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Nov 8, 2016

DANGEROUS TRUCKING OWNER * USA: Tax & Tolls evasion, plus scene of a murder

* New Jersey - Trucking firm owner sentenced for worker payroll tax evasion

--- A Camden trucking firm owner, who admitted to evading more than $300,000 in employee payroll taxes, has received an 18-month prison term... George Valentine, a Williamstown resident, failed to account for payroll taxes at two city businesses, J&F Trucking and River Road Trucking, according to the Internal Revenue Service..River Road Trucking also faces a civil suit from the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, which alleges the firm owes more than $21,000 in unpaid tolls. The firm recently appeared on the Pennsylvania agency's list of top toll offenders, made up mostly of trucking firms that routinely use E-ZPass lanes without E-ZPass accounts... River Road Trucking also was the scene of a murder in February 2015, when a long-time employee, Harry J. Hogans Jr., 66, of Camden, was found fatally beaten in a recliner at the Cramer Hill business. Authorities contend a co-worker, Antonio Cunningham, killed Hogans during a robbery. The two men shared makeshift living quarters at the trucking business... 
(Photo: Courier-Post file photo)  --   Camden, N.J., USA - AP/The Courier Post, by Jim Walsh - November 7, 2016

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