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May 29, 2017

UBER AUTONOMOUS TRUCKS * USA: Under Government inquiry

* California - Uber's driverless truck unit is under Government investigation following unapproved tests

--- California regulators are preparing to conduct a site inspection of the San Francisco headquarters of Uber’s autonomous truck unit, formerly known as Otto, to determine whether the company broke state law when it tested driverless trucks on public highways without permission... The unscheduled visit, which officials from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles are coordinating with the California Highway Patrol, is to “see the capabilities of Otto’s trucks in person,” a DMV spokeswoman said. The inspection comes months after the publication of an internal Otto document from 2016 detailing the company’s testing procedures for its self-driving semi-trucks... The document, which describes how Otto trucks drive the highways surrounding San Francisco on a daily basis,” appears to contradict what Otto told state regulators about its program at a Feb. 24 meeting... 
 (Photo: Two "Ottomotto" driverless trucks are parked outside Uber ATG's San Francisco office on May 25. The trucks are tested in and around San Francisco on a regular basis)  --  San Francisco, CAL, USA - Forbes, by Matt Drange/Alan Ohnsman - MAY 26, 2017

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