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Sep 16, 2016

RENAULT TRUCKS & Faurecia * France: Testing EHPG

* France - Faurecia to test its exhaust system with Renault Trucks

  (Video from Renault Trucks: Bring efficiency into play - May 12, 2016: Efficiency! The Renault Trucks T 480 High 4x2 tractor displays them before. The special model is the new hero on the field - and impressed by the latest technology and maximum comfort. All it takes for you to win! Since it is easy to become a fan)

--- French automotive parts manufacturer Faurecia has signed a cooperation agreement with Renault Trucks (Volvo Group) and Exoes to test the performance of its EHPG (Exhaust Heat Power Generation) system... According to the terms of this agreement, Renault Trucks is providing a Euro VI truck that will be equipped with Faurecia's EHPG system, including an expander from Exoes. Faurecia is in charge of the overall system definition and integration. On-road tests will begin in 2017... The company claims that "This system, based on the Rankine cycle, recovers the exhaust heat to transform it into energy, therefore reducing fuel consumption and emissions for cars and trucks.".. Faurecia will be showing its EHPG system at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, to be held from September 29 - October 16... 
Nanterre, France - ET Auto News (India) - 15 Sept 2016



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