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Sep 13, 2016

TRUCKING TROUBLES * Nepal / India, border

* Nepal - Trucks with Nepali ginger allowed to enter India

--- Even as the Indian customs office allowed trucks loaded with Nepali ginger to enter its territory on Friday, it is not certain whether the move heralds a permanent end to the ban placed on entry of the Nepali spice to India... On Friday, 16 trucks containing Nepali ginger entered India through the Kakadbhitta-Panitanki border point... Indra Budhathoki, general secretary of Nepal Ginger Producers and Traders Association (NGPTA), claimed Indian customs officials informed him that the trucks were allowed to pass through the border, as the ban on the entry of Nepali ginger had been lifted by India... But neither Nepali nor Indian government officials could confirm whether the ban had been permanently lifted... 
(Photo: The Kakarbhitta-Panitanki border point - Permanent lifting of ban, however, not certain)  --   Kathmandu, Nepal - The Kathmandu Post - Sep 11, 2016



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