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Nov 23, 2016

DANGEROUS TRUCKER * USA: Driving and use of mobile phones

* South Carolina - Lawsuit settlement could lead to more cellphone bans by trucking firms

--- A settlement agreement reached last week in a personal injury lawsuit brought by a Charleston firm could lead to safer roadways by prompting more trucking firms to adopt bans on their drivers' use of mobile phones... Unifi Inc., a North Carolina-based manufacturer of polyester and nylon yarns, agreed to pay $3.75 million to a Bennettsville couple who were hurt when one of the company's trucks struck their vehicle from behind after the couple had slowed to turn into their driveway. The truck driver was talking on his phone at the time of the crash and Unifi, as a result of the case, has agreed to ban its drivers from using the devices while their trucks are on the road... The truck driver, during a deposition, initially denied he was using his phone when the accident occurred. During the trial, he said his phone line was connected but he wasn't engaged in active conversation... The driver also said the couple had stopped in the middle of the road with no headlights on just before the accident, which occurred at dusk. Black-box records from the couple's car showed the headlights were on and the vehicle had normally decelerated to about 10 mph with the right-turn signal activated... 
 (Photo: A settlement agreement reached in federal court could lead more trucking businesses to ban the use of wireless phones by drivers)   --  Charleston, SC, USA - Post and Courier, by David Wren - Nov 21, 2016

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