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Jul 1, 2016

TRUCKING SAFETY * USA: 9,5 billions yearly invested by trucking industry

Industry invests at least $9.5 billion in safety each year, ATA report shows

--- A first-ever research initiative by the American Trucking Associations reveals that the trucking industry invests at least $9.5 billion in safety annually... Sean McNally, ATA vice president of public affairs and press secretary, said the genesis for the study was informal discussions within the ATA about how much had been invested in safety initiatives within the industry... So, he said, the ATA decided to quantify a dollar figure..
The $9.5 billion annual figure breaks down over four broad categories:
• On-board Technology: Collision avoidance and mitigation systems, blind spot warning systems, stability control, video event recorders, electronic logging devices and other safety technologies.
• Driver Training: Safety training, staff wages and consultants, safety retraining and coaching and hazardous materials training.
• Safety Pay: Awards and bonuses based on improved safety performance.
• Regulatory Compliance: Motor vehicle and driver record checks, drug and alcohol testing, voluntary safety audits, safety staff wages and benefits as well as safety consultants.
The $9.5 billion figure does not include general and routine maintenance costs such as purchasing new brakes, tires or trucks, which would increase the total significantly...  According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, from 1980 through 2014, the number of large truck-involved fatal crashes declined 32 percent while the large truck-involved fatal crash rate per 100 million miles dropped 74 percent. Trucks have an overall crash rate 28 percent lower than that of other vehicles...
(Photo from GAZETTE, by MARIA KACIK KULA - Joe Estepp, left, and Geert Kausch, mechanics for the Ohio Department of Transportation, watch as a driver tests the lights and blinkers on a snowplow Thursday at the District 3 garage in Montville Township) -- Arlington, VA, USA – The Trucker News Services - 29 June 2016

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