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Sep 17, 2014

TRUCKING INDUSTRY * USA - Recruiting Trucking and Logistics Companies

* Colorado - State governments don't worry about keeping or attracting trucking and logistics companies

(Photo: Weld County, Colorado, Road 49, truck drivers increasingly using the road) 
Denver,COL,USA -Truckinginfo -September 15, 2014: --Greg Fulton, president of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association said ... Unfortunately, over the years I have sat in various meetings where policymakers have questioned making any effort to retain or recruit logistics companies. Some view these as "dirty businesses" that could detract from the state or local community's image... I was astounded how little people knew about the trucking industry and its impact on our economy and the fact that this industry has moved faster and gone farther than almost any other in regard to environmenta; improvements... Some states realize that logistics businesses, while not as glamorous or newsworthy, provide long-term stability and tend to weather economic downturns better than most of these other high-flying businesses. They also recognize that the wages in the trucking industry tend to be significantly greater than the median pay for other jobs in the country and that these jobs generally have good benefits associated with them. In addition, in a day and age when job security is a passing ideal, the ongoing need for truckdrivers and mechanics ensures that those individuals will never need to worry about a job... Most importantly for these states to consider is that many trucking companies are currently located in small, rural communities or economically disadvantaged areas today... As an added advantage, trucking tends to support other businesses in these communities who serve them with goods and services which creates even more jobs in the community...



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