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Jul 6, 2016

TRUCK STOP * USA: Charleston Port’s gate system off

* South Carolina - Port’s normalcy appears to be returning

--- The new, roughly $20 million gate system at the port’s Wando Welch Terminal automates much of the work that used to be done by hand, cutting in half the time it takes a trucker to enter the terminal... Truckers check in ahead of time and receive a gate code that they need to access the terminal. At a gate kiosk, the driver types in the code (see photo above) and receives a routing slip showing where to pick up or drop off cargo. Cameras then scan the truck’s license plate, chassis and container, which are viewed by checkers and mechanics in an office nearby... State Ports Authority CEO Jim Newsome said the new system is similar to changes in the way consumers now book airline tickets... Jim expects the average number of trucks entering and exiting the terminal on a daily basis will climb from 4,200 to about 5,000 in a few weeks under the new system... 
(Photo, by WADE SPEES: Trucker Lori McLaren goes through the gate access, which includes entering the code for the container she’s bringing in, using the State Ports Authority’s new “Advanced Gate System” at its Wando Welch Terminal on Friday) -- Charleston, SC, USA - The Post & Courier, by David Wren - Jul 3 2016



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