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Jun 7, 2016

TAKEN EASY COP !! * Australia - A Police Oficer overreach

* Queensland - "Get out of your f------ car": said Cop pullsing out his gun

--- Incredible footage has been released showing a Queensland police officer pulling a gun on an alleged speeding driver in the state's outback... Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan can be seen spotting a ute driving at 126kmh in an 110kmh zone... Flanagan can be seen honking at the ute, swearing at the driver to pull over. He does not use his sirens... The ute slows down, then pulls over further down the road, at which time Flanagan can be seen leaving his car with his weapon drawn... "Get out of your f------ car right now," he tells him. A phone recording made by the driver during the confrontation was also played in court... The driver is then handcuffed but later released... The couple's formal complaint about the incident caused the officer to be suspended... Flanagan has claimed he suspected the driver was in a stolen car... The officer is claiming that withholding his pay while suspended is not fair... Flanagan is due to face criminal charges in relation to the Longreach incident later this week... The video is part of a collection of clips tendered at a Supreme Court civil hearing as the now-suspended Flanagan fights to have his pay reinstated, ABC reports... 
(Photo: Queensland Police Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan pulls a gun on an alleged speeding driver) -- Longreach, QNLD, Australia - Big Rigs - 7 June 2016

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