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Jan 18, 2017

Port Congestion * USA: A solution on NY Ports

* New York - Port will use truck appointments to battle congestion

--- A container terminal in New York Harbor is preparing to accept reservations for trucks to pick up or drop off cargo, in an effort to reduce congestion in the East Coast’s busiest port complex... Starting on Jan. 15, truck drivers headed for the Bayonne, N.J., terminal operated by GCT USA LP will be required to make an appointment if they want to enter the terminal in the first couple hours after it opens each morning... The goal is to eliminate the long lines of trucks that often queue up outside the terminal’s gates, clogging traffic in surrounding neighborhoods, slowing operations and raising costs for drivers... Truck congestion plagues many busy ports nationwide, as cargo volumes rise and bigger ships make calls at U.S. ports. The biggest vessels require thousands of truck trips to carry containers to rail yards and warehouses... Under current operations, truck drivers line up to enter container terminals and can then spend hours more inside going through checkpoints and maneuvering to drop off empty containers or pick up new loads—what truckers call turn time... In Bayonne, turn time fell by 38% during a recent test of the reservation system, the Port Authority said... 
(Photo Bloomberg News - The cargo terminals at the New York-New Jersey port complex handled more than 4 million containers last year, and trucks carrying goods routinely line up on local streets) -- NY, USA - WSJ, by JENNIFER SMITH - Jan. 13, 2017

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