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Oct 31, 2016

M. BENZ 's * Australia: One million kms. for the new Actros

* Queensland - A million km down under to reach all-new Actros

--- Mercedes-Benz launched the all new Actros range in Far North Queensland recently, following an 18-month local evaluation program involving 35 customers, 20 trucks more than one million kilometres... What's most noticeable when you see these new trucks in the flesh, is their aggressive on-road presence and powerful stance, with the range topper coming in at nearly four metres high and two-and-a-half metres wide. Significant technological advances have been made within the range, centred around the efficient, high-performance engines and heightened safety features that come as standard...

... Mercedes-Benz Truck and Bus director Michael May said the brand is excited to bring the new range down under... "They have helped us put together a fantastic line-up of trucks that will deliver new standards of efficiency, reliability and comfortā€¯ ... A big draw card is the 500,000km or five years free scheduled servicing on all new Actros prime movers (4x2 and 6x4), an offer that will be available for the next 12 months, includes the Best basic service plan which excludes wheels, rims and tyres... Mercedes-Benz has launched with prime mover models focusing on metro, regional, B-double and road train work and will introduce rigid models in the second quarter of 2017, while all-wheel drive models will follow later that year... 
Cairns, QLD, Australia - Big Rigs, by Cobey Bartels - 31st Oct 2016



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