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Aug 29, 2016

NAVISTAR's news * USA: New "International HX620" - ** "ProStar" TRUCKS RECALL

* Illinois - New Vocational series: International HX620, a Premium ride

--- When Navistar was assembling the Cat Truck for Caterpillar, there was a substantial difference between it and Navistar’s own International PayStar on which the Cat Truck was based. The CT series had a more substantial look and feel, and was decidedly upscale, just as Caterpillar wanted. When Navistar introduced its new HX series early this year, it was as though it was planned to succeed the Cat Truck, even though Navistar people say they didn’t know that Cat was about to cancel their program... So, to the guys who bought Cat Trucks for what they were and for the bragging rights that came with them: Check out the HX, because it’s almost the same vehicle. If “International” isn’t something to brag about, be aware that it’s one of the oldest and proudest names in the automotive industry. And get smug because an HX will cost maybe $10,000 less than a CT would have... 
(Photo: Navistar’s new vocational series is much like the now-departed Cat Truck, but costs less)   --   Leslie, ILL, USA - Construction Equipment, by Tom Berg - August 24, 2016

** Illinois -  Navistar recalls 3,952 ProStar trucks

--- Navistar International Corp. is recalling 3,952 ProStar trucks from model years 2014 to 2017 for a defect affecting power to the cab. The medium- and heavy-duty trucks were manufactured between June 11, 2013, and May 19, 2016... “The battery-mounted cube fuse terminal connection on certain ProStar model trucks built with the battery box mounted between the frame rails may possibly break resulting in loss of power to the cab,” according to the recall notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration... The Lisle, Illinois, truck maker adds that when the cube fuse terminal begins to fail, the lights in the cab could flicker and the gauges could become erratic...
  (Photo: An International ProStar truck) -- Lisle, Ill, USA - Transport Topics - 24 Aug 2016

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