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Apr 3, 2017


* New York - Amazing invisible trucks

  (Video by PHAZMID - Mar 28, 2017. Guy tries to merge and doesn't notice the 80,000 lb truck in the lane to his left) 
 --- Blind spots remain a challenge, but professional truck drivers understand the risk posed by small cars slipping in and out of sight around them and manage it. But how in the world does the driver of a small car not notice that giant wheel completely filling the view from his window?..

  (Video by saldanais - Mar 24, 2017: White suv almost rear ended by 18 wheeler and my car, 290, Worcester, Massachusetts. SUV nearly comes to stop in middle of highway to make exit) 
... And that’s not a rhetorical question, and this Dash Cam of the Week illustrates. Here’s hoping the dash cam footage exonerates the trucker who was hit. We here at the DCOW office were trying to imagine how the four-wheeler driver tried to blame the accident on the trucker... 
NY, USA - American Trucker, by Kevin Jones - Mar 31, 2017

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