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Aug 11, 2016

TRUCKING MARKETS * USA: E-Commerce forces shift - ** Trucking Conditions Index

* New York - The rise of online shopping is forcing warehouse builders to redraw the map of logistics hubs on the East Coast

--- Development in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, closer to New York City than other hubs, has surged in the past five years... During the weekend, FedEx Ground, one of the largest transporters of parcels and other shipments, broke ground for its largest facility in the country, an 800,000-square-foot automated distribution center in Allen Township, Pa., adding a large chunk of space to the cluster of logistics real estate in the state’s Lehigh Valley area... Historically, the area around the central Pennsylvania towns of Harrisburg and York has hosted large clusters of warehouse space because of light zoning restrictions, access to several large city population centers and ample cheap land to build on. But in the last five years, as online retailers have begun to focus more on two-day and same-day package delivery, warehouse development in the Lehigh Valley... Satish Jindel, a shipping consultant based in Pittsburgh who helped build FedEx’s ground network, said the new distribution center in Allen Township is in an appealing location because of its proximity to the large population centers of New York and northern New Jersey, but also has access to airfreight facilities at Lehigh Valley International Airport and logistics companies that have set up shop all over the area... 
 (Photo: ZUMA PRESS - FedEx workers sort packages for delivery July 16 in New York City) -- The WSJ, by ROBBIE WHELAN - Aug. 9, 2016

* Indiana - FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index remains down but shows modest improvement

--- Even with an increase over May, the outlook for the trucking sector remains challenging, according to the most recent edition of the Trucking Conditions Index (TCI) from freight transportation consultancy FTR... The TCI reflects tightening conditions for hauling capacity and is comprised of various metrics, including capacity, fuel, bankruptcies, cost of capital, and freight... According to FTR, a TCI reading above zero represents an adequate trucking environment, with readings above ten indicating that volumes, prices, and margin are in a good range for carriers... June’s TCI came in at 2.92, which is ahead of May’s 1.69, which is the lowest TCI reading since 2011. April’s TCI was 6.2, and in March it was at 4.22 which marked an almost 50 percent decline compared to February... The main factors for the ongoing depressed market environment, according to FTR, were slow freight and a lull in new regulations. But even with these challenges, FTR said that the TCI is expected to head up into 2017, when the “capacity constraining effects of new regulations are calculated in...
Bloomington, IND, USA - Logistic Management, by Jeff Berman - August 9, 2016

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