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Jul 28, 2016

The new "SILK ROAD" * China: A trucking treaty for

* China joins UN trucking treaty, stepping onto new Silk Road

--- China has taken a major step towards establishing a speedy new "Silk Road" to Europe by signing up to a UN trucking treaty... Fifteen years after joining the World Trade Organization (WTO), China is hoping a revival of its ancient trading corridor to the west will help boost its slowing economy... Becoming a member of TIR, an international guarantee scheme that will enable Chinese freight containers to travel all the way to Ireland without being opened up for time-consuming customs checks, is a first step towards putting the legal framework of the plan into action... China's new Silk Road to Europe includes countries in Central Asia as well as Russia and Turkey, and potential maritime links to the Gulf and East Africa... Less than 10 per cent of Chinese exports to the European Union go by road, with most transported by sea or air...
 (Photo: Trucking the Silk Road) -- Geneva, Swiss - Trade Arabia - 21 July 2016

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