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Sep 16, 2016


* Stuttgart - Bosch Mobility Solutions

  (Video from Bosch Mobility Solutions- Sep 14, 2016 - VisionX concept study shows the future of commercial vehicles. Connected, electrified, and automated – that’s the future of trucks. And that’s what Bosch has encapsulated in VisionX) 

--- Bosch, a supplier for a number of manufacturers, has its own vision of what roads will look like then, and the VisionX truck is a manifestation of those beliefs... As drivers lose the requirement to, you know, drive, there'll be plenty of other jobs for them to do. Bosch says truck "drivers" of the future will plan routes, work on documents or simply sit back and observe... Bosch envisions the future of trucking as a largely automated affair, with heavy reliance on connectivity and electrification -- or, barring that, high-efficiency diesel engines. Of course, being a pie-in-the-sky concept, VisionX isn't loaded up with specific technologies, so there's no discussion of range or horsepower or anything like... 
Stuttgart, Germany - RoadShow/CNet - 15 Sept 2016

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