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Oct 29, 2016

DRAYAGE TRUCKERS COMPLAINT * USA: Against "Pier Pass" program

* California - Truckers, retailers want authority to oversee PierPass program

--- The National Retail Federation, the California Trucking Association Intermodal Conference and the Harbor Trucking Association, which represents Southern California drayage companies, said they would like to see a "joint powers authority" created as part of a “modernization” of evening and weekend "off-peak" operations at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. PierPass, which is a program created by the 13 container terminals at the two ports through their West Coast Martine Terminal Operators Agreement (WCMTOA), currently funds off-peak operations that allow trucks to move cargo in and out of the terminals at night and on Saturday by collecting a “traffic mitigation fee” from importers and exporters moving containers on and off the docks between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. ... PierPass said that fee is used to partially offset the cost of the extend hours or "gates.” The groups said that many of the terminals that require truckers to have appointments to pick-up cargo “routinely limit the availability of appointments during the second shift, forcing them to make appointments on the first shift and pay the PierPass fee” ... 
(Photo courtesy of AirPhoto, by Jim Ward: Terminal Island Truck Port) -- Los Angeles, CAL, USA - American Shipper, by CHRIS DUPIN - OCT 26, 2016

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