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Oct 28, 2016

* South Africa - “Road will always play a role in transport"

* Gauteng - SA‘s trucking industry is in trouble

--- The importance of the road freight industry to South Africa’s economy is underscored by the fact that 86 percent of the freight transported annually in the country goes by road... Road Freight Association of SA technical and operations manager Gavin Kelly said the latest e-Natis figures showed there were 557 795 commercial vehicles of m ore than 3500kg on South Africa’s roads, including trailers. According to Statistics SA, road transport contributed nine percent to the economy, he added, and a total of 103 000 formal and informal employees were employed by the road freight sector. However, the SA Transport and Allied Workers Union claimed 300 000people were employed by the sector... Kelly was adamant there was no threat to the road freight industry... “The reality is that rail cannot meet the demand from customers and to customers in terms of reliability, cost, security of load, service from door to door and efficiencies. “Road will always play a role in transport. The lessons learnt here and across the world show this,” he said... 
(Photo: Simphiwe Mbokazi - According to the national transport master plan, demand for road freight is expected to increase in the period to 2050) -- Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa -, by Roy Cokayne - 26 October 2016



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