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Mar 28, 2017

ANOTHER UBER CRASH * USA: Dangerous autonomous cars

* Arizona - Uber resumes self-driving program three days after crash

(Video from america today - Mar 25, 2017 - A self-driven Volvo SUV owned and operated by Uber flipped on its side after a collision in Tempe, Arizona) 

 --- Uber Technologies Inc put its self-driving cars back on the road on Monday, voicing confidence in its autonomous vehicle program three days after one of its cars was involved in a crash in Tempe, Arizona... Uber wrapped up a brief investigation and cleared its autonomous cars to resume driving in the three cities where it operates a self-driving pilot program - Tempe, San Francisco and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - an Uber spokeswoman, who declined to be named, told Reuters... A driver and an engineer were in the front seats of the Uber Volvo SUV at the time, a standard requirement for the self-driving cars. The back seat was unoccupied... Experts in autonomous vehicles say crashes involving such cars will happen, but as autonomous technology improves so too will the safety of everyone on the road... 
Tempe, AZ, USA - Reuters, by BHeather Somerville and Gina Cherelus - 27 March 2017

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