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Oct 3, 2016

Vente Privée * France - Will halve the number of its carriers

* Saint-Denis - The e-retailer, aims to simplify its organization transport

--- Ideally, the number of beneficiaries which it uses to supply customers in Europe would increase from 50 to 20 eventually... Continuous growth since its inception in 2001, Vente Privée has quadrupled its turnover in 8 years to reach 2 billion euros last year, against a backdrop of internationalization of its flow. Today with a third package (30 million annually) delivered outside France against 20% here another three years, the company aims to eventually drastically simplify its transport policy... Indeed, Vente Privée, which works with nearly 4000 international brands in all areas (textiles, wines, furniture, etc.), currently supports a complex organization for service to its Internet customers in each of the European markets that covers... Translated into transport problems, this complexity is mobilizing staff resources and computing power within the company... To alleviate this burden, the firm is actually assistant for a few years the services of an IT solution developed by Metapack. The system automates the dynamic allocation of carriers depending on the product, its destination and the chosen delivery method by the user buyer, and the management and maintenance of the delivery flow... Overall, by negotiating higher transport volumetrics, Vente Privée has cut the cost of the job, knowing that its logistics budget, ranging distribution, represents about 9% of the turnover of the company... 
(Photo: Vente Privée warehouse. Le e-commerce ne connait pas la crise)  --  La Plaine Saint-Denis, France -- WK Transport et Logtistique - 22 Sept 2016



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