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Jun 26, 2017

DB Schenker & MAN * Europe: Testing traffic "platoon" trucks

* Essen - DB Schenker and Man Truck & Bus to test convoy traffic

--- DB Schenker and Man Truck & Bus will test the technology of "platooning" or traffic in convoy. A technique that relies on the suction effect and saves up to 10 % fuel. Both companies expect to start testing in the spring of 2018... Each convoy will consist of two trucks that will run empty at first, connected to each other through electronic "drawbars". At this stage, driving conditions and training of drivers in the operation of vehicles and their specific driving techniques will be scrutinized... From weekly to daily trials, the tests will be transformed into trips under actual transport conditions with convoys running between the logistics centers of Munich and Nuremberg up to 3 times a day... They will determine the data to be transmitted to the manufacturer and logisticians in order to obtain optimum monitoring of the convoy. But also the information to the leading driver, for example the updated alerts in order to disconnect the vehicles forming the convoy at the right time... 
(Photo - Convoy: Db Schenker & Man, trucks convoy "platooning") -- Essen, Germany -, by DIANE-ISABELLE LAUTRÉDOU - 20 June 2017

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