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Dec 6, 2016


* Shanghai - Self-driving Chinese truck in the tuture

--- The $300 billion Chinese trucking market is filled with long hauls and chaos. The government and technology firms are betting that self-driving 18-wheelers are the solution... Last month at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the Internet services company Baidu (BIDU) and Foton showed off Super Truck. Apart from its array of sensors and distinctive surround windshield, the level 4 autonomous freight truck would not stick out in a crowd of diesel burners. That’s because it’s not from the future. China needs an answer to its freight logistics problem now. That urgency gives Chinese firms a big leg up in the race to autonomy and patent windfalls... Super Truck uses limited self-driving automation developed by Baidu and Foton’s Big Data algorithms for connected cars and driverless commercial fleets. It offers dramatically reduced man hours and fuel consumption. That is definitely something that can be sold to vehicle makers...
(Image courtesy Xinhua/Chen Fei - An automatic driverless super truck manufactured by Foton Motor is shown on an intelligent connected vehicle expo in Shanghai, east China, Nov. 14, 2016)   -- Shanghai, SH, China - Forbes, by Jon Markman - 1st. DEC 2016

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