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Feb 5, 2017

Rail versus road * Australia

* Queensland - Too many mine products on trucks

--- Queensland MP Robbie Katter has spoken further on the debate between rail and road in the future of freight... He attracted the attention of the trucking world earlier this week after sharing a video of a melting road on his Facebook page in support of an increase in rail freight... Mr Katter commented further on the issue to Big Rigs and said Aurizon job losses had put far more stock and ore trailers on central Queensland roads than ever before... The rail freight company, formerly owned by the state government's Queensland Rail before it was privatised in 2010, has continually cut jobs this decade, including more than 300 redundancies in late 2016... The strategy paper called for governments to plan for both rail and road, rather than one mode or another... Big Rigs readers highlighted the issues of getting regular freight, like produce, to places where rail can't go... 
(Photo by Campbell Gellie - Mount Isa MP Robbie Katter says mine products are increasingly being transported on highways because of cuts at rail freight company Aurizon)   --  QLD, Australia - Big Rigs, by Hannah Busch - 2nd Feb 2017

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