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Jan 18, 2017

2017 TRUCKING PROGNOSIS * France: Time for strategy assignments

* Paris - Thought for the trucking industry worldwide

--- We will remember 2016, in road transport, as a good vintage having brought together several favorable elements. They benefited from the value of goodwill and the improvement of production tools. This is visible in the renewal of the rolling stock (see the level in net increase of the registrations in 2016). This is also evident in the IT investments initiated. Thus, the margin of maneuver of the companies was appreciated by a triptych of first choice: low interest rates opening to advantageous credits; The price of diesel fuel remained steady; A full-fledged CICE, after the earliest beginnings. These three factors have positively influenced many decisions and purchasing commitments (today's investments are the jobs of tomorrow, it is said). In addition, for many SMEs, they have relieved current cash flows, reduced debt levels and / or provided the opportunity to (re) build equity. We expect to see the balance sheets of 2016, after a period 2012/2015 which saw the proportion of TRM companies with positive current results go from 59% to 78%, according to the Banque de France. Will this alignment of planets (rare phenomenon in astronomy) continue in 2017? Despite these favorable elements, many carriers see 2017 as a turning point, subject to choice. In politics, one does not win an election by arguing a good balance. One convinces with a project and clear prospects. In economics, it's the same. Yesterday's record does not guarantee the quality of decisions for tomorrow, regardless of the nature of the growth targeted: diversification into a new business, redemption of a goodwill, geographical expansion, acquisition of new skills ... Much business leaders today are obliged to define a strategic thinking and a clear business plan before seizing the opportunities. To do this, they need to step up, get out of the business, get away from the day-to-day operations. This need also passes through a reflection on governance, which is most often bicephalous, and which is seen to develop in SMEs (between a father and a son, a president and his Dg ...). It is this red thread that will guide some of the SMEs and transport groups in 2017, for whom reflection must precede action...
(Photo: Flagged down: A police man stops a freight truck on the French-Belgian border) -- Paris, France - The Official Carrier, by BENOIT BARBEDETTE - 13 JAN 2017



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