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Jul 28, 2016

WEATHER TROUBLES * USA: FHA study about impacts

* DC - FHWA: Weather-related delays are costing trucking industry billions

--- The uncontrollable external forces of Mother Nature are costing the trucking industry a lot of money. A Federal Highway Administration study assessing the impacts of weather on freight estimates that weather events are costing the freight industry billions of dollars each year... A more detailed follow-up to a 2012 FHWA study that provided a national estimate of weather-related delay affecting the trucking industry, “Regional Assessment of Weather Impacts on Freight” took a close look at 13 regions. Within those 13 regions alone, weather events cost the freight industry $3.8 million a year... However, the selected regions account for approximately 1,500 miles, which is less than 1 percent of the National Highway System, according to the report. The initial 2012 national estimate was calculated at $8 billion to $9 billion annually. The most recent report suggests that estimate could be lower. However, several limitations – including not reporting on catastrophic events that shut down highways – should be accounted for... Categories of ice and snow, fog, flood, wind, rain and extreme temperature contributed to the vast majority of traffic speed decreases in connection with weather events. Ice and snow accounted for more than half of those speed decreases and are considered the most costly of the weather events... In the context of an individual weather event, the study found the largest impact on speeds within the first two hours of the event. Small decreases were found in the hours leading up to the event, with moderate decreases occurring up to four hours after the event... However, the overall effect of weather delays on spot market rates tends to go in favor of truckers, according to Montague. Although disruptions in shipping will lower rates in the short term, heightened demand once the storm clears moves rates up... 
Washington, DC, USA - Land Line, by Tyson Fisher - 25 July 2016

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