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Jul 18, 2017

ROAD ACCIDENT * South Africa: In 2016, 14,000 people died on the roads

* Durban - 25.1 people per 100 000 die on our roads every year

--- Truck owners have been warned that they will compelled to take personal responsibility for road accident carnage that their employees cause. The warning, from an activist organisation, was triggered by a spate of truck related disasters over the past month... Our road accident statistics, in general, are appalling, with transport-related injuries among the 10 biggest causes of death in South Africa. In 2015, road accidents cost an estimated R143bn, about 3.4% of GDP, with 70% of that being the cost of human casualties... In 2016, just over 14,000 people died on the roads. As a rule of thumb, one can multiply the mortality statistic by five to estimate the serious injuries, and by 15 for minor injuries... In Australia, which once had worse statistics than SA, 5.3 people per 100,000 of population die on the roads each year. In Europe, that is 9.3. In Africa, with some of the worst road s in the world, it is 26.6. In South Africa, with the best roads in Africa, it is 25.1 ... According to the World Health Organisation in 2015, SA had the highest prevalence of road deaths associated with drunk driving. Johannesburg, according to the World Resources Institute, is the 13th most likely place in the world to die on the road... 
(Photo: The Pinetown, near Durban, accident scene where the driver of a truck lost control of the vehicle) -- Johannesburg, South Africa - Politics Web, by William Saunderson-Meyer - 14 July 2017

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