Tendron and faucet were affected. In many other departments also, many carriers have been fully or partially stopped their activities, such Transports Charbonnier in Romorantin or the company Sabatté to Malesherbes... Not to mention all those who have suffered bans and other deviations. "We ask that DIRRECTE, like that of the Centre / Val-de-Loire, grant the faster partial activity layout recognition for employees who can not work", said the regional delegate. "The allowance by Pôle Emploi avoid the draw of companies paid leave and having to deal with only the financial consequences of these storms"... 
 (Photo: Floods at Valls et Cazeneuve, France)  --  Orleans, Loiret, France - WK TL, by Anne MADJARIAN - 6 June 2016



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