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Apr 3, 2017


* California - Trucking industry provision in Transportation Deal draws fury from environmentalists

--- Environmental groups are furious over a piece of the transportation funding deal reached this week by California Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders that would delay stricter air quality regulations on commercial trucks... The provision was tucked into the transportation deal to win the neutrality of the trucking industry, which would bear the brunt of the two diesel tax increases in the legislation... In fact, the California Air Resources Board already requires truckers to replace their older, dirtier vehicles with cleaner ones... The deal also includes another provision: It requires the DMV to block the registration or sale of any commercial truck that does not meet the existing clean truck standards – currently about 30 percent of the trucks registered in California, or nearly 200,000 vehicles... The California Trucking Association declined comment for this story, saying it's waiting to see the final legislative language... 
(Photo: Truck driving through Bakersfield, California) -- Sacramento, CAL, USA - Capital Public Radio, by Ben Adler - March 30, 2017

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