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Jul 17, 2017

TRUCKERS' PROTESTS * Russia: Against Road Tax

* Russian trucking industry feeling the bite of controversial Road Tax

--- A road tax introduced by Russia early in 2017 that targets heavy and long-haul trucks continued to rumble on Friday, causing discontent among those in the trade, a freight company spokeswoman said... Russia’s contentious Platon road tax imposed on heavy, long-haul trucks that sparked protests by truckers across the country, has begun to squeeze out smaller operators from the market, according to the Lithuanian-based freight forwarding company ABIPA... The implementation of Platon has led to allegations of corruption by the opposition, since the management of the system, including the collection of payments, is carried out by a company controlled by Igor Rottenberg, son of billionaire Arkady Rottenberg, a member of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle... ABIPA says the toll charges are not great in comparison to other costs, but the additional fees are “painful” considering that “85 percent of Russia’s transport is acquired by means of leasing. Small businesses suffer the most"... 
(Photo: Russian truck drivers strike against road tax, at a parking in Khimki, outside Moscow) -- Moscow, Russia - Latin America Herald Tribune (Venezuela) - 17 July 2017

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