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Nov 4, 2016

NIKOLA MOTOR news * USA: "OTTO" trucks, plus battery pack and hydrogen charging

* Utah - Nikola readies electric semi-truck, battery pack and hydrogen charging station plans

--- Electric semi-truck startup Nikola Motor Co. is ratcheting up anticipation for its upcoming launch event by teasing the reveal of three products key to its vision of an emissions-free freight future... On Dec. 1 in Salt Lake City, the private company plans to show off its Nikola One electric truck as well as a model-agnostic battery pack and a hydrogen fueling station, it said Thursday... Come Dec. 1, though, the company also plans to display an example of the hydrogen stations it hopes to scatter across the continent. Initially, 56 stations will go up around North America, with more than 300 planned stations eventually making up the largest hydrogen network in the world, Nikola said... Using hydrogen created on solar hydrogen farms built by Nikola as part of a vertically-integrated supply system, the stations will sell the fuel to non-Nikola customers for $3.50 a kilogram — nearly half the current market price, according to the company... Rounding out its suite of products set for Salt Lake City, Nikola also intends to exhibit its 107-kilowatt-hour lithium battery pack. The pack is designed for the company’s Nikola Zero electric utility task vehicle but will go on sale next year as an option for other vehicle models and as an upgrade option for Nikola Zero owners... 
(Photo: Nikola Motor - Nikola One truck concept)   --  Salt Lake City, UH, USA -, by TIFFANY HSU - NOV 3, 2016



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